Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Wednesday and Another Poor Night's Sleep

I had trouble getting to sleep again last night. It was off and on and finally at 2:00AM, I took some ZZZquil I had brought with me from my lack of sleep experience in Coffeyville. I hate to take it because I think it affects my memory. But I need sleep worse then I need memory, I guess.

I have three cats here for breakfast The fat (or pregnant) gray cat was waiting for cat food when I opened the door. Then both yellow cats came and the gray one left. They are evidently very hungry. I will need to get cat food today after lunch. I think I will go down to Bartlesville to their Walmart store. Several of the things I need are not available at our Dollar General. The gray mama cat showed up later.

It did not rain last night. Maybe I will get the rest of the mowing done today. It is supposed to rain tomorrow, Friday and Monday. I had better try to mow today.

Suzanne will come by to pick up the rent and the newspapers today Luckily Scott had deposited $200 in my account so I had enough for the rent and the last utility in there.

I have had my oatmeal, and coffee and will soon have my chai latte. I will soon need more of that too.

I charged my Kindle last night and will try to read the rest of my book that is on it today. Between the Kindle and the computer and the TV, I get way too much yellow light and that causes me to have poor sleep. It affects the melatonin your body makes to help you sleep.

I think I will get the kids meal at Sonic for my lunch today. It is a special for $1.99. I am tired of frozen meals.

More later....

I changed my mind and ate anther frozen dinner. Suzanne hadn't come yet to get the rent and I didn't want to be gone when she came.. I will do the Sonic thing tomorrow..

I did take on one project. I trimmed my hedge and cleaned out the leaves from under it and pulled the weeds. It looks much better now. 

I am tired now and if I get rested up in an hour or so, I will do some more least finish the back yard even if I don't get the west side done. I came in and washed my hands and cleaned up my nails before Suzanne came. She was going to meet her sister so she didn't stay..and besides we are not to spend time close to another person.

More later...

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Tuesday and A Bad Night

I think I woke up every hour on the hour all night long. Between my sinus' draining and the right arm and shoulder aching, sleep was nearly impossible. I finally just got up at 6:30AM.  I have dressed and had my oatmeal and coffee and fed four cats. A very fat (or pregnant) gray cat and both yellow cats have been here to eat. The scruffy looking gray cat is now out there eating.

I won't be doing much today. I am too tired. I wish I had something new to read....

Gray mama cat is out there eating now. I will need to buy cat food today.

I heard from Leslie last night  that they got in from Wichita and Hays Kansas at 8:00PM after leaving their home at 7:00AM yesterday morning. That must have been a huge day for them.

More later....

I read in a book I had on my Kindle all morning and then had my lunch at noon. I had another of my frozen chicken pot pies.  Then I decided to do my congregational newsletters and get them sent off.

That's what I will work on now. So, more later...

I sent off the letters for seven in the snail mail and all the others in e-mail. I also sent off the Daily Bread devotional from our church.  Keeping in touch is what this is all about. The church is closed because of the danger of the Colonavirus so we have to be creative to stay in touch.

It's 2:45PM now and the sun is shining brightly outside. I am afraid it may rain again tonight. I wonder if I should try to mow. I may check that out.

More later...

It's 3:31PM now and I got the front yard mowed.  I will wait until later this afternoon and try to get the back done.  I don't think it's suppose to rain tomorrow so maybe I can get the west side done then.

I am getting stronger...I can tell. Too much sitting around all winter. It spoiled my stamina. I will work at getting it back by mowing and walking.

I got most of the back yard done but it is lower and therefore wetter then the front yard . I will try to finish it tomorrow if it doesn't rain tonight. I got about half of it done. Suzanne will be here to pick up the rent check tomorrow. I sure would like to get the back finished before she comes and perhaps even the west side. It depends on whether it rains tonight or not.

It's time for the news now so I will get back to this later this evening.

More then..

