Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday and Exercise Class

I slept pretty well last night. Finally I got up at 5:20 and gave Missy her treats and had a couple of cups of coffee myself and a banana.

Today we will go to exercise class. Before I went to bed last night I washed and soaked a half pound of beans for our lunch. I will fix some cornbread to have with it.  I have fruit and cookies for dessert.

Yesterday afternoon, Scott and Ginger and Leslie and I planned their wedding. It will be done at my son-in-law and daughter's farm. It's beautiful out there and they have a lovely patio. Ginger really wanted it outside instead of at the church. So that's where we will hold the ceremony.  I will need to get busy and plan the ceremony. Leslie and I have also decided to have a small reception. The marriage will be a small affair since there will only be about 14 there at most....just immediate family. They have invited Scott's children but they probably cannot attend. Jerod's wife, Melanie, is in school and Jerod, his son, is in the Coast Guard and they live in California. Ashley, his daughter, is also in college and has a full  time job so she probably will not be able to attend.  Ginger's children will come and stay in a motel with Ginger's mother. So there will mostly be Ginger's family there. Scott's brother, Keith, and his wife, Esther, will be there and of course, Scott's sister, Leslie, and her husband, John, whose farm they will be using....probably only 10 of us.

When I get home from exercise class the beans will probably be done. Around 11:00, I will fix the cornbread and get the fruit out of the freezer.

This evening there is a special about the life of John Denver on PBS and Bob will come over  to watch it with me.

More later....

I kept busy at work today but the scanning will be finished after books are weeded out that are not being used and will be put out in the foyer for sale.

More later....

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday and No Church

There is no church today. It snowed all day yesterday and now we have fog and freezing rain and ice. So I will stay in today and clean house.  Depending on what the streets are like at noon, Bob and I may go eat at Sirloin Stockade and we will ask Phyllis to go with us. She may not want to go out but tomorrow we both will need to go to work.

I slept like a baby last night.  Went to bed at 8:30 and woke up at 5:00.

Missy, my cat, has been sick all morning ever since I got up and drank my coffee.  I have cleaned up six messes so far. I don't know whether it was a hairball or a stomach problem.  It's Sunday so the vet is closed.  I'm  having to follow her around and clean up her messes. She's very subdued now.

More later....

Missy seems to be fine now. I have just finished vacuuming the apartment. I mopped both the kitchen and bathroom floors. I still have to dust but I'll do that later.

I had a text from my younger son, Scott.  His girlfriend, Ginger, was able to get off work for a wedding in May after all. Someone traded with her.  They will come on May 21st and be married Saturday, May 23rd.  I am to marry them. Only the family will be invited. Since our church is so pretty, I will suggest we go there for the ceremony.   I will have to ask Judge Cullins to waive the three day waiting period.  I'll take care of that and find out if there's anything else they will need to get the paperwork for the ceremony. In the meantime, I will work on the actual ceremony.  I will ask Ginger if there's anything in particular she'd like.

I cleaned the apartment this morning and washed the kitchen and bathroom floors. The place looks nice now.

Bob came over this morning to read the Sunday Reporter and was careful so we decided to go up to Sirloin Stockade for lunch.  We called Phyllis and invited her and she's going too.

We had another storm alert until 3:00 this afternoon. 

More later....

It warmed up above freezing this afternoon and melted a good bit of the snow. I was able to get to the bank with no trouble at all. Bob came over this evening and we watched 60 Minutes and we had wine and cookies and then when he went home, I took my bath and put my PJs on and watched another program before going to bed at 9:30.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saturday and A Storm Alert

We are under a winter storm alert today. I am not particularly worried about it since the weather channel has missed our weather so many times this year. It snowed very lightly yesterday afternoon but it was so light nothing stuck on the ground.

