Friday, July 1, 2016

A Birthday and a Trip to Owasso

I woke up twice in the night again last night and really never got back to sleep after 2:30. The second time was at 4:00. I finally just got up at 4:30. I'm having a terrible time sleeping again. I hate to do it but since the cough is back with a vengeance, I may have to start taking the cough medicine again. least at night.

Today is my daughter's birthday. She will pick me up at 9:00 and we will go to Owasso, just south of Tulsa, for lunch and shopping. I hope the rain that is forecast will wait until later. I may have to take some old shoes. I sure don't want to wade in the rain in my good ones. I will take my umbrella.

Missy is patiently waiting here nearby. She is ready for her breakfast but she is really hoping to get outside again this morning for awhile. I want to wait until daylight to take her out.  First I want to feed her and have my breakfast and coffee and watch the weather on TV.

I'd better go get us both fed. I have lost three pounds with this mess I've been fighting. I can't afford to miss a meal. All I had last night was a small bowl of peaches.

More later...

Well, about quarter til 6:00 it finally got light enough to bring Missy outside. She is usual. Poor cat stays cooped up all day and all night in the apartment. Her only break outside is close to 6:00 in the morning when it gets light enough to bring her outside.  Sometimes she's good and sometimes she waits for me to become preoccupied and tries to sneak off.  I understand her feelings. Over on Catalina, when we had our own home, she was allowed to roam the neighborhood. Here she has to stick close by. She loves to watch the birds. She can no longer catch them like she did when she was young. She used to kill my birds and eat them quickly before I could get them away from her.

She just ran off again and I had to go fetch her and carry her home. I put her back in the house for a lesson. Now I'm covered with cat hair too. She was really angry! She hissed and spit at me and growled. Now she is pawing at the door...wanting back out. I'll let her stew a bit before I let her back out.

Darn cat!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thuesday and Potatoes and Green Beans Dinner

I have the potatoes and green beans in the slow cooker cooking for lunch. I don't have another plan for today. I slept fairly well last night but the cough is back. It's intermittent though.

I came out early on the carport and it wasn't quite light yet. Missy wanted out so badly. But she was a pest! Every chance she got she wandered off and I would have to go fetch her. Finally I just put her back in the house. She jumped on the door wanting back out and when I finally let her back out she laid in the grass and seemed to be behaving this time. We will see.

I like to sit out here in the early morning when it's breezy like this morning.

Tomorrow I will go with Leslie to Owasso to celebrate her birthday. We will eat at Olive Garden and do some shopping afterward. I doubt I will buy anything but I like to look anyhow. It's supposed to rain...wouldn't you know!   I bought two new Ts and a pair of crops last Monday when I went to Bartlesville with Myra. I am so tired of some of my old clothes. I am going to have to work up a box to take to the Presbyterian church.  My free shoes came on Monday too. I had a credit at Amazon because of the settlement of the lawsuit Amazon brought against Apple for price fixing the Kindle books price. I had $58.00 credit there and I ordered a pair of white thongs. My white shoes are a disgrace. I should throw them away.

More later....

Our lunch turned out fine. After Bob left, I bagged up some of my older summer clothes and took them to the Presbyterian Church for their sale to low income folks.

Then I stopped by the Country Time Antique Mall and browsed. I didn't find anything I wanted. They have begun letting folks bring rummage in there and that has spoiled it for me. I like browsing through the "junk". Some people's "junk" is a treasure to me.

After I got back, I bit the bullet and peeled and sliced the peaches John and Leslie gave me a couple of weeks ago, That is so labor intensive and my right hand is in terrible shape after that year at the library and all that scanning. It hurts most of the time. It doesn't seem any worse then usual though.

More even later...

When Bob came over to get his food for tomorrow and the shirt that he accidentally left when he did his laundry and also to watch the news, we had some of those peaches. They were really good!