I watched the news and then looked up and saw the young yellow cat waiting for his supper.  For some reason, he left before eating  He was looking around .like there were other cats around too but I did not see nay others. Anyhow the food is out there now.I ws going to take it out the front door but he acted like he might try to come in so I opened the garage door and went out that way and left it out in front of my door.

At 7:00PM, I will take my bath and try to get to bed at 9:00PM.. I sure didn't get much sleep last night.

When I came back in to watch TV after my bath, mama gray cat was eating on that food. She had quite a bit but then left. when she had had enough.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Monday and Another Stay at Home Day

I slept well last night. I got up, dressed and talked to Scott on the phone.then ate my oatmeal and drank my coffee. I saw two cats out in front waiting for their breakfast . The scraggly looking gray cat was one and one of the yellow ones was the other one. I had put the two sided food dish out there and the two blue bowls so they have plenty of food. It looks like the yellow cat has emptied one of the blue bowls and both cats are gone now...evidently full..... at least those two.

I transferred some money from my little savings into the checking account so I will have enough in there for my rent. My social security doesn't come in until the 8th of April. My Westar payment came out last night and my Blue Cross/Blue Shield too. My Atmos bill will come out tomorrow. Then my rent is due on the 1st. It's always a balancing act.

I won't need as much this month with my beauty shop closing and the fact that I bought groceries yesterday. I still have half a tank of gas too.

More later....

I watched the CBS news and then turned of the TV. I will run the sweeper over the carpet in the dining room and den. I never did get that done Thursday or Friday. I did get the laundry done. That's something.

I heard on the afternoon news on NPR  that Johnson and Johnson thinks they have a cure for the Coronavirus. Lets hope that turns out to be true.

I will get back to this later....

I ran the sweeper and  was amazed at the amount of dirt that came out of those two carpets...just the dining room and the den.

Then I had my sweet and sour chicken for lunch. I didn't get any mail today.....amazingly! I usually get something! I did send my grandson a birthday card. His birthday is the 2nd.

After that I read the book that downloaded for free on my phone kindle. It was entitled "The Missing Sister", It was just "alright"...nothing great! But it was free from Amazon.

It is 2:45PM now.  I may look to see what i might have saved on Amazon Prime recordings. I am too shaky in the legs to try to mow myself.

More later...

I talked to Nancy on the phone this afternoon and told her about the Child's dinner available at Sonic for $1.99 plus tax. It's two chicken strips, a package of tater tots and a small drink. I have had that twice this last week.. It's plenty for me.

I also told her tomorrow is a day the pantry is open from 3:00PM until  6:00PM. This time we have to drive through the drive there and open our trunks. If we don't do that, they wil put the grocery sacks on our fenders and we will have to put them in our card. They don't want the workers to be exposed to us drive through folks. That's good. I don't need a thing myself.

I put the cats dishes out again this afternoon  and so far they haven't come. It is sprinkling out though. Luckily I put my trash container out today. It may be raining tomorrow pickup day.

I am watching the channel 6 news now. At 7:00PM, I will take my bath and try to find something to watch on TV. I notice "Bull" is not on tonight...for some reason.   I will go to bed at 9:00PM.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Sunday and An Appointment

My beautician called me yesterday to ask if I wanted to have my color and cut done today at 11:00AM. If I am going to get that done, this is my only chance. We have no live church anyhow during this Coronavirus time. Since our churches are shut down all over the earth, we have to depend on the churches that can stream their services. The site I visit on Sunday for my church experience is at Toronto Canada. And they record it and so I can watch it later.  The state of Kansas is shutting down any unnecessary business tomorrow.

I see I have three cats out there eating breakfast this morning. There are two gray ones, including mama cat and the scraggly gray one. Then the young yellow cat is out there too. He just finished and walked away. I put out the double dish, and two blue ones with cat food. I see another of the young gray cats is out there now eating.

I have some veggies I can't use. If Bob can meet me at 10:00AM there at Sycamore Landing, I will leave them on their "free" table for their residents. They always use them when I can't.