I had another bad night sleeping last night. I woke up at 3:00 AM again and could not get back to sleep. Finally I just got up at 4:15. It might have been because I had tried for a half hour last night to program the Bose remote with the TV but was not successful. It might be because my signal comes through a DVR that Cox gave me so I could receive the signal so I wouldn't have to continually have them out to switch out boxes. They have a bunch of old boxes they bought before they upgraded their signal and are trying to use them. They would work with my old TV so they brought me a DVR set.  It doesn't function as a DVR but as a cable box. It may interfere with my being able to program the remote. Right now I have to turn the TV on with the Cox remote and even change channels with it . Anything connected with the Bose like the sound and the mute has to be done with the Bose remote. So at this point, I am having to use two remotes...very aggravating.   Maybe I can call Bose on their 800# later today and they can walk me through it.....if it can be done.

About the DVD we watched last evening. It was excellent! And I certainly understand why the male lead who played Steven Hawking received the Oscar for his work.  I recommend this movie. It's called "The Theory of Everything".

I imagine Bob and I will go for breakfast this morning. The storm, if it comes, has not started yet. I am having coffee here at home right now.

More later....

We did go to breakfast  and later out to Wal Mart for me to return a cable that was the wrong one.  Then we stopped at the Medicine Shoppe and I picked up my blood pressure pills. They over charged me $6.85 but I caught the error. It was supposed to be just $10.00 . They apologized and refunded my $6.85.  But I was glad I caught it. It never hurts to question anything strange.

For lunch we ate the rest of our spaghetti with garlic toast, green beans and coleslaw.  We had fruit and cookies for dessert. Bob took a little bit home with him in case he gets snowed and iced in and has to have something to eat tomorrow.

Our church is in the country on a county road so because of the weather, our church services have been called off tomorrow. Too much freezing rain and ice in the forecast.

This afternoon I think I will just read. I can do the housework tomorrow now.

I read most of the afternoon.  I can do the housework tomorrow.  I just had a cup of hot chocolate and will try to find something on TV tonight. That will be hard. TV is so bad anymore.  I may read all evening.

I also got the Bose remote programmed today.  Now everything is on one remote. ...sound system, cable, TV and DVD.

I think I will take my bath early and put on my pjs so I will be ready for bed.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday At Last

I slept like a baby last night and got up shortly after 5:00. I even got up once in the night but had no trouble getting right back to sleep.

Leslie is coming at 10:00 this morning to help me by installing the new Bose sound system that Scott has given me for a Valentine's Day/early Mother's Day gift. It arrived Wednesday but I was too wiped out to even open the carton on Wednesday evening. I opened it the next morning and took the Bose system out of the box.  The box was damaged so I took photos of it before I removed the system.  It did not appear to be damaged since it was well packed.

I will go on to the exercise class after all since it's only from 9:00 till 9:40. We may eat something "out" this noon since I'm not sure how long it will take to install this system.  The system should be easy enough but programming the Bose remote for the cable box, TV and DVD player may be more of a challenge. We will see.

Tomorrow, if Bob is able to get out at all, we will have the rest of our spaghetti. He has no carport or garage for his car's protection. When he has frost on his windshield, I drive and pick him up.  I want to get some more garlic bread today before the snow begins tomorrow. I also need to get a prescription refilled and pick it up. We have a 90% chance of snow tomorrow. I will have some more green beans with fruit and cookies for dessert. 

I wonder if Katie will still be sick today. Two other people there at the library have colds and I am trying to avoid them. Raye is the first one. She puts plastic covers on the new books and does repair work. Paula is the second one. Paula is the one I work closest with.  She is the senior student who works one hour in the afternoon putting away DVDs.

More later....

Katie was still sick today. I still had plenty to do although first I had Leslie over to work on getting my Bose system hooked up. It was more challenging then Scott thought because the TV didn't have the port or even any of the ports they had included cords for. Leslie and I went out to Wal Mart and I bought a cord but it was the wrong one. I really needed a digital audio coax cable. I will have to return the one I bought tomorrow if I can get out to Wal Mart tomorrow. Leslie went to Independence and bought one up there then she came all the way back to Coffeyville to put it on the TV. I have full stereo sound. I am so happy with the entire thing. 

Bob is over this evening to watch a video with me. I have bought "The Theory of Everything".