There was absolutely nothing on TV. I took my bath and tried to find something...anything... to watch on TV and finally just gave up and worked the crossword puzzle.

At 9:00, I just went to bed.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wednesday and A Trip to Caney

My new contacts are in over at Dr. Burch's office and this morning I need to go pick them up.  I've already paid for them. (One reason I'm short this month). :)

I did not sleep well last night at all. I did not take my cough medicine and that's probably why. But I didn't cough either. In fact, I haven't coughed since I've been up at all. I wonder if that cough syrup with the codeine was making me cough so much?   Time will tell.

I heard  from my younger son this morning. He is very busy. In fact, I haven't heard much from either son lately. They must be very busy. I know Scott is because they have just moved. I got up and dressed and after I fed both Missy and myself, we went out on the carport...about 6:30. She was very patient this morning. I guess she got into too much trouble Monday.

I had some of my honey/vanilla Greek Yogurt for breakfast. I put some granola on it to give it some substance. It makes a good change from oatmeal for breakfast. That and some cranberry juice and some coffee are all I ever want. Of course, on Saturdays I go with Bob to Sirloin Stockade and have an omelet with bacon and a biscuit.

I heard from the landlady last evening. She fired her manager. The manager was doing nothing to "manage" the apartments and Betty, the landlady, was doing everything and Martha, the manager, was just collecting $900 a month for doing absolutely nothing.  Also, last evening, just a week and a day after the last mowing, the new mower, Steve, came and mowed....and trimmed.  Betty may have a fit when he bills her.  She says that when I expect it to be mowed weekly, I'm just spoiled. When I had my own home, I sometimes mowed twice a week. It really needs to be mowed weekly. By two weeks, the yard just looks terrible.

Leslie called last night. She wants us to go down to Owasso and have lunch and shop for her birthday.  I was delighted! We seldom get to do anything together anymore. Between her job and me fixing lunch in the middle of the day, it pretty much ties us down. But last night I told Bob he was going to be on his own for lunch on Friday...unless he wants to take some leftover tuna noodle casserole home from lunch today.  That casserole has peas in it too. He has some coleslaw to go with it. He may choose to do that.

Marilyn R. just came in. She has been taking care of a sick friend this week. She now has her home from the hospital and set up at home with oxygen, etc. Marilyn stayed with her last night too and didn't sleep much!  She has a heart of gold! She tells me we will have special game day this afternoon at the senior center.  I will go play Skip Bo with them. I notified Karan and she will be there too.

More later....

I did play Skip Bo this afternoon and then went to the market! John and Leslie brought some new potatoes to church on Sunday and I will cook them tomorrow with some fresh green beans I bought at the market.  I will just fix some hamburger patties to have with them since the base for the potato and green bean is beef bullion.

Later, Bob came over and stayed until nearly 7:00 and read the newspaper and .watched the news. I took my bath after that and watched some PBS until bedtime.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tuesday and Cake Day

This morning I am out on the carport with Missy again. She is in seventh heaven. She loves to be outside. She's been lying in the grass and eating some grass too. The grass has begun to grow tall again and she can find some to eat. I bring my coffee and Chai out here and drink it. She has been real good this morning about staying around. Of course, we've only been out here thirty minutes. The morning is young. :) She has moved onto her white mat at my feet.

I have watered my flowers and the tomato plant. I got another small tomato off it again this morning.  For some reason Bob doesn't want them for his salads. I will end up eating them myself, I guess.

I bought a new pair of crops and a couple of tops yesterday at Christopher and Banks on their 50% off sale. I just wanted something different to wear, I guess. I have a closet full of winter things and the den closet is full of summer things. I really need to go through the closets and fix a box for rummage. I usually just take them to the Presbyterian church for their sale. Some of these things are too large and some are just too old. The crops I had on yesterday, for example, were bought long before my Bob died. He died in 2010 and had been retired from FEMA for a few years and I bought those crops while he was on a disaster for FEMA so they are at least 10-11 years old.  I will put them in the box. I also have some older tops I no longer like. Some are too large and just hang on me. Sometime this week I will try to get that done. Their sale day is Thursday. Maybe I can get it done before that.