He says he cannot be there because Joanne is being released from the hospital this morning.

Yesterday I had the Sonic kids meal of two chicken strips and an order of tater tots and a small coke for $1.99.  You can't beat that value. It's not particularly healthy but it is cheap and tasty.  I think I will just order Schwans meals while we have this "stay at home" order.  I like the Walmart brand frozen meals but they are the first to sell out. I simply cannot cook for one. I think they are $1.69.

More later...

I watched some programs I had recorded until 9:20AM. My load of laundry is in the machine and I don't want to leave until I get it in the dryer. I am not sure how long that will be. It's in the rinse cycle right now and I don't know for sure how long it will be until that is finished and drained and spun damp dry but I imagine it will be awhile.

I got the laundry in the dryer and after everything was dry and put away, I left for Coffeyville.  I got there in time to have  an early lunch at Sonic. I had their $1.99 kids lunch...two chicken strips and a serving of tater tots and a small coke.

Then I had my hair done and afterward went out to Walmart to get the few things I needed for the week. I couldn't find kleenex, or paper towels. I only got breakfast bars.

So I took my groceries out and saw Bob with his groceries. He is concerned that Joanne is out of extra strength Tylenol and she needs it. He couldn't find it anywhere. So I told him I would look at our Dollar General store in Caney. I found it here in Caney and took it back over to Coffeyville so she would have it after she is released this evening. I also took those extra groceries for the "free table" at Sycamore Landing. I knew those residents could use them.

Then I went out to church to check on the trash. Last time I was out there the trash was full so I thought I would pick it up and take it home for my trash barrel. Cyndi was there working on her Easter wreaths She told me they had closed Four County Mental Health as "non essential". That's where Leslie works as a case manager so now she is not working and I don't know whether she will be paid or not.

After that, I decided to go on to Independence and check out their Walmart store for the things I could not find locally at Caney or at Coffeyville's Walmart.

They had everything I needed there. So afterward I came on back home and put everything away.

I am waiting for the news at 5:00PM now and after that, 60 Minutes.

More later....

I watched the news, then 60 Minutes and also the church  service at Toronto Canada that was streamed online.

Then at 9:00PM, I went on to bed. It had been a huge day.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Saturday and Severe Weather

I woke up to thunder, lightening and rain  at 5:00AM. I slept pretty well even though the arm was pretty sore all night. I laid it on a pillow again and managed to get some sleep.

I haven't seen any cats but with all the noise of thunder and lightning and hard rain, I would have been surprised if any of them braved the storm. Two did eventually manage to make it after the rain subsided. One was a gray one and the other was the young yellow one.

John intended today to deliver a puppy to Tulsa where he was meeting someone from Texas who wanted to buy it. I doubt he will try it today...perhaps tomorrow. Parts of the Tulsa area had baseball sized hail...big enough to break out car windows. I saw that on the channel 6 news.

I have had my oatmeal, coffee and Chai. I even had a breakfast bar.

More later....

Bob called me  this morning to say he had taken Joanne to the emergency room last night  and the emergency room put Joanne in the hospital with pneumonia.  She has lung problems anyhow without pneumonia. She is very short of breath all the time. He is quite concerned.

I am sending her a card today and if they keep her several days I may send her flowers.

I also sent off updated newsletters to all those who are not online as well as those who are online. We are still not holding live services in our building. We are still able to get a streaming congregation in Toronto, Canada, that is online.  They have a very professional sounding service and I know the pastor there personally.

More even later...

I went out to John and Leslie's this morning to see the puppies before they are all dispersed. Leslie was gone. She was on call and they called her in. John thinks they have most all of them sold and will need to be delivered. Two were supposed to go today and another tomorrow to Tulsa to meet the folks from Texas and then he will take three more next week to Wichita and Hays. The one of the owners of the two that will be going to Hays will be meeting him halfway to Colorado at Hays. That leaves one left, I guess.

I had one of my chicken pot pies for lunch with cranberry grape juice.  

