Thursday, July 31, 2014

Another Thursday and Another Day of Make Up Work

This will be another 6 1/2 hour workday. I will also work tomorrow although ordinarily I will not work on Fridays. I am attempting to make up the time I lost waiting for the college to call or the Safe House to call.  And I am going in fifteen minutes earlier and staying fifteen minutes later. I will continue doing that even after this pay period's time is made up. I will need the extra time to make 40 hours per pay period.

Also, hopefully, the Cox man will come back again today and install a new cable box. If this one doesn't work right, I will have to buy a new TV.  Bob will let him into my apartment since I will be at work.

I have my lunch fixed already. I will need to go over to Braum's and buy bread before I leave. I am using the last of the bread Bob gave me yesterday.  I bought shaved ham at the market yesterday and am using that for my sandwich. Bob gave me some sliced cheese. And I took an apple too.  

More later....

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

First Day of Work Wednesday

This was my first day of work. Aime came and interviewed us and set me up for work in the museum.

It was interesting but there is a lot to learn about the routine of opening and closing. They have a security system and I only have a minute to get the door opened, turn on five light switches and get to the security system and get it turned off.  I also have to learn the routine of getting the safe open,  the cases opened and all the guns in their places in the cases. I also have to get the money in the  cash register.  There is also a lot to learn about the history of the robbery gone bad. I have a book to read to help me learn that history. The name of the museum is Dalton Defenders Museum. It is dedicated to the four defenders who were killed defending the town from the gang and protecting the two banks from them in 1892.

Wendy and I decided I will work 6 hours a day until I make up the  2 1/2  days I have lost in this pay period. So I will work 6 hours tomorrow as I had planned but I will work this Friday and Saturday 6 hours too. I naturally work 6 hours on Monday and then on Tuesday and Wednesday next week I will only work 3 hours. The Wednesday the 6th is the end of this pay period.

This morning I had my full TV and I thought the problem might be fixed.  But when I came home I had six channels that would not come on.  I called Cox again and they are bringing me another box in hopes that a different one will work. If it doesn't, I will have a buy another TV. If that happens, I will go back to the TV Starter package. Bob is going to let the tech in tomorrow to try another box.

Bob came over after I got home and got dinner warmed up. We ate the other half of the Mexican chicken casserole. We had cottage cheese with applesauce with it and vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Tomorrow evening we will eat the other half of the hamburger pie and have a salad with it.

Tonight Bob went home at 7:00 and I took my bath and put my PJs on and worked on this blog.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Aggravating Tuesday

This is going to be  a difficult day. I can tell. Already I've had my share of problems. I tried to program my DVD player with the new remote and I got it programed just fine but in order for it to show up on the TV screen, I have to be able to access Video 1 and the TV is set on Video 2. Using the new remote for the cable box, I do not know how to access Video 1. So, although the DVD player comes on and runs just fine, it doesn't come through on the TV. I will have to call Cox again this morning to figure that out.  They don't open until 8:00.

But that's not the worst of it. Now I have been blocked out of my own online bank account. Last night I discovered that the bank has not put my new account number in the "bill pay" area of the online account. They still had the old account number in there and that account is closed. I rushed over to the bank when I discovered that but the assistant to the vice president I have dealt with on this mess had already left.  This morning I used my usual access code and password but it no longer works in the online banking.  I don't have time to deal with this. I have to leave at 9:30 for Independence for my hair appointment. The bank doesn't open until 9:00.  I may have to deal with it when I get back home.

Trouble, trouble, trouble.  More blog later....

Well the solutions to my latest two "problems" was easier then I thought.  I called Cox and they immediately walked me through the one step I wasn't aware of (getting into Video 1) and the DVD came right up.  Then she told me how to get back to "TV" from there.

Then Aime called and she suggested I start at the Dalton Defenders Museum tomorrow. She said if anything else opened up, I could always be transferred.

Then Teresa from the bank  called and gave me a number at the downtown office to talk to Tammy to straighten out my bank account. They still haven't got "bill pay" fixed with the correct account number but they say they will by this afternoon. I am able to access my online banking now  Perhaps I can schedule that electric bill to be paid on the 14th by then. And Tammy said she could intercept Scott's incoming allotment and get it into the new account.  That's a blessing. I hope it works out.

Anyhow, on to the hair appointment next.

I got my hair done and got back in time to fix lunch. I start tomorrow at the museum  and it will be an interesting experience.  Aime will meet me up there and have me fill out some more forms.

