Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday Hair Day

Today I go to Independence to get my hair done. It really needs it. I just couldn't hassle it this week.

I slept pretty well until around 3:30 and I could never get back to sleep and finally about 4:00, I just got up. This will be a long day. I will see if Leslie can have lunch. If she can, Bob will be on his own for lunch. Otherwise, I will come home and cook lunch. I put some chicken down in the frig. l can thaw it in the microwave if she can't make lunch.

It's 51 degrees this morning at 5:20.  There is supposed to be abundant sunshine.

I let Missy out awhile ago. She wanted to eat some grass. Then she wandered off over across the way to Marilyn's carport. Finally I went to get her and picked her up to carry her back. She hates that. She does not like to be picked up! She growled at me all the way back.  But she's safely back in the house now.  There are foxes out there in the early morning. Bob sees them from time to time. My carport with the two cars in it keep me from seeing them so far.

These are some of the photos from the Easter Sunday egg hunt:

Here is the actual Easter egg hunt.

Lining them up for this photo afterwards.

 Still looking for more eggs:

My son-in-law after hiding the eggs.

This is Bob, Sue and John talking to Leeann after the hunt. There are a lot more but you get the idea. The kids had a great time. About 14 of them attended.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Again

Well, it's Monday again and we will have exercise class again. I slept well last night. I awoke at 3:30 and went to the bathroom and took my thyroid pill. Then I got right back to sleep. I slept until nearly 5:00 and then got up and dressed and made my coffee and ate my cereal. I let Missy out briefly since she wanted to eat some grass and listen to the birds. Bob came out and spoke to her and she ran back to the door.

I took some photos at the Easter egg hunt yesterday morning. I will get them on the computer and upload them to the blog later.

I will fix the other half of that roast for lunch/dinner today.  The first half was not very good. I hope this is the better half. I will put some onion soup on it and chop up some fresh onions to add too. Then I will put a couple of potatoes in with it. I still have half of Bob's coleslaw from yesterday so we will have it and a veggie too. Maybe I will fix some pudding for dessert.

I would like to plant my flowerbed if it doesn't rain today. We were supposed to have had rain last night but it missed us. It's still in the forecast for today and tonight but we may miss that too. We really need the rain.

More later...

This evening it rained cats and dogs for about thirty minutes. Then it stopped. Missy wanted to go out afterward. She ate some grass. I guess she needed it or she wouldn't have eaten it. Then she came in.

After Bob left I took my bath and then watched some Antique Roadshow. The I turned over to watch "Jaws" on AMC. .

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday

Its Easter Sunday and I am still trying to figure out this time-bake feature on the range Cyndi gave me.  I am afraid it is going to come on too soon and not go off until I have it programmed to go off...in which case the ham will be ruined. I may take my own car to church and run home to check it out. I have my daughter and son-in-law coming besides my brother-in-law. I sure want that ham to be just fine.

I awoke at 3:00 this morning and was aching all over and having trouble getting back to sleep so I got up and drank a glass of milk with an Aleve. That helped and I slept until 6:00. That Aleve really works for me.  I just don't use it a lot. Like all medications, it has lots of side effects.

More later....

Our dinner was very good. Unfortunately, the oven didn't start up on time bake.   So I manually started it and we heated up the fully cooked ham.  We had the potato salad I fixed yesterday. and Bob brought coleslaw and deviled eggs. Leslie brought vanilla ice cream to go with her apple cobbler. Everything was good and I had enough to send some home with John and Leslie as well as Bob A. Then I took some over to Bobby too.  Karan is on a diet and Bobby doesn't mind eating our leftovers . That's helpful when I make too much food.

I finally got my letters done for this Sunday. I will put them out on the mailbox tomorrow for the mailman to pick up.

It's been a busy day. I got a short nap this afternoon. Bob came over this evening and ate a bowl of ice cream with me and then we watched some of the reruns of 60 Minutes and The Big Bang Theory.  We saved the wine for tomorrow. Bob went home about 8:00. . .

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Nice Saturday

This has been a pretty day although a little windy again. We went to Eggberts for breakfast and then I came home to read.

After about 10:30 I started my potato salad for tomorrow. I decided to buy a small ham (4 pounds) and have Leslie and John over for dinner after church for Easter. I will have the ham and potato salad and Bob will bring coleslaw and deviled eggs. I will also fix a veggie. Leslie will bring a peach cobbler. Everything sounds good. I tried the time-bake feature on the range and I think I have it figured out.  I used the one on my other glass top range over on Catalina a lot. This one is a little different but I think I have it figured out. I will set it for 11:30 in the morning and let it bake that ham until 1:00. That will give me time to get the veggie in the microwave after church. I will have Crystal Light peach tea to drink or water.   Before church I will set the table.