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday and the Weekend in Sight

This has been a really exhausting couple of days. As I mentioned last night, the Bose sound system for my TV arrived yesterday afternoon. I finally opened the box this morning. It appears to be in good shape even though the box had been handled roughly.  I took a photo of it before I opened the box...just in case.  I will not try to set it up myself.   Scott says everything has to be programmed through the Bose remote. (It was wonderful of him to buy this wonderful Bose sound system for me! I should be able to hear better now.) We will see about the assembly. I am not sure we can program Cox's box with the Bose remote. Leslie is coming in the morning to help me. I will need help anyway to lift the TV and put the sound system box under it.

Scott texted me again this morning to say they were not going to try to come Memorial weekend after all. They are not in a rush to get married right away and Ginger could not get the extra days off. Kansas requires a three day waiting period. That is probably a good decision. But I probably could have gotten Judge Cullins to waive the three day waiting period. Still they would have to had to fly in on Thursday. They both want this second marriage to be their last one.  I could fly out there since he wants me to do the officiating but we would have to be sure the state of Georgia wouldn't need me to be registered in their state.

I did not sleep well again last night. I awoke at 1:30 AM to go to the bathroom and while I was there, I took a melatonin tablet. That has been working lately when I can't sleep. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to eat anything before I went to bed and it didn't work. I got up at 3:00 AM and ate some yogurt and took another melatonin. It didn't work. Finally at 4:00 I just got up and dressed. I imagine I will be awfully dead tired this evening. That was 4 1/2 hours sleep.

Yesterday at work was exhausting. When I got there at 1:00, Katie wasn't there. I started to put away DVDs but Adrian stopped me and told me I was to stuff envelopes with notes to those folks whose books and DVDs are well overdue to tell them they were about to be turned over to a collection agency. He said I was just to put the names on the envelopes. I asked "What about the addresses? How will she get them addressed?" He said she just said to put the names on the envelopes so that's what I did but I didn't seal the envelopes. I had a feeling I would need to retrieve those addresses later.

When I finished that and went to see what Paula had done about the DVDs, I found that she had put them in the machines but there were three basketfuls of DVDs for me to put away and they were neither sorted nor alphabetized. So I took the baskets back to the back, and sorted them and alphabetized them myself. Then I put the cases in the bookcases. That took about 40 minutes. Then I took some DVDs to the genealogy room with the repair and cleaning machine and spent the next forty minutes repairing and cleaning five DVDs.  By then, it was 4:00 and Katie had come in. She called me in and told me to take those envelopes and address them. She asked if I had sealed them and I told her I had not. I felt I was going to need to access those addresses ()and I was right. So, I took all the notes out of the envelopes and wrote addresses on all those envelopes and re-stuffed the envelopes.  By then, there were a few more DVDs to empty into the machines and more cases to be filed in the bookcases.  When I finished that, I was 5:00 and time to go home. Thank goodness! I was exhausted.

While I was trying to get the details of getting a marriage license in Kansas, I talked to Bonnie and Lynette at the courthouse where I worked in 2013.  It was so good to hear their familiar voices! They were all so friendly...different from the folks at the library.  I don't know what their problem is but Adrian is really the only one that is really friendly at the library.  The others just kind of ignore me unless they need me to do something for them.

I will fix spaghetti for lunch today. We will have coleslaw and garlic bread with it and perhaps green beans. I am thinking of fixing something for dessert too. Bob will be attending his Lion's Club   breakfast meeting this morning at 7:00 so he may not be all that hungry.

More later...

Katie was sick today so primarily I just shelf read, put away DVDs and repaired and cleaned DVDs. Bob came over for wine and The Big Bang Theory. He left at 7:30 and I moved into the recliner with Missy in my lap. I fell asleep there until 9:30 when I woke up fully dressed since I had not yet had my bath. I had also left my contacts in so I needed a bath, Pjs and to get those contacts out.  Then I went to bed. I had only had 4 1/2 hours sleep last night so sleep was easy to come.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Another Exercise Wednesday

Today we will have exercises again.  I always try to go because I think staying flexible as we grow older is very important.