When I got home I went to the bank to get some money withdrawn for my next week.  I still don't have my debit card so I have to do everything with cash. I did learn one thing though. They charged me $10.00 for my new debit card.  Then I learned they had mistakenly ordered one for Leslie too.  I will still get that one and will offer it to her.If she doesn't want it, I can have it shredded.  They took the additional $5.00 charge off my account. It should be a full 10 days until I get the new card.

Tom Swanson, the bank's vice president, says I should talk to social security again and ask for a new social security number.  I hesitate to that because of the incompetence in today business world and government.  What if they don't get my social security from Bob and myself to me because of the new number.  That would be another huge mess.

This evening I started to watch the CBS news and the TV was off. It couldn't receive Tulsa stations. There were 7 altogether  that would not receive. I called Cox and they walked me through rebooting the cable box a half dozen times. It would come on temporarily but then drop the stations.  We decided it was the new cable box. About the time we decided that, it came on again.  I walked over to tell Bob I had it back on and when I came home, it was off again.  So I called Cox again and they tried rebooting the box again. It would not come back on. Finally I went through the entire range of channels and found 11 that were off. I got another cable appointment and then after I hung up all but four were back. It will be interesting to see what I have in the morning.  I go to work tomorrow at 10:00 following the exercise class so I have an appointment herewith the cable guy between 3:00 and 5:00. We'll see what I have tomorrow.

Monday, July 28, 2014

A Crowded Monday

This will be another busy day. I must call Cox back and order the bundled package if I want any TV again. Then I must make a decision about going back to work. I hope I hear from Safe House today.  I probably will take the opening at the Dalton Defenders Museum. I sure don't like the hours. It ruins the morning for getting anything done at home and the afternoon as well.  I wish it was either mornings or afternoons but not a part of both.

We had a nice group last night. Becky and Keith and Joyce didn't come but the others all came....including Marilyn, who just lost her husband this month.  We will have the next meeting on the 10th of August at her house.

The other Richard came last night for the first time in months. So Richard and Mona and their 14 year old son, Rami, were here and Bob and me, Marilyn,  and just Bobby (Karan is down at St. George Island visiting Gretchen). I think there were eight in all. That's not bad for my small apartment.  We watched one segment of the video  "Painting the Stars" and had a discussion. Then I served my Blueberry dump cake and it went over well.

I got to bed about 9:30.

I have invited Bobby to come to lunch with Bob and me today. He said he would come. I am considering asking Marilyn again. I asked her once and she couldn't come then. Her son, David, was in town to take her to lunch that day. But she asked me to ask her again.  I may ask her if she is at exercise class today.

I stripped my bed today and am doing that laundry. I need to wash Missy's white afghan but don't have anything to put in with it but the towels. I guess I will do that though.

More later....

I learned today that I do not get the “deal” I was told about last week with my TV package.  Josh brought me a box and installed it today. I have the Economy package along with my Starter package  but I do have a lot of extra channels just no movie channel That deal was for “new” customers.  I am an old customer.

But with the box, I do have TV again now….and music too. My new bill, with the internet which is $29.99, will be $74.75 instead of $58.88. But that is still cheaper then buying a new TV.

Now I have Marilyn and Bobby as well as Bob coming for lunch. I had better get that casserole dish in the oven. 

The dinner turned out well. After lunch Bob and I mowed the yard. It looks real nice now. At least the front and my side (back) yard do. We still have his large back yard to do but I get my hair done in the morning so I do not want to mow after that. We also tried to program his new remote.  Finally we called in Josh to do it.

Tonight he came over and we watched the news and one episode of Big Bang Theory. Then he went home and I took my bath and put my clean PJs on and am catching up this blog.

I was going to schedule my electric bill to be paid this afternoon but I just happened to notice  they still had my old bank account number on the bill pay. So I have another something to follow up on tomorrow. What a mess!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Another Busy Sunday

I will be very busy today, that's for sure.  I preside at church and we have guest ministers today. Robert and Kathy are coming from Fort Scott. Robert will preach and Kathy will sing for our special music. When we get to church, as usual, I will need to be sure the church is clean. Then  I need to run the bulletins off before Church School.  We are finishing up the current Church School study this week.  Next week we will begin the new material.

After church we will all eat out at Maria's, a pretty good Mexican restaurant in Independence.