Bob just popped in to say he was going uptown to pick up Bobby and Karan. They are coming in from their bus tour of Nashville. He agreed to pick them up so they wouldn't have to leave their car in the parking lot for a week.

We ate the rest of our chili at noon today. It was good. For dessert we had a couple of Dilly Bars from the Dairy Queen in Independence. We each bought a box Tuesday.

I have been watching TV with Missy on the white afghan on my lap. Later this afternoon Bob will come over and we will finish off the wine he bought last Monday and watch TV for awhile.  I need to go get some more. It's my turn. I will get the Roscato.  It's more of a a pink wine. He had bought Moscato, a white kind of sparkling wine.  We like them both.

Actually, I bought a bottle of each...just in case John and Leslie want to try one of them at Easter dinner tomorrow. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday and Bartlesville

Bob and I will go to Bartlesville after our exercise class today.  We want to eat at McCalister's and I need to get some makeup at the Merle Norman store. It is supposed to be calm and sunny today with the temperature about 73 degrees. I am looking forward to that.

We will eat the rest of our chili tomorrow.

The weeks fly by when you are old. Aunt Mildred was right. The older you get, the faster they fly by.   I was 46 when she  told me that and I thought time was flying then. I'm 78 now and that seemed like since a short time ago.

I slept well last night. I awoke twice but managed to get right back to sleep. Missy cuddled up next to me and kept warm.  My arms ached just a little. After I turned over they were better.  They are getting better all the time. The woman who suffered from the same thing on the news story that I saw a couple of weeks ago said she had been exercising for over a yer to get her muscles and tendons back to normal again. She was still working on it.  If I ever have to have antibiotics again, I will check out the side effects before I fill the prescription.

We went to Bartlesville to eat out at McCalister's. Then we walked around the mall  First I got my makeup base.

We came home after lunch and both of us went home and took a nap.

Later Bob came over for our small glass of wine and we watch PBS. Then he went home. I took my bath and read awhile before going to bed.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Calm Thursday

Today the wind is calm and I am so glad. I am so tired of the wind. It is exhausting.  It is about 40 degrees out there.

Missy wanted out awhile ago. I let her out and she wandered away some. She usually stays pretty much close to the carport. This morning she wandered  off around the corner and to the east side of the apartment.  I took my broom around there and swept the patio so I could watch her. Then she decided to go next door and around that corner. I was leery of her going that far so I went after her. She just hates to be picked up and when she saw that that was my intention, she started home on her own...hissing and spitting all the way.  She was not a happy kitty. I just don't want her running onto a stray and getting into another fight. She went through a lot last year after that fight with that black stray.

Today I will clean house. I got the laundry done yesterday...except for the white afghan. I need to wash it.  It is fairly full of cat hair.

We will have leftover meatloaf today at noon. I will fix some baked potatoes to go with it and some veggies. I still have Bob's coleslaw and it looks fine. It has been covered with saran wrap since Tuesday. Tomorrow we will have the leftover chili.  Maybe we can get the leftovers used up before Saturday.

I am anxious for the last week in April to get here. I want to plant my flower boxes and the flower box my son in law made for me when I moved into this apartment. This year I will not plant sweet potato vine. It took over the flowerbed last year.

Bob came over at 6:00 and we watched some new episodes  of the Big Bang Theory. He went home about 8:00 and I took my bath and went to bed. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Better Wednesday

It's warmer this morning. It's 43 degrees. But it's supposed to be windy. I wish the March winds would have stayed in March.

We will have our exercise class this morning and then at noon we will have chili and cheese for lunch. We will have some more of Jeannie's pie for our dessert.  I already have the chili made and it is staying warm in my slow cooker.   I will need to slice the cheese and get the crackers and Freetos out before we eat. We will also have Coke with this meal. It's one of two meals we actually drink Coke with. We also have it with our hamburgers.(This is one of our unhealthier meals.)

I have washed my sheets this morning and now I have to remake the bed.  I still need to run the vacuum today. Missy hates that. She watches me with a jaundiced eye. When I get anywhere near her she runs to the opposite end of the apartment. Maybe I can get that done after lunch.

Well I got the bed remade and the laundry put away. Now I am waiting for time for lunch. Everything is ready but it's an hour too early.

More again later...

We had our chili for lunch and it was very good. We had some more of Jeannie's pie for dessert. Afterward I had a short nap. Marilyn came by about 5:15 and picked me up for PINCH.  After that I came home and Bob came over to watch TV with me and have a glass of wine. We watched Nature on PBS. It was quite interesting. It was about a man who made friends with a herd of deer and they let him into their herd as a friend. It was heartbreaking to him (and to me) to see some of them die and one were killed by a mountain lion  It ended when he saw a hunter shoot and kill the old buck that led the herd. All he wanted was the antlers. Very sad. 

I got to bed about 9:00.