Bob came over for Genealogy Roadshow last night.  We also had our wine. He left at 8:00 and I took my bath and later went to bed.  Again, I tried to watch "The Italians" on PBS and got through most of it before going to bed. I slept until 1:00 when I got up to go to the bathroom. While in there, I took a melatonin tablet. I slept until 5:20 then and only woke up then because Scott texted me and the text woke me up.  But that was fine because I had a lot to do before Bob comes to pick me up.

Today we will have hamburgers and french fries for lunch. Not too healthy but good!

Scott contacted me this morning by that text to tell me my Bose sound system for my TV should be here today.  I hope I can get it installed. The hardest part will be programming the remote for it. Their remote is supposed to run the Bose system, my DVD player as well as the TV. If I have a problem, maybe Leslie can help me.

I did some laundry last night. My colored jeans get absolutely filthy when I wear them to work. I turned them wrong side out and washed them so they would not fade.

I did a number of different things at work yesterday. First I put away a pile of DVDs, then cleaned some shelves and shelf read.  I accidentally leaned against the fire door back there and set off the alarm. Katie had to bring a key and stop the noise. I was so embarrassed.  Anyhow, when I finished that, Adrian gave me a stack of DVDs to repair and clean. We can only run the cleaning machine for thirty minutes at a time so I got four of them cleaned. I will try to get four more done each day until I get the entire stack cleaned.

Katie did not have me do any more scanning on this Tuesday. Odd.....

More later....

The Bose sound system arrived this afternoon. I will open the box tomorrow...not this evening. I am so tired. Today was an exhausting afternoon. More about it tomorrow. Bob is here for wine and to watch Nature on PBS.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Busy Day Tuesday

This will be an extremely busy day. I have the cakes, all but Bob's, in the trunk of my car.  Bob didn't get around to baking his until last night so he will bring it over by 8:00 this morning after he gets it iced. Then I will leave for Independence and the First Christian Church there where I will leave them.

After that, at 9:00, I will get my hair fixed. After Kathy finishes, I will go to the Merle Norman store and buy my translucent powder. Then I will go to Juanita's to balance her checkbook and enter in the items that have been paid automatically. Juanita is nearly completely blind with macular degeneration and can no longer see well enough to do that. She had called Sunday evening to say she had received her bank statement on Saturday.

After I finish that, depending on the weather and the time, I may go to their Wal Mart store and buy a few things.  Then if it's 11:00 by then, I will drop by Big Cheese and pick up a pizza.  If it's too early for them to be open, I will come home and fix hamburgers and french fries.  

Then I will go to work.

I slept well last night. I had awakened at 3:00 AM the night before and finally just got up at 4:00 AM. So it had been a long day. I also scanned the rest of the westerns at the library yesterday and put away a jillion DVDs. I went to bed at 8:30 last night. At 9:30 my younger son, Scott, texted me and I woke up and made a few replies.  Finally when he stopped texting me, I took a melatonin tablet and went right back to sleep...thank goodness.

They have been discussing marriage. They may come back from Georgia over the Memorial Day holiday and they want me to marry them.  It will be a little close. They will need to come the week prior to the marriage to get a Kansas marriage license.  Then Keith and Esther will need to stay one day later to Memorial Day if they want to be there for the marriage. Scott wants his family to be there. Then the very next day, Aime will come to get me to go with her and another person to Texas for the SEK National Convention. I will attend a workshop there and be gone the rest of the week. Scott and Ginger will need to either go to Leslie and John's or leave for Georgia when I leave for Texas on that Tuesday.

The weekend prior to the Memorial weekend, the 80th Birthday Bash for my class will be held. We will all turn 80 this year. Of course, I am in charge. So far I have 32 reservations. We will meet at a local restaurant at 2:00 for a buffet get together and eat at 5:00 that evening. Then the next day, on Sunday, we will meet again at Sirloin Stockade for breakfast. May will be very busy!

More later....