Then when I get home I will do my letters and bake my dessert for tonight. I am having the group. Karan has gone to Gretchen's for a week so I will need to remember to remind Bobby.  Without Karan, he will probably not be at our church today. He is a Methodist and attends his own church before he comes to ours with Karan. Karan attends with him and misses Church School at ours. While the dessert is baking I will need to spruce up the house a bit.

Yesterday I checked to be sure the DVD player would still work without receiving TV. It does. It is hooked up to a different input port and I use Video 1 for it.   The box Cox is bringing me will receive through Video 2 to bring me TV.

The only other problem I have is that the Cox tech put a filter on the modem and now I am unable to print remotely from the new laptop. I assume that is what happened anyhow since that’s the only change in the system. He said something about improving the quality of my modem. If it isn't one thing it's another. I checked the printer installation and the printer Keith installed isn't listed so I have no idea how to re-install the remote printer. I will just send anything I want printed to one of the other two computers and print from there. Whew! It's always something.

It should be  a very busy day all right.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Very Hot Saturday

It's supposed to get to 100 degrees today! And with our humidity, that is a lot of heat! Bob and I will go to breakfast and then maybe just stay in. We had talked about driving down to Owasso and eating lunch at the Olive Garden there but it may just be too hot to do that. We will see.

I just called him. It's nearly 6:00 and I didn't see any light over there. He was in the bathroom shaving and had his music on but no lights yet. We check on one another if we don't see lights in our apartments by 6:00. Both he and I are early risers.

We ate lunch out yesterday. By the time the cable man left I didn't have time to fix lunch. We went to Eggbert's and had their small chicken fried steak. Mine was good though Bob's had some gristle. But that meant we had eaten out Tuesday (at Big Cheese) and yesterday at Eggbert's and we will be eating out with the church group tomorrow noon after church.  That's a lot of meals out for our budgets. So we may just stay home. Bob is planning to fix a large salad for our lunch today.

I am finding other things to do with my free time besides watch TV. I have found some games on my desktop computer and I have also been back to reading my Kindle more.  I also got some laundry done yesterday. The cable guy yesterday took a lot of time.  And, of yes, I spent an entire morning yesterday changing all three of my accounts to the new checking account. Prudential and Blue Cross/Blue Shield were pretty easy but Social Security was a pain.  After spending 25 minutes on hold waiting for service, the guy I finally got told me there was a new regulation and in order to change to a new account number, I had to tell them the old account number. Of course, I had taken the old checks and everything connected to that account including the debit card to the bank to have them shredded. So I had to hang up and call the bank for that information.Then I had to place the call again. This time I just left a "call back" for them. After about 27 minutes, they called me back and the new guy was very helpful. What a mess!

More later...

Bob brought over a large salad and bread sticks for lunch. I had made some banana pudding for dessert. It was all good and in summer with 100 degrees, a salad is good.

Friday, July 25, 2014

A Bad Day Friday

My TV went out yesterday morning while I was sweeping off the carport.  I thought it was the cable but it turned out to be the TV.  When I called Cox, I also told them about Bob's remote which he had been having problems with. Cox then sent me a new remote for Bob, whose remote is actually wearing out. Then I got the confirmation for the package they had sent and after that I got an e-mail for information on an update on my account information.

This has been a horrible day. Late last night I realized I had been scammed and had accidentally given up too much information to a site I thought was my Cox Communication.  So I called them back this morning (after not sleeping much last night) and discovered it was not Cox that contacted me for information. Then I went to the bank and cancelled my account and opened a new one.

Then I spent the morning calling Social Security, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Prudential to give them the new account information. Then I contacted the credit rating services and turned a hoax alert.  

Then the cable man came to try to find out why my cable was not working. He discovered the TV coaxial input was out on my TV.  I had discovered yesterday that I could bundle my internet and cable services and save money. The cable guy said the cable box would work as the coaxial input I had lost on the TV set. I will just have to use the Video 2 setting on the TV instead of antenna/cable. I have my DVD set up on Video 1 to watch DVDs and movies.  If that works, that's what I will do instead of buying a new TV.  This TV was bought in 1991 so it has lots of mileage on it and it isn't high definition but if it will work with the cable box, I will save the money. Bob came over after the cable guy left and we went to lunch.

More later...

For a change, I went over to Bob's apartment to watch TV and stayed until 9:00. We also had our wine over there. Then I came home and took my bath and played computer games until 9:30.