Toni,my beautician, called me this afternoon. Monday, the state is shutting down her beauty parlor and she wondered if I would like to have my color and cut done tomorrow at 11:00AM.  My regular appointment was to have been next Wednesday at 9:30AM . I told her I could do that (since the worldwide church is shut down now anyhow because of concerns about the Coronavirus) but I guess I will have to try to do my own hair until this crisis passes since she says this virus is shutting everything down here in Kansas on Monday. That will be a joke. My hair has always been impossible for me to do anything with,

I withdrew some money today for that. Blue Cross/Blue Shield and two of my utilities are still to come out of what I have left in the bank. I will have to transfer some money out of my small savings in order to pay the rent until April 8th, when my social security comes in next. At least that is almost a week earlier then the last two months. After the social security comes in, I will transfer it back into savings.

More later... It's time for the 4;00PM news.

I heard from Bob this afternoon that they are releasing Joanne to go home tomorrow. That's good! They must have got right on that treatment for pneumonia.  

It's 6:15 PM now and John just texted me that they have sold the last puppy. That's seven puppies. And folks are coming to pick them up.  Maybe he will still have to go to Wichita and Hays. I forgot to ask. I just texted him to ask. Yes, they will go on Monday to deliver those three. One goes to Wichita and the other two to Hays. From there the new owners will take them on to Colorado.

I see Big Yellow Tom cat is back eating supper from the double dish. He's the only one out there right now so I have not added any blue dishes of food.

In about 45 minutes I will take my bath. Then at 9:00PM or so, I plan to go on to bed.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Friday and Rain Forecast

As usual, I slept off and on last night. My arm hurt and most of the night so I laid it on a pillow. That's the only way I could have slept at all.

All  I have to do today is vacuum the dining room and den.  I will also dust again. It's supposed to rain this afternoon. I only have a book on my phone. The last time I got a free book, my Kindle battery was down. So it downloaded on my phone Kindle app instead. I get a free book every month because of my Amazon Prime.

Once again I did not get my Montgomery County Chronicle e-newspaper. I noticed it last night and e-mailed Kathy again but she was already out of the office and did not see my e-mail. Maybe she will this morning. She was supposed to have checked to see why I did not get it last week but evidently did not get it fixed because again this week I did not get it.

I had three cats outside to eat breakfast this morning. There were two gray ones and one yellow one.  Only one of the yellow ones are still eating. It is Big Yellow Tom cat.

More later....The CBS news is about to come on and I want to watch that.

I watched the news and then called Cox because my e-edition of my Montgomery County Chronicle still didn't come for the second time . Kathy forwarded me one last week but then it happened again this week and the paper said they had checked and it wasn't their problem  so it had to be Cox...sure enough it was.  They said they fixed it and hopefully I will get my own paper next Thursday. ( I was on hold with Cox for 38 minutes) When they attempted to connect me with Cox Complete Care, They dropped my number. So I reached them on my own.  What a mess! Cox is a joke. Cox Complete Care is a blessing though.

I went out to Sonic and bought their sale priced Wacky Pack for my lunch (two chicken strips and an order of Tater Tots with a small coke for $1.99...with a small toy) You can't beat that!

The mail finally hour late....

My brother-in-law Bob called me with good news. The mass on his kidney was very old and not malignant at all. It had been there for years and years. ...perhaps forever. I was very happy to hear that and I imagine his girls were too. The boys...., both of them,,,,ignore him.  Joanne, his girl friend, was also delighted.

More later....

I guess the weather people are having a time forecasting the weather. We have bright sunshine and no rain yet. It is 1:00PM so rain.

More even later...

Well I know I need more exercise for sure. I walked up five blocks to the post office and five blocks back and was exhausted when I got back home. .l am really out of shape from sitting and reading all afternoon all winter. I will need to do that every day for awhile to work up my stamina again. I could take a nap now and I don't take naps.

