Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sunday and a Busy Day

I didn't sleep all that well last night. I woke up twice and had a hard time getting back to sleep. I finally just got up about 4:45 and dressed and got myself ready for church. I fed myself and Missy and then baked my coffeecake for the Sunday School classes. They ate all but one piece.

Church was well planned. We had a small congregation. Several were doing their holiday thing. But afterward four of us drove up to Cherryvale and had a good lunch at "Just Us".  Kay is fixing Christmas dinner there and Bob and I reserved a place for that on Christmas Day. Leslie is on call Christmas weekend and I will have them over for treats and a gift exchange on Christmas Eve.

I came home and did my church newsletters and afterward picked up Karan and Phyllis for the holiday open house and cookie exchange at John and Leslie's house. We left about 4:30 because I really didn't want to drive after dark. She had a smaller group then usual.  But there was a wide variety of cookies. I took my peanut clusters. I brought back a variety of cookies and left most of my peanut clusters there for the exchange.They went over well. The deer are thick around there after dusk. I sure didn't want to hit one.

I heard Rick and Carmen come back this evening. They were out of town this weekend and not at church. They said they would be there next weekend though. They are such good kids!

It's 9:00 bedtime. More tomorrow. Tomorrow I will post some photos I took at John and Leslie's party.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Saturday and A Slow Day

I slept very well last night and got up and got around early to go to the market. I got the ingredients for my peanut clusters and decided to take those to my daughter's cookie party tomorrow afternoon. I thought they would be something different from cookies. I asked Leslie and she thought that was fine!

I got them finished and in containers and in the frig to finish setting up. Then I began on my Classmate's newsletters. This will be year 20 for me. There have been three others who have had this responsibility over the years but I believe I have had it the longest.

I also wrote some personal letters to my children to express my appreciation for all they do for me. As we get older, it's a good idea to express  these things. We never know when we may suddenly be gone.

I got most of my personal letters and Christmas cards done this morning...unless I have forgotten someone as my cards come in. I have some extras.

It's nearly 11:00 now. I have worked on one thing and another all morning.

I think I will warm up some of that soup for my lunch.

By the way, my Christmas Cactus is about to bloom. This was given me by Leslie, my daughter years ago.

 Here's another view of it. It is even better today. I took these two photos a couple of days ago.

I got most of my Christmas cards out today along with an enclosed letter in each one. Bob has a bad cold and is staying away so I got an awful lot done while he has been home.   I had a bowl of that soup for my lunch. I sent some home with him on Thursday because I was going to be gone Friday to Chanute.

I am waiting for the mail now. Hopefully some of my classmates will be sending their Christmas cards with their news and I can put some more of that in the letter. Right now I am on page three and it is usually seven pages. Of course, we've lost a lot of classmates over the years. 

More later....

I spent the rest of the afternoon working on that class newsletter. I called Bob A. about 4:30 and asked him if he would like to go to Kansas Buffet for dinner. I don't usually eat dinner but I had such a small breakfast and lunch that I was hungry. Neither of us were very impressed with the new buffet.  

I came home and watched a movie on Amazon. Afterward I took my bath and Missy and I went to bed at 9:30..

Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday and Another Trip Out of Town

I slept very well last night...only woke up once and got right back to sleep.

I was going to pick up Bob A. for exercise class but he contacted me that he had been sick so he would not be going. Then I started a couple of loads of laundry and after I finished that and remade my bed I decided to go on up to Chanute early to meet Gay and her friends for lunch.

We had a good lunch and a good visit too. I got back home about 2:30.  The woman on the right is my friend, Gay. Her sister, Adele is in the red at the end of the table but is in the sunshine and we can't see her well.

This is the other side of the table but still Adele is sitting too near the window and the sun is shining on her face.

That's Gay again.

Then I began my class newsletter. This is my 20th year to do the newsletter and be the class locator. I have only had three Christmas cards from classmates so far but it is early yet so I will get an early start.  I began having some problems with the Word program. It would take messages from the left column and put them in the right column. I would have to cut and paste them back in the text where they belong. Luckily I am beginning early.

I also worked on my personal Christmas cards and newsletters. I have most of the ones I am going to send out finished. I believe I have four more to do.

I was going to watch some TV but when I went to Amazon with the Tivo to choose a movie, the screen went blank and I was unable to get the "go back" button or the "guide" button to work. I just had a grey screen.

I contacted Esther and she returned my call after they finished dinner. Keith and she walked me through rebooting the Tivo and I finally got everything back. I started to watch a Christmas movie  but got sidetracked with working on the class newsletter  again.