My Blue Cross/Blue Shield came out  of the bank today. I may have to transfer some money from my savings to pay my rent since my social security doesn't come in until the 13th. The rent is due the 1st.  I got my electric bill yesterday too and it is over $70.00.  It isn't due until the 14th though so I should be covered for it.

More later...I am just rambling on.

We took the cakes to Independence this morning and then I got my hair done...thank goodness! After that, we ate at Big Cheese and then came on home.

I talked to my daughter about their plans for the 4th of July and so far, they have none.

When I got home, she called me and asked me to go with her to Owasso for lunch and shopping on Friday...that's her birthday. I told her I would love to do that.

This afternoon, I baked cookies. I've been out for a couple of weeks but just hadn't felt up to baking cookies.

Tomorrow, I have to tun over to Caney and pick up my new contacts. I meant to get them this afternoon but they close at 1:00 on Tuesdays. They are open all day tomorrow so I will go in the morning.

Amazingly, Steve, the new mower, came this afternoon to mow. It looks very nice. Betty may not be happy. She only let her nephew mow every other week and they other weeks the grass looked terrible. It was just mowed a week ago yesterday.  It really needed it but she will not be happy. She says those who want it mowed weekly are "spoiled",

More even later...

Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday and Lunch with Myra

I will have lunch with Myra today. Bob will be on his own. Every once in a while I like to meet Myra for lunch and this time she contacted me. Her husband died right after my Bob died so we have some other things in common besides our church affiliation and a long time friendship.

I slept well last night and got up shortly after 5:00 AM and made the bed and dressed.  I still have the nagging cough from time to time and that annoys me. I don't know what I can do about it. I am nearly out of the cough medicine and it has only helped me sleep at night.

Missy is patiently waiting for me to feed her (and myself) so we can go outside. She loves to go outside.  So maybe I should take a hiatus from this and get our breakfasts.

More later...

O.k. We both had our breakfasts and then went out on the patio for an hour before coming back in for me to begin organizing my files again. Maybe they will be easier to access now.

In about thirty minutes, I will leave for Bartlesville. In the meantime, I believe I will send myself the files that make up the Congregations directory. I can save them on the laptop computer that way a backup.

I had a great visit with Myra and although she is only 73, I learned she had had a TIA and spent a week in the Joplin hospital since I last visited with her.  She has an irregular heartbeat and that evidently contributed to it.

I got home shortly after 1:00 and read all afternoon.

Phyllis brought her cake by and later Karan brought hers over. Karan stayed awhile and visited. After she left I baked my cake and after it cooled, I iced it. All I lack now is Bob's. He will bring his out when I pick him up at 8:15 tomorrow.

Later around 5:30, Bob came over to watch the news and left about 6:00 since there was nothing on TV worth watching. I would just cancel the cable if Scott hadn't gone to all that expense to buy me a new TV, table and Bose sound system. I do enjoy PBS and that saves the day.  I sometimes watch old "All in the Family" shows too.  I like "Nature" and "Nova" and "American Experience" and sometimes, "Frontline". I also watch "Forensic Files" too if the episodes are new. Right now much of TV is summer reruns. The previews of the new upcoming shows look like nonsense to me. There's entirely too much violence and sex. No wonder society is going to the dogs anymore.

I took my bath and went to bed at 9:30. 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday and My Coffeecake and Sermon

I slept well again last night but got up a little earlier then usual.  I will start early this morning. I won't take Missy out until I get the coffee cake in the oven. Then I will need to go over the sermon.

I hope we will be able to go to "Just Us" for lunch again.  We get such a nice home cooked meal there and with a homey atmosphere.  I always call Kay when we are ready to leave Coffeyville to be sure she will reserve a table for the four of us.