I never did get the rest of my housework finished either. John, my son in law, was going to deliver one of the cowboy Gorgi puppies to Tulsa this afternoon but the buyer decided he would meet him tomorrow or Sunday instead. That's probably best. I understand from the Tulsa news that they had a lot of huge hail in that area...some as big as tennis balls that even broke out car windows.  I thought he might like someone to go along with him and hold the puppy so it would not be frightened. We will see if John wants that. Leslie is on call this weekend and can't go.

I took my bath about 7:00PM and watched some programs I had recorded. Around 9:00PM I will go on to bed.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Thursday and Apartment Cleaning

I slept fitfully again last night but got enough sleep I guess. I tried to keep my right arm laying on a pillow. That sometimes helps. I was up at 5:30AM, dressed and got myself ready for the day and had my oatmeal and coffee. I will have my chai later.

I hope Bob gets his diagnosis today. I think it's deplorable that his doctor has made him wait all this time. He had the MRI on Monday. The technician said the doctor would have the results that afternoon. If he has a mass on his kidney, what else could it be but bad news. I am hoping the doctor is trying to get a second opinion from a specialist.

I will clean the apartment regular cleaning day. I will wait until after the news to start though.

I see three cats out there eating their breakfast. One is Big Yellow Tom and the other one is the younger yellow cat. There was one of the gray cats out there too but I believe they chased it off. There are three dishes out there and the cats are all related so they should share.

More later...

I see mama cat is out there eating now. It's a good thing I didn't bring the bowls in.

The Tulsa news is on TV now. The CBS news doesn't come on until 8:00AM. It's only 7:15AM now.So I will get back to this later...

I watched most of the CBS news before I turned it off and scrubbed my entry way, kitchen and bathroom floors. I will vacuum later. I have been weeding in my little flower bed in front and am tired. All that stooping and pulling the weeds has worn me out for awhile..I did get the trimming finished yesterday evening so the yard looks as nice as it can with all the neighbor's wet leaves pasted on it over at the west side. I should go out and rake some of them up but I am tired now...maybe later...

I did go out and rake up about a six foot area of wet leaves that were plastered to the ground. I took my black leaf holder bag out there and picked up all I had raked up and also rolled my trash container out there and stuck the bag in it and then rolled it back into the garage. Now I am exhausted. There is about a fourteen foot area that still needs to be raked and bagged but I am not going to do it today. It is supposed to rain tomorrow so it will be awhile until they will be dry enough for me to do that area. After they dry, I may try to mow that area and some of those leaves will be sucked into the mower bag and I may be able to dump them into the black leaf bag. That may be awhile.. I am either terribly out of shape or it's the mileage...I don't know which. It may be a combination of them.

It's almost 11:10AM now and I am getting hungry. I want to wait until noon to eat so I won't get so hungry in the late afternoon. I have finally finished off my strawberries and that is what I have been having in the evening while I read. I wish I had some bananas. They have not had the food pantry this week at all..That's where I usually get my fruit. I didn't think of bananas when I was at the Coffeyville Walmart yesterday morning.

Maybe this afternoon I will be rested up enough to vacuum the apartment. We will see. I like to clean the apartment weekly and also do at least one load of laundry every week.

More later...

I drove up to Independence to get some things at their Walmart that I couldn't get yesterday at Coffeyville. The bananas were the most important thing.

I thought about dropping by the kids and seeing the puppies but I had on white jeans and I knew they would want to jump up on me. So I will do that later. I may go ahead and vacuum now. I seem to have recuperated since this morning.

So more even later....

I got the living room, hall and bedroom done and then my back started hurting me again. I will do the dining room and den tomorrow. I have nothing else on the agenda for Friday.

It's time for the 4:00PM news anyhow so I will go rest and watch that.

More later...

 No photo description available.
Suzanne came and picked up the Journals. She gets them weekly and enjoys reading them.I am glad she can use them.

This chart is from the Chronicle.

I will take my bath soon and put my pjs on and robe.  I intend to go to bed at 9:00PM.