John W. called me this afternoon to tell me about Nora Jean's death. He is the present class treasurer.  I had seen it in the paper so already had her and Chad on the "deceased classmates" list. He said he felt we had plenty of money in the account for this year's newsletter.  That's good to know. We will need three rolls of stamps, and two ink cartridges to print off the letters for those not online. Those online get theirs attached to e-mail.

I need to get my bath done and my PJs on and get ready for bed. It's nearly 8:30 and I am fully dressed. I don't know if Bob A. will be up to breakfast out in the morning or not. We will just play it by ear, I guess.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Thursday and Another Trip to Independence

I slept really well last night.Yesterday had been a very busy day. I awoke at 1:00 and went to the bathroom and got right back to sleep until almost 5:00.

I will dress shortly and get ready for the day. I will go back to Independence and work on trying to get the form filled out for Juanita's replacement car title. She left the original in the glove box and it was gone when she began looking for it. I would never leave a title in the glove box. It should be kept with important papers. Anyhow, she is nearly blind and cannot read the VIN number on the windshield or fill out the form so I will do that and also fill out the form and take it to the driver's license bureau.  I hope to be able to get in there promptly. There's always a long line there.

I had an e-mail from Gay inviting me to lunch in Chanute at Opie's. I want to go. I may just give Bob some of the soup I made yesterday. I gave him the pizza I brought home Tuesday for today's lunch. I have no idea how long I will be in Independence today. And tomorrow I want to see Gay again and see how she is doing now.

I'd better get dressed and get my breakfast and Missy's and get ready for the day. It should be a big one.

More later....

I am now ready to go to Independence but need to wait until 9:00 to leave. It is only 8:40 now. She has drops she has to put in her eyes every morning and night.   I have no idea when I will be back home today since I will probably have to wait a long time in the driver's license bureau. Just as I was ready to go, Bob A. came and wee visited shortly and I gave him some of that vegetable soup for his lunch tomorrow.  I will be going to Chanute to meet Gay and her sister, Adele for lunch at Opie's. 

So more  later...

I got to Independence at 9:40 and immediately started working on Juanita's application for a new title for her car. I looked in the glove box myself just to be sure it wasn't there. It wasn't. So I filled out the application and had her sign it the best she could under the circumstances and then called the County Treasurer to see if it actually went to the Driver's License Bureau. I was told to use the envelope that came with the application and send it to her office and they would take care of it. I intended to take it to the post office after I left and mail it. But Juanita wanted me to stay and help her go through the metal box that had all her important papers in it. I got it from the closet and we began to work through it making two piles....anything that could be shredded and anything we needed to keep...including one large yellow envelope we labeled "important documents".  After looking through about half the contents of the large metal box, I found her car title. So we opened the envelope and labeled it "important" and put it back in the medal box. I tore up her check.

Then she wanted to buy my lunch. I went to Big Cheese and bought us two ham and cheese sandwiches. They were $5.79 each. They came with pickles and lettuce and chips. She poured me a glass of milk to drink with mine.

Then I came home. I got home about 2:30 and began shredding her old documents. By 2:45, I had that finished and sat down to work on this blog. I need to go get some Christmas cards next and begin getting them addressed.

So more later....

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Wednesday and Exercise Class

I slept pretty well last night. I woke up at 1:00 and went to the bathroom and it took me awhile to get back to sleep. I slept until 4:20 and then just got up.

I will go to exercise class this morning but first I will put on the vegetable soup I intend to make. I need to go over to Country Mart and get a snack of some sort for the holiday event following the exercises.  I forgot all about that after getting so much done yesterday.

Right now I'd better get myself and Missy ready for the day. It's almost 5:00 AM.

More later...

There's a better photo of my Christmas tree. I finally found a way to turn it vertical.

We have been fed and I have the soup on in the slow cooker. 

More later...

Missy and I have both been fed and I have watched the news. Now I am ready for exercise class. Bob is going to drive today. He will be by at 8:45 this morning to pick me up.

I have the soup on for lunch. It's plain vegetable meat. It should be good though.  I have also done a little more decorating.

More later...I went to exercise class and afterward we had a little party. That spoiled our appetites and I put the soup in a corning ware bowl and put it in the frig. We may have it Friday.

I went out to Walmart and bought a new tree skirt for my Christmas tree and also had another centerpiece made at the florist. It had a cardinal on it so I didn't put it on my coffee table after all. I was afraid Missy would attack it since she always loved to eat cardinals when we lived over on Catalina. I have no idea what happened to the one I had the past few years.

My decorating is finished now.

Juanita called me this morning on my way to exercises. She wants me to come up tomorrow and help her with the paperwork to  get a replacement title. She left her title in her car in the glove box and now it is gone. She has the paperwork to do to get a new title but since she's nearly completely blind, she can't fill it out to get a new one. She wants me to do that for her tomorrow. I will take it up to the driver's license bureau and hope they will let me get it done for her.

It's nearly 3:00 and my mail came very early today. Usually it comes around 2:30. But it was here at 1:00 today.

More later...

I puttered around and visited my neighbor, Marilyn, in the afternoon and finally settled down to finish my magazine. I went over to Braums to get my yogurt and found they had some Butter Brickle ice cream and bought both.  We love Butter Brickle ice cream. Later Bob came over. He did not want any ice cream but we did open the popcorn and each had a bowl of that while we watched the news and the CBS news. After he left I took my bath and lay down with Missy on the soft to watch Dateline.  I missed the entire show and woke up at 9:00 and went to bed. Missy soon joined me.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tuesday and A Missed Monday

Yesterday was a blur.  I slept poorly Sunday night and worked hard all day to get everything back to normal...but normal was not to be.

I did manage to go to exercise class and pick up my blood pressure pills at Medicine Shoppe. 

So after that, Monday was a blur. The knob on the tub broke in two when I took my bath Sunday night and the water source was backward. The hot water came out when the knob was turned to the cold side and the cold water came out when the knob was turned to the hot side. The drain would not hold water either. I tried to contact Betty, my landlady, but she had left her phone in the car.

I went over to Carmen's to see if she knew where Betty was. Betty was not listening to her messages on her home phone either. Then Carmen came over and tried to fix the drain.  She also tried to fix the knob which had broken in half.  It seems when she cleaned the tub last week, after the accident with her washer overflowing, (it backed up and filled my tub with filthy gunk) the knob broke off in her hand and she tried to glue it back together with gorilla glue. She did not read the instructions on the glue and did not know that gorilla glue has to be applied only on one side of the project and water must be put on the other side to activate it.

But I finally heard from Betty. She sent her maintenance man over to see what he could do to help so she wouldn't have to call a plumber again.  Then she and he came back after being to Ace Hardware store and finding another knob that would work. They worked on it for awhile and he got a new knob back on and the maintenance man manged to get the drain threaded back together so at least I can now take a bath. Unfortunately, the "stop" is no longer applicable on the faucet so I have to be very careful not to get scalded when I fill the tub. Turning it too far to "cold" will encounter "hot" water again and turning it too far to "hot" will encounter "cold" water again. It's a mess but will have to do. I will just always fill the tub before getting into it.

Then in the afternoon yesterday, I baked my cake, called Karan to see if she remembered to bake one
(she didn't...but will bake one when she got home from Joplin).   She had taken Wendy over there for her chemotherapy. Wendy's husband, John, died of his cancer while I was in Florida. What a horror they went through...and she is still going through.  It is so good of Karan to take her over to Joplin for her therapy.

I went through the mail and scanned the newspapers. I took the two hug bags of newspapers over to Marilyn's apartment and left them on the doorstep. She takes them to Parsons to be recycled.

I washed the kitchen floor and wiped up the bathroom floor. The bathroom floor just had some gritty sand like material on it. I will wash it after I get home from Independence today.

Yesterday afternoon after I dumped the dirt and spent flowers from my flowerpots,  my neighbor, Maureen, called me over for a visit. That gave me a nice break while I recuperated from the day's activities.

Last evening I got my cake iced and Bob brought his over too. Finally, Karan brought hers over. Today, I will go to Independence to deliver the cakes and have my hair done and then have lunch somewhere and pick up my prescription at Walgreen's and get back home.

What a day! More later....I'd better get dressed and fed and ready to go.  I did manage to get a good night's sleep last night...and so did Missy!

I did get everything done including getting the rest of my Christmas shopping finished and wrapped. Then after having a Big Cheese pizza, I came on back home and decorated the apartment for Christmas. 

It's not a very good photo. We can't see the top of the tree. I have a better one but it is vertical and I can't seem to turn it from the blog.

After I finished that, Bob came over and read the newspaper and watched the news. After he left, I took my bath and put my pjs on and lay on the sofa with  Missy and watched "A Christmas Carol". That is a seasonal habit with me.  I even have it on DVD. This one last night was with George Scott and not my favorite. But I still enjoyed it.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Sunday and the Trip Home

I woke up at quarter to 1:00 this morning but managed to get back to sleep until 4:00, when I got up and finished packing and had my little bowl of oatmeal and a cup of coffee. The trip was relatively uneventful and we got back to Tulsa twenty minutes early. John, my son-in-law was waiting for me and as soon as I got my large bag,  I got into his truck and we took off for Coffeyville.

We visited some on the way home.

When I got home, I noticed the apartment looked unusually clean for my ten days away from it. I figured Bob A. had done some cleaning. As I was putting away my clothes, I heard him come in. He and Phyllis F. had been to "Just Us" to eat lunch after church.

He said he had not cleaned. My neighbor Carmen had and Betty my landlady had evidently helped.  Carmen's washer had run over and run under the wall and soaked the carpet under my daybed. They had cleaned all that up as well as the bathroom. The laundry water had come up into my bathtub too and all over the floor there. She not only cleaned the bathroom mess up but pulled the daybed away from the wall in the den and found the carpet in there was wet too. So they put a fan on it and it dried in a day. Then Carmen cleaned the carpet all over my apartment. It needed it but I had not expected they would do that. But she did! How wonderful!

Bob will be back in a couple of hours to watch 60 Minutes here. He had bought some ice cream and left it here so he encouraged me to eat some of it. I did!

I also emptied Missy's litter box and washed it all out and refilled it with clean litter. I took it outside under the faucet. Then I ordered more new litter from Amazon. I am nearly out.

More later....I have not yet opened the mail. 

Bob did come to watch 60 Minutes. After he went home, I  took my bath and went to bed at 8:20. I was thoroughly exhausted!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Saturday and the Graduation Ceremony

I slept fairly well last night. I awoke at 2:30AM and went to the bathroom and then went back to bed. I was determined to sleep until at least 4:30AM so I would not wear out today when we attend the graduation ceremony.

I got up at 4:30 and made the bed and dressed and ate my oatmeal and drank a cup of coffee. I also put away the dishes in the dishwasher. Then I watched a video on my notebook about a new book that is selling well. It is "The Making of Donald Trump". I also watched Brooks and Shields on video on my notebook because they were interested in watching a movie Friday evening when PBS had the Newshour and Brooks and Shields on. That's fine, I watched them this morning on video. I can't get PBS on TV at home anymore from the antenna anyhow, so I will watch them on my desktop computer and not have to miss their analysis of the news. I have followed the two of them for years.

About 10:00 Scott plans to leave for the graduation ceremony. I hope everyone has finished their breakfast and is ready by then.

I leave tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM from Jacksonville on a Delta flight. I get into Atlanta at 9:21AM and leave for Tulsa at 10:50 AM and arrive there at 12:03PM.  Leslie is on call this weekend so John will pick me up at Tulsa. Atlanta is a huge airport so I hope I have plenty of time to make it to my departure gate.

I guess I will watch the news now with Scott.  More later...

We attended the graduation exercises and they were wonderful. Ashley did so well. Her grades so far are 4 A's and 1 B. Afterward we went to Carribbas for dinner and had a very good dinner. As usual Ginger picked up the tab. I had an opportunity to visit at length with Taresa, Scott's X-wife and their son Jerod.  We all sat together and had a fine visit.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people sitting, table and indoor

This is Ashley, my granddaughter, and her boyfriend, Jason.

This is Jerod, my grandson, and his mother Taresa at the dinner after graduation.

This is Scott, my son, and Ginger, his wife with Ashley at Carrabbos for dinner after graduation.
Afterward, Ginger drove us home and we went to bed early. Tomorrow at 8:00 my plane leaves for Tulsa, by way of Atlanta. I hope all goes well.

I went to bed before 9:00. I wanted to be up and dressed and packed at 5:00.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Friday and a Cold Rain

I really was cold last night in bed here in Florida. I finally got up and came into the living room and got a nice heavy afghan and put it over my covers and crawled back into a warmer bed. I slept well last night and got up at my usual 5:00 this morning and made my bed and got myself ready for the day. The house is still chilly of course because Scott's fire went out late last night. 

I would like to get my hair done today if we go into town for anything. I washed it myself several days ago but it has not really looked like anything since. Tomorrow is Ashley's graduation from collage and I would like it and me to look a lot better. At 82, that's not easy. I want to take several pictures and I may be in some of them.

I have had my oatmeal and coffee and no one else is up yet so I am not turning on the TV and will just work on the blog or read. I finished the murder mystery yesterday evening. But I still have several borrowed books from Amazon and the two Bill gave me for my birthday.

I am so happy Keith got my Outlook 2016 mail program fixed last night. All outgoing mail's fonts were so tiny that it had to be set at size 36 to even been seen as I typed. When I sent it off, the recipient received a huge font.  He figured it out in about 15 minutes. He said every edition of Outlook was slightly different and this one was no different from all the others.

The little notebook has served it's purpose. It has kept me in touch with everyone who matters to me in my least those whose e-mail addresses were in the notebook.  Now that Outlook is working properly I can use it as my second computer. Ginger offered me her old Apple but I really don't need it with two PCs. I'd have to learn "Apple".

The wind has blown violently the past two days and it rained all night. Luckily, Scott put the hurricane curtains down last night or everything on the covered patio would be soaked.  The wind blows the rain horizontally off that river behind them. It was pouring in on everything Wednesday before he put that center post back in so he could get the large center curtain all the way down.

What with the hurricanes and everything else, living in Florida is not all it's made out up to be.

More later....

The kids did a run before lunch. Then after they had their showers, we left for Amalia Island for my hair appointment. The woman that did it did a good job and I am satisfied. Last year the one that did it tried to cover me with curls...which is not my style at all.

We had thought about going to a movie but there was really nothing on right now.

John Alvey died yesterday. Bob A. contacted me about it. I am amazed! He had only been sick less then a month. Wendy, his wife, on the other hand, has been taking chemo for weeks..perhaps months. I don't know how she is doing through all of this. They ran the Dalton Defender's museum when I worked there briefly.

The kids and I went to a restaurant and had a really healthy lunch.

More later....

This is Scott and Ginger's pool from the living room. It was way too chilly to use it this time.

After we got home we watched a Disney movie about a cross country running team from Mcfarland, California. It was very good!

Now Scott and Ginger and Chloe, the dog, took off in the golf cart to go check the mail. It's 46 degrees and raining now.

More even later...

Ginger made up some broccoli snacks and she and Scott ate them while we watched a Christmas Story on Apple TV

At 8:30 or so, I went to bed. I was exhausted. I don't know why except that  I have been exhausted a good time of the time that I have been here...for some reason.

Tomorrow is Ashley's graduation ceremony. We will be leaving for Savanna at 10:00.


Thursday, December 7, 2017

Thursday and Ginger Comes Home!

Today, Ginger comes home from Nashville. She has been gone quite awhile visiting her daughter and helping with her daughter's new baby. Ginger's mom is there too so I imagine they have had a great time. This is Ginger's first grandchild and she is thrilled....of course.

While she was there, she rented a condo for Scott and her to live in after the first of the year when Ginger starts her new job there. They have had enough of hurricanes. They have been through two in eighteen months. Matthew last year and Irma this year. They hope the house sells right away but if it doesn't, they may move back to Florida later and Ginger may get her old job back. That's an option anyhow.

We got a taste of a gale sized wind last evening when Scott had to roll the hurricane blinds down to protect the back patio and table.  He screwed the middle brace in on them to keep the large one from breaking. That's how hard the wind blew. I mopped the floor and we left the fans on out there overnight hoping to dry the rest of the floor and the cushions. Whew!

Ginger will be coming in around noon. Her vehicle is at the airport parking. So she will be driving in by herself. In the meantime, Scott wants to go into town again and buy some groceries.  The house seems to be full of food but I imagine he knows what he wants. I need some all purpose contact cleaner in a travel sized bottle. I am getting low.

Keith may contact me this afternoon or this evening to fix the font on my notebook. First he needs to enjoy being back with his wife.

I have had my oatmeal and first cup of coffee this morning. Scott is sleeping late for some reason. It is 6:30 here and he is still asleep.That's unheard of. He usually sleeps poorly.  I got up at 5:00.

I will turn the TV on low.  Be back later....

He slept late because he was awake most of the night. He says he was planning their move.  He did face time Ginger just before she left for the airport and visited with her again after she got there.  She should be in about 12:00 and we will eat at a restaurant in Jacksonville. She says it may be almost 1:00 before she gets her luggage but she will meet us at the restaurant.

Scott got a haircut after breakfast at Carolyn's. Then we went by Walmart so I could get some contact cleaner.  He bought some Zzzquil.  Then we went by Publex and he bought some wine. After that we came home. Scott is clearing the fireplace ash so he can start a fire in it. It is chilly this morning at 53 degrees.

I read until nearly noon and then I told Scott it was nearly noon so we took off for Jacksonville to meet Ginger for lunch. We had a really good lunch! I had a chicken salad.

When we got home I continued my book. It's nearly finished.

More later... I finished the book. It was a cliff hanger!

Later in the evening, we watched an old chick flick...When "Harry Met Sally"! As usual, it was hilarious!

It's just 7:50 now and I don't want to go to bed until 9:00 or I'll be up in the middle of the night.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Wednesday and A Good Night's Sleep

I slept pretty well last night after such a harrowing day. Getting Bill's two books finally downloaded on my Kindle was a good accomplishment but made for a thoroughly exhausting afternoon. I was determined that he was not going to pay for a gift I could not receive. It took a specialist, two reboots of the Kindle, one of them a factory reboot, to finally get them downloaded. I still think a big part of the problem was Amazon's two step security and perhaps Scott's different internet router.

I don't know what I will do today...mostly I watch the news as it unfolds. I have had a time with Scott's TV though. Sometimes I have a problem getting the sound to come on. I will try it again now. ......It worked fine this morning. I watch CNN for the very latest news and then turn to CBS for variety. CNN goes over and over the same thing...all day long. Today, Trump is going to declare Jerusalem the capitol of Israel and move our embassy there. That is going to ignite a lot of violence, not only in Jerusalem but everywhere.  And it will sabotage the peace process.

The only problem with my visit is that I spend a lot of time alone...with the animals, of course. I let them out from time to time... to do their business.  Scott usually comes home about 3:00 after he works out and/or runs.

Then we work on these dinners. Some of them are bears. They sometimes use terminology with which I am not familiar. .....such as zesting a lemon...I have no idea what that means. We had two meals this week that called for that.  Another problem is that Ginger has no blender and nearly every recipe calls for blending some ingredients. These are all vegetable meat at all. They are attempting to eat healthy and low calorie. Meat, of course, has the bulk of the calories in a meal.

I am hoping Keith will contact me sometime today to fix the font on my Outlook 2016 program. It may be this evening after work and before Esther gets home from work. He has about an hour and a half at that time. 

More later...

Leslie called me and tried to fix that font but didn't have any more luck then I had. I did tell her I would try to take some photos of the house and the changes they had made since she and John were here last year. I will try to put them here.

This some of the ground cover they planted along the edge of their cliff. I hope it shows up better then it looks here.

Here is some more of it along the side of the pool.
These are the trees they planted along the west side to try to hide the huge house being built next door. They will grow taller to fide more in time.

This shows how close the large house next door is to their property. It also shows the new palm trees and plantings

This shows the new plantings next to their garage.

This shows the house from the street with Chloe snooping around. It also shows a view of the larger house next door. backed up right against their home. They are still working on that house. No telling when it will be finished.

Here is Scott..checking his phone while on our shopping trip last week in Jacksonville.

This is that house right next door.....going up. Notice the additional garages on the left with apartment above it. They are in the painting stage at that house now.

This is the kids' house from the street.

I may add more later...

Scott came in about 2:00 and I fixed another of those veggie meals. It was called Shakshuka and was mostly veggies. Freekah, onion, red pepper,  garlic, red kale, cumin, paprika, fire roasted tomatoes, cilantro leaves, and silken tofu. It was just fine but a lot of food. Scott ate all of his and some leftovers from day before yesterday too.

Here's a better photo that Scott sent to me.

This is the back of Scott and Ginger's home.

This is a photo of the front of Scott and Ginger's home that Scott took.

This the the back of their home lighted up at night.

And this is the front lighted up at night.

More later....

A gale of a wind came up this evening as we were watching a movie and water was blowing everywhere. Scott put the hurricane blinds down to keep everything from blowing away. We took a lot of old towels out and wiped everything off. I mopped the floor and we both wiped off the furniture.

He screwed the middle brace for the large hurricane blind back in so the middle large blind would be stronger.  Then we put the dog's blanket in the dryer to get it dry.

Keith called. He was in Denver waiting for his plane to arrive and to take off for Phoenix. We will try to get together to work on my mail program tomorrow sometime after he has had some time to spend  with Esther. He has been gone over a week and sounded exhausted!

I am going to take my bath now and get ready for bed..

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Tuesday and Another Quiet Day

I slept fairly well last night and so did Scott...evidently. He did not leave for work until 5:00 AM That is unusual for him. He usually wakes up at 2:30 and dresses and goes on in to work. He has a terrible time sleeping too.

I have dressed and had my oatmeal for breakfast and a cup of coffee. I finally figured out how to turn my phone back on. I had to reboot it. It appears to work fine now.

Today is Tuesday and Ginger's birthday. I hope Scott remembers to call her and wish her a Happy Birthday! He has a lot on his mind....with the phone interview and all.

I am anxious to get back home on Sunday and see those puppies of John and Leslie's I love puppies almost as much as I love newborn babies.

 Image may contain: dog

This Saturday is Ashley's graduation. We will drive to Georgia for that. Then Sunday Scott will take me to Jacksonville to catch my flight home.

More later....

I spent most of the day working with Amazon trying to get them to download the books that Bill H. sent to me for my birthday. They had me reboot the Kindle and finally had a factory reboot too.  That fixed the download after trying all afternoon. The factory download wiped out the log on and I took most of three hours working with their tech and finally got the Kindle working again.

Now hopefully tomorrow sometime, my son, Keith, will contact me and fix the font on my notebook Outlook 2016 program. Right now, it is so tiny that I can't read it when I am composing it. I have to raise the font size to at least 36 and then those who receive my e-mails find that size font way too large.

We decided to go to the pizza place for lunch. It was the middle of the afternoon by then. When we got home we watched an old movie, "On Golden Pond".  We have frozen it now and Scott is on the phone with a recruiter.

More later...

After Scott got off the phone, we watched the rest of "On Golden Pond", one of the better movies  in my experience....rare these days not  to have unlimited violence in a movie. Much as I love movies, there are just way too many full of violence and unbridled sex that leaves nothing to the imagination, these days. I see about one movie a year for that reason. As a family, we used to go at least twice a month. I believe these types of movies with all that violence, just promote violence in our society. After nearly 17 years of war and so much violence in our society, I can believe nothing else.

I took my bath after the movie and went to bed at 8:30...totally exhausted!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Monday and Another Busy Day.

I slept really well again last night. I woke up once, went to the bathroom, and got right back to sleep. That's a very comfortable bed.

I woke up shortly before 6:00 and took a shower and washed my hair. It was beginning to drive me nuts. It had begun to get stringy looking. It had been six days since Kathy did it before I left.

Anyhow, I've fed both animals and watered them. I am watching the news right now.  CNN just does the same news..over and over again. Now I am watching the CBS news. At least I can get some local news from Jacksonville there. I've had a cup of coffee and a cup of Chai too. I am out of Chai now.

I guess I will read this morning. There isn't a lot to do except that and watch TV. It's very foggy out this morning.

More later....

I puttered around all day and even washed my hair and then sat out front on the porch in the sunshine and read. Then it got cloudy again and I came back inside and watched the news and some TV.

Scott came home about 3:00 and we had leftovers for dinner. I had the soup and he ate my leftover Mexican food from last week when they served me twice as much as I could eat. I had just put half of the food I hadn't touched in a styrofoam container and brought it home.  So he ate that and some cheese and crackers.

The building inspector had come and he gave their hurricane blinds the o.k. He signed off on the inspection.

Later that evening we watched a movie. Two different people called him about a job. He has a phone interview this morning with one of them at 7:30.

Leslie contacted me with photos of Mini;s puppies. She had to have them delivered by c section again. She had nine. Five males and four females. That was exciting news.

We both went to bed at 9:00.  I had run down the battery on my phone so I plugged it in in hopes of figuring out how to get it back on in the morning.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Sunday and Breakfast Out

I slept until 5:30 this morning...and I slept well.

I am up and around now and dressed and have fed both Chloe and the cat, Eddy. I will wait to see how late Scott sleeps this morning. Hopefully he got a good night's sleep. He is like me. He does not sleep well much of the time.

We plan on going out for breakfast this morning so I will not eat my oatmeal. Scott wants to run this morning so we may eat a little later. I won't starve. I imagine I could go a week on what I have extra on my body.

Scott is up now and is going to run now. Afterward he will take a shower before we go to breakfast.

More later...

My friend, Bill Henson sent me a book for my Kindle for my birthday but I never received it. I think he had the wrong Kindle address for the gift two times. He has tried twice and I have not received it yet. I don't have his e-mail address on this notebook so I can't tell him. Maybe someone from church who reads this blog will contact him about it.

Scott and I drove over to Steffins for breakfast and had a very good breakfast.  Then I read all morning. Scott watched Saturday Night Live, which he had recorded. About 1:30 we started putting together lunch. It was finished  by 2:30 and we ate.  It was kind of labor intensive but good. I couldn't eat all of mine so I put it in a container for later.

My neighbor, Marilyn, texted me that she was really glad to get home. I am happy to have her back. I told her I would be home on the 10th.

More later...Scott is looking for a movie to watch.

We watched two movies this evening. One was "Bridge of Spies". Leslie and I wanted to see that  movie while we were in Springfield for Mission Center Conference a couple of years ago. However, the next viewing was to be at 10:00. Neither of us wanted to see a movie that late. So, Scott bought it last night and we watched it. Then we watched another great movie...Concussion. That was excellent too.

I went to bed right after it finished. Scott went to bed before it was finished. He was exhausted.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Saturday and My Birthday

I slept well again last night.

I got up about 4:30 and got myself dressed and ready for the day. I had my oatmeal for breakfast and fed the animals and after that, I watched the movie about the McDonald's restaurant.

I don't know what the day will bring. Scott went out awhile ago and ran. He's back now and has talked to Ginger on the phone.

More later....

For my birthday, we went into Jacksonville and  shopped...rather, Scott shopped. He also bought us some gourmet coffee at a coffee shop.

We walked around several blocks and enjoyed the beautiful day. 

We got back to the house and had chili for dinner later in the afternoon.  Then at 8:00, we watched the Ohio State/Wisconsin football game. Ohio State just scraped by and won. We stayed up until after midnight to see the end. 

Friday, December 1, 2017

Friday and House Cleaning Day

I slept really well last night again. Scott must have awaken early and had his coffee and gone on to work so he can get off early. I checked and his car was gone. I dressed and got myself ready for the day. 

I have had my oatmeal and coffee and am now brewing my Chai. I have let Eddy, the cat, and Chloe, the dog, out to do their things. They are both very nice well behaved animals.  Chloe is lying here nearby watching me type on the computer.

The cleaning lady will be here today. She comes from St. Simons island. She is well paid for her trip. Ginger has had her for years. When she moved here from St. Simons island, she convinced the cleaning lady to come all this way to clean for her.

Tomorrow is my 82nd birthday. 

I will read my book after I watch the news on TV. It's almost 6:00 now.

More later......

I read while the sun shined out on the porch. The cleaning ladies (the regular and her niece) cleaned while I was outside.

They did a great job with the cleaning. The house shines!

Then Scott came home about 11:30 and he took me to a great Mexican restaurant for lunch. We both brought some home. They always serve more then anyone can eat.

More later...

We watched movies all afternoon and evening. We also had a bowl of ice cream and polished that off.

We both went to bed at 9:00. Exhausted.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Thursday at Yulee

I slept like a log last night. It was the best night's sleep I've had in weeks. Of course I was exhausted and that usually helps. And it was a great bed too.

The flight went well and that was a great help.

I got up at my usual 5:00 AM and Scott was up and ready to leave for work. He lined me out on what I could do all day until he got home from work. The animals are here...Eddy and I forget the dog's name right now. It will come to me later.

I hooked up one of my old mice to this notebook and that navigates better. The letters on the keys are not bright so I have to have good light on the keyboard.

I will putter today...put away the dishes in the dishwasher and make my bed, dress, and get myself ready for the day.They buy those pre-planned meals and Scott wants me to try to get dinner together this afternoon. He will be here after 2:00 or 2:30 since he went in at 5:30.

I have read the Chronicle and forwarded it on to everyone except Marilyn. I forgot to enter her e-mail address into the address book.

More later....I'd better get dressed and put away the dishes in the dishwasher. I have chores to do....even here..

O.k. I have myself ready for the day and found something for breakfast. I have put away the dishes and fed Eddy. I even let Chloe out to pee. Then she expects a treat for doing that.

More even later....

I let Chloe out again and she defecated. She had a time with that...trying over and over again and finally succeeded. Maybe they don't let her out often enough and she gets constipated. Anyhow, she's a very nice dog.

 I got the television on and saw the news and now the weather.

I have been looking over these meals they get every week. They are more involved then Scott led me to believe especially since I don't know where everything is in this kitchen. I am looking at the Dosa Lettuce Wraps now with spiced chickpeas and Mango Chutney. I am a plain cook and this exotic stuff seems difficult to me. For one thing, I don't know that I have ever had chickpeas or even what "chutney" is. :)

I do know how to do "red bliss potatoes" so I may struggle through this recipe.

More even later...

Scott came home early once his boss learned I was here.

He wanted to get some soup for his lunch and I wanted some oatmeal. So, the first thing we did was into town to the market.  His market sell homemade soup. He ended up buying $61.00 worth of groceries.

We worked together to make that supper. It is one of those meals they send all the ingredients and instructions on how to put it together and you make it up....interesting! They pay $73. a week for three meals. It's all vegetarian and very healthy.

He took a shower and I took a bath and we watched a series on the way the United States was built....very interesting. He just went to bed at 7:30. I will stay up and read for awhile. If I went to bed now, I would be up st 2:00 AM.

So more tomorrow.....goodnight!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Wednesday and My Flight

I slept until 1:30 and then woke up and could not get back to sleep. I finally just got up at 2:30 and got ready for the day, fed Missy and myself and finished packing.  I will probably be exhausted by evening. For some reason I am extremely apprehensive about my flight.  It's probably because I have an e-ticket and I have never had one before. I don't know whether they will accept that at the airport.

I did finish packing. I put the new notebook computer in my large bag inside the computer bag. I hope the airport doesn't lