Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tuesday and Hairdo Day

I got up about 5:00 as usual. I am to go to Independence this morning and get my hair done. On the way back, I will stop at our church and put the towels I washed in the drawer and remake the baby bed in the nursery. I washed the sheet on the baby bed.

At 10:30 until 12:30, I will act as an escort at the Red Cross bloodmobile. Some folks get very weak after giving blood.  I will catch something to eat after that.  Bob plans to go to Independence by himself this morning and visit his sister, Betty. Perhaps they will have lunch somewhere.

We will have chicken tomorrow. I have it thawing in the frig. I have some potatoes I will fry to serve with it. Also, I will put a veggie with it. I still have pudding in the frig that we can have for dessert.

Now I need to remake my bed. So more later....

I got back to Coffeyville at 9:30 and remade my bed then hurried up to the Baptist Church for the stint of escort at the Red Cross bloodmobile.  After that, I stopped at Dairy Queen in Independence and quickly had a blizzard before going over to Juanita's to balance her checkbook. I also wrote a couple of checks for her. I got home at 3:30 and lay down for a little while. I talked to Bob. He has developed a terrible cold and is miserable.  I will fix the chicken and take his to him tomorrow. I will fry those potatoes too and take them over.  He may have a salad.

Finally the paper came and I read it. I will take it to Bob tomorrow so he can read it.  He is to go to the Commission meeting this evening to speak for why he wants to be on the board of the Senior Center. I hope they do that first so he can leave to get back to his apartment.

I will watch TV for awhile and then go to bed.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Monday and Exercises

I will pick up Bob for exercise class today.  He has been driving most days.

After I got myself around for the day, I took Missy out on the patio for awhile. All of a sudden and small yappy dog came running up the sidewalk after her and she scatted around the building to the carport door. I didn't know she could still run that fast. When I got around there, she wanted back in the apartment.

 It is dreary and overcast today after a lovely sunshiny day yesterday. We have a chance of scattered showers today.

I will go to exercise class and afterward, clean the bathroom and kitchen. Then I will start lunch. We will have tuna croquettes and fried potatoes as well as a veggie. ...probably green beans.  Bob will bring a salad.  I still have cookies, cupcakes and puddings for dessert.  Surely one will work. This afternoon I will need to get some groceries and will go out to Walmart.

Tomorrow I will go to Independence to get my hair done and then come back home to work at the bloodmobile from 10:30 until 12:30.  Then Bob and I will go somewhere for lunch...probably Sirloin Stockade.

Juanita probably has her bank statement by now but I will need to go up there to balance her checkbook another day.  The bloodmobile is scheduled for tomorrow.  Then tomorrow afternoon I will vacuum two rooms and do my laundry.  It will be a busy day.

More later.....

I have my laundry in the dryer now. We had our dinner and it turned out fine. We had the rest of the cupcakes for dessert.  I sent the leftovers home with Bob.  he can eat them for his supper if he wants.
I will do the bathroom and kitchen floors and then lay down for awhile. I just got back from Walmart. I spent almost $30.00 on just 7 things on my list.  It's terrible the cost of groceries anymore.

More even later..

This is the bird I saw on my bird feeder on Saturday. I couldn't find it in my bird book but I found it online It' s a ruby crowned kinglet.

Isn't it cute? I had never seen one here before.

More later...

 Bob left just after 6:00.  Missy and I watched TV for awhile and then I went to bed about 9:30

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday and Church and Living the Questions Group

I slept well again last night. I took my Zrytec before bed and that helps me sleep by drying up my sinus drainage.

I got up at 5:00 AM or shortly after, fed Missy and myself and read the newspaper. Then I worked the crossword puzzle and came into the den and checked my e-mail.  I got my bill from Goody's and scheduled it to be paid. It wasn't much. It was for my latest pair of shoes...the Sketchers.  They were on sale so I had bought them.

I will go to church this morning and afterward, Bob and I plan to go to The Railroad Inn for lunch. That is an Italian restaurant. I know it doesn't sound like it but it is. It has been a long time since we've been there for lunch. I will call later and try to make a reservation.  They may be very busy.

Tonight we will have supper and Living the Questions group at Marilyn's. She likes to hold her class at 6:00 and have us all over for dinner first. I will fix my baked beans this afternoon.    

Now. I had better take Missy out for awhile on the patio. She has waited patiently for that.

Back later...

There were 19 at church. Several were away for graduation services. But my new neighbors, Rock and Carmen were there. Everyone welcomed them too.  Rick had sent me over a burrito filled with eggs for breakfast and I ate it before we left for Church School.

After church, Bob and I invited them to come to lunch with us but they had other plans so they took a rain check.  Bob and I went over to Just Us instead...by ourselves. Both Phyllis and Karan were out of town for graduation services.

After I got home I did my congregational newsletters.

Betty had had Steve mow the yard and it looked really nice.  I am so glad she has decided to have the lawn mowed every week. It will look so much nicer all the time.

More later...

I got my baked beans baked for tonight's dinner at Marilyn's house.  I just heard from Mona. They moved on Thursday. They have been unpacking ever since and she is exhausted.  She doesn't think they will make tonight's meeting. I had a text earlier that Karan won't make it either. It was 3:25 and she was still at the graduation. I imagine she will come back home in the morning. That's a long trip after dark and she is by herself.

I will pick up Gary at 5:40. He doesn't have a car and I always pick him up.

I picked up Gary at 5:40 and we went to the group meeting.  There were ten of us there. Two were new. They were John and Wendy. 

We didn't enjoy the new DVD as much as we thought. It was strictly a lecture. But it is something new.  Gary didn't enjoy it as much as he hoped. He prefers the variety of speakers sharing like the Saving Jesus DVD and the Living the Questions DVD.  I have to agree with him. But the fellowship afterward is very good. We stayed until 9:00 and then I took Gary home and came home myself. I took my bath and went to bed at almost 9:30...late for me. 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday and Breakfast Out

Bob will pick me up later this morning...close to 7:00... and we will try to get a warm breakfast at Eggberts again. I am really getting tired of eating cold food there but I know Bob prefers it to Sirloin Stockade for breakfast.

I slept fairly well last night. The storm started again later ...I don't remember what time but it did wake me up. I stayed in bed though until the middle of the night when I woke up again and this time I went to the bathroom and took my thyroid med. This hacking cough hangs on... though although not at night when I take the Zrytac.

The huge limb that was hanging over Merrill's driveway fell down during yesterday's wind storm and it hit the tailgate of his pickup and put a dent in it. I took some photos after he began cleaning up the mess. I'll try to remember to post them here. Unfortunately, I didn't think about getting a photo of the entire mess. Merrill had begun the cleanup before I thought of it.

Here's the other one.

By the time I got these photos, Merrill had it almost cleaned up. He was really unhappy! I can't blame him.

Missy hasn't had her breakfast yet so I will get back to this later.

I fed her and took her outside briefly. I saw something I had not seen in a couple of years out there...a fox....a full grown fox. I didn't have a camera handy or I would have taken a photo.

Breakfast was good. At least it was hotter. I got back home and wanted to see if the fox was still out there. He wasn't.  They usually come out fairly early in the morning.

More later...Maybe I will get some photos of the 97th birthday get together we have for Wayne this morning at 10:30.

Well, the party went fine. There were already two folks there when we got there and after the one man left we finally got to visit with Wayne and Merrill.  Vic was there and brought a lot of bear claws so we didn't eat too many of Marilyn's cookies.   She gave most of them to me and also gave me some fudge. She makes very good fudge. We did have a god visit with Wayne and Merrill though. We got back about noon. I won't fix lunch since I had goodies this morning after a big breakfast.

More later...

I rested in the afternoon with Missy on the sofa. Carmen, from next door came over and woke me up. Rick told her I might be asleep but she didn't believe him. She had been to a garage sale and had bought a lot of lovely shoes that didn't even appear to have been worn at all.  She also got a couple of posters for the living room wall and a manicure set.   She wanted to show me all her purchases. She is really a sweet person...very childlike though.

I didn't fix any lunch today. Bob and I both had cookies and a piece of fudge that Marilyn gave me. I shared a little of it with Bob.

He came back about 4:00 and got some pecans for his banana nut bread. I will buy another bag this week for next Sunday's coffeecake.  He stayed until after 6:00.

Keith called this evening and suggested that he might drive down here from Ft. Leavenworth in June to visit me. He will be in a training class for three days beginning on that Monday in June. If he can get permission from his new employer, he will rent a car on Saturday and come visit me that weekend before his classes begin on Monday. If that works out, Esther will come too. That would be terrific! I haven't seen him since my 80th surprise birthday party.

There was nothing worth watching on TV. Tulsa had just their weather going and we are 72 miles north of Tulsa. Their weather doesn't usually affect us.  So I watched the weather channel instead. I went to bed shortly after 9:00.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday and a Storm

It poured down rain last night with a lot of thunder and lightning. I could hear it even though it didn't wake me up much. I finally got up at 4:45. I don't know if it hailed or not. Missy was frightened by all the noise. I don't know if I will go to exercise class or not today. It depends on if the streets are flooded again. I will just have to wait and see.

I fed Missy but am having her wait for her treats until after I finish this portion of the blog. I have dressed but have not had my breakfast yet.

More later...after it gets light out.

Well I had my breakfast and also went to exercise class. Bob picked me up. I also went to Utopia and had my usual...Utopiachino and a cinnamon roll. I also brought one back for my neighbor. Then at 12:00 Bob and I went to lunch at Sirloin Stockade. I had a coupon for a free lunch and Bob insisted on buying his.

I then wrote an article that Judy wanted me to write about PINCH and sent it to all four papers in the area. 

Afterward, he brought me back home and I lay down on the sofa with Missy and took a short nap.  Then I got up and finally found that DVD I thought I had lost. It's primary title was "First Light" and it's secondary title was "Jesus and the Kingdom of God".  I was looking for one entitled "Jesus and the Kingdom of God".  So I looked right over "First Light".

I have half a brain.

I went over to Marilyn's to have her sign the birthday card for Wayne. We will all go over there tomorrow morning at 10:30 and celebrate his birthday with him and Merrill.  I visited with Marilyn for awhile. 

Bob came shortly after 5:00 and read the paper and watched CBS news with me and later PBS so we could see the commentary of Brooks and Shields.  After that, he left and I took my bath and put my PJs on for the evening.  It's supposed to rain again later tonight...probably toward midnight or shortly afterward.

I will try to stay up until 9:00, take my Zyrtec and then Missy and I will go to bed.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thursday and Rain Again

We are forecast for more rain and perhaps hail later today. I am very tired of rain and wind. I can't keep my hair looking like anything.

I slept very well last night. I woke up at my usual 5:00 and fed Missy and myself

I took Missy out for awhile on both the carport and the patio. I swept off the leaves and other mess for both areas.

I will vacuum the dining room today.  Then I may bake cookies after lunch.  We will have hamburgers and french fries for lunch. I have both pudding and cup cakes for dessert.

Missy just got sick and vomited a couple of times.  I cleaned up the mess and washed the carpet where she did it with carpet cleaner.  Luckily most was on the indoor/outdoor carpet in the back hall. That and her own personal bath mat. I have it in the laundry now with my towels and underwear. I hope she's o.k. now.  I will keep my eye on her. She had been eating grass while we were outside.

I may bake cookies this afternoon. We have been out for a week.

More later....

I loaned my rattan chair to my neighbors. They needed seating. They will buy a house in the next few months and move and then give it back to me. I really don't have a place to put it. But it was pretty expensive. I gave the ladies chair that matched it to Bobby and Karan.  They needed a small chair for next to their fireplace.

I took my plastic bags to the Genesis site. They can use them to pack groceries for the poor who come there for assistance.  I also went out to Walmart to get a few things I will need in the near future.

I went to Sherwin Williams to find some of that wall paper cleaner that is like silly putty. I used to use it to clean wallpaper when I had wallpaper. They evidently don't make it anymore. I was hoping to clean the soles of my shoes with it.  Next time I am in Bartlesville, I will look at Lowe's and see if they have it

In a few minutes I will need to start lunch. Right now, though, I will take Missy out for a little while.

So more even later...

Well lunch was fine...but then how can you go wrong with hamburgers and french fries and Coke..especially if they are shoestring fries?   We had the cupcakes for dessert.

I talked to Merrill (Wayne's son) about his dad's birthday on Saturday.  I wanted to find out a good time to come. he said 10:30 would be fine. I invited him to come too... If Jeannie will bake the strawberry cake and I have bought a card...that would be good. Otherwise, I may do my coffeecake or Marilyn suggested some chocolate chip cookies she has had from Casey's. I could do a strawberry cake but it wouldn't be as good as Jeannie's always was.  I think she added fresh strawberries. Anyhow...it was scrumptious.  We are inviting the Russell's too. They have known Wayne for a long time. ...even if they haven't rented from him. Wayne will be 97. He was born in 1920. 

But at least we have a time now. The menu can be a little later....

I did bake cookies this afternoon and vacuumed the dining room at last. I laid down with Missy later and watched TV until the newspaper came. Then I read that. Jeannie is going to her grandchild's graduation on Saturday and cannot join us. Marilyn is bringing cookies instead. She will contact her neighbors the Russells. 

My neighbor, Carmen, came by briefly and visited with me. She then brought me some of their supper..chicken and rice and beans. It was good. I shared it with Bob.

Later Bob came and stayed  until after 6:00 and after he went home I took my bath and Missy and I watched TV until 9:00, when we went to bed.Again, I was very tired!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wednesday and Exercises and Buck's Bar B Q

We plan to drive over to Sedan this morning for lunch again at Buck's Bar B Q. We have invited both Marilyn and Karan to go with us. We will leave after exercises...probably around 10:30. It's about an hour's drive to Sedan from Coffeyville.

It rained last night but is supposed to be moving out this morning.

I slept until almost 6:00 this morning. I usually am up at 5:00 so I'm getting a lot of rest. I was pretty tired yesterday. I vacuumed the entire apartment ...except for the dining room. I also washed both the bathroom and kitchen floors. Missy was in the dining room..and as I have mentioned before, she hates the vacuum.  So I will do the dining room when she's in on the daybed.

I have fed Missy and myself too. I have had my cup of coffee and also my Chai.

More later....

I picked up Bob at 8:40 and we went to exercise class. When I got home I got myself ready for lunch at Buck's Bar B Q in Sedan. Bob will be by to pick me up at 10:30 and then we will get Marilyn and Karan.  It will take us the better part of an hour to drive there. I hope it's as good as last time..this time.

Our dinner was very good. Afterward Karan and I both went to Bunco at Asbury Village and had a good time.

Later after 4:00 I got home and got my mail and newspaper.  Soon after. Bob came over to read the paper and watch the news. He was very tired too and left about 6:30. He was having trouble keeping his eyes open.

Missy and I watched Nature on PBS and afterward, at 8:00 we just went on to bed. I was very tired. It was a full day.