Bill e-mailed me last night that he has to work all day today so he will not be at church. We are never sure how many we will have. Some just come from time to time and others can be depended on to be there nearly every week.

More later....It's time to start the coffeecake......

Missy and I have both had our breakfasts and the coffeecake is finished and cooling so I can put an icing on it. I have read the paper and done the crossword puzzle.

Missy is being very good. I brought her white mat out and she is resting on it now. A couple of times, she has tried to wander off but she appears to know if she stays close to me out here on the carport, she can stay out longer. She has been very good lately. If she wanders, I just approach her and clap my hands and she comes right back near me.  That makes it much easier for me to take her out in the mornings.  Day before yesterday I brought her out at 6:00 and she got to stay out until 10:45 before we had to come back in for me to fix lunch. I will need to go in pretty soon and ice that coffeecake but there's no rush.  It can wait. It's only shortly past 7:00 now and we've been out since 6:00.  She loves it out here. There's a light breeze and it's a nice time to be outside....for both of us.

Finally when it was nearly 9:00, I brought Missy in and went to get Bob for church.  After church, we went to "Just Us" in Cherryvale and took Karan and Phyllis with us. 

This is a scene near my son and daughter-in-law's new  home.

I spent the afternoon putting together the Congregational Newsletter. Then I organized some of my files so they would be easier to find.

Later Bob came over for wine and to watch the news and 60 Minutes. 60 Minutes was all reruns. So I turned it off and took my bath and went back to organizing my files.

I will meet Myra tomorrow in Bartlesville for lunch. Bob will be on his own for lunch. I'll get back home sometime after lunch.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Saturday Morning and Breakfast Out

It's another cool breezy morning out here on the carport.  Missy and I are really enjoying it.  This is more like June.  July will be here soon enough.

I slept well again. The cough is better but still with me.  But the cough medicine helps me sleep. I had a cup of Chai this morning but will wait until breakfast to have my coffee. Bob and I go out to Sirloin Stockade for their breakfast. They have an omelet bar and I usually get an omelet.  He gets the buffet. Then we eat a very late lunch or just have leftovers at our respective apartments.

Last evening he got in late from Independence where he had his oil changed on his car at the Toyota dealership.  He didn't take time to eat anything. I offered him my sweet and sour chicken that I had left from Tuesday at Great China and warmed it up in the microwave.   H had that and a coke and I also had some of that cherry pie cake dessert and he finished that off too. We watched the CBS news and then the PBS news and Brooks and Shields. We both enjoy their commentary.

I brought Missy's little white mat out to the carport and she is lying on it enjoying the breeze and the sound of the birds. She simply loves being outside in the early morning and I drink my Chai out here and also the laptop so I can blog. She is behaving far. I have watered the potted plants and then went out on the patio where I have the hose and watered the tomato plant and the flowerbeds out there and swept off the doormat there. I had another tomato off the plant. That makes four now. Today I will peel and slice the peaches John and Leslie brought me at church last Sunday. That may be all I have for lunch although I do still have the sandwich I bought at Arby's on Thursday. I may eat that too.

More later....

Bob and I had breakfast at Sirloin Stockade this morning and then an hour later, he came by and we went to Bartlesville.  I had intended to buy my mascara there at Merle Norman but their store had closed. We walked around the mall and then just came back home. We did buy some jelly bellies but that's all we bought.

I will have to get my Merle Norman mascara at Independence on Tuesday.

It's a little after noon now and I will read. I have been into this book for at least a week now and then and are halfway through it.

So more even later...

This is my son and daughter-in-law's dog and cat.

Poor Chloe, she needs her own bed! This one is obviously Eddie's.

Bob came over this afternoon and did a small load of laundry. He stayed and watched the news. I read the third volume of our church history. I found it especially interesting because I have lived through these issues. Mark did a wonderful job on the history of our church. 

After finishing the book, and watching TV with Missy for an hour or so, we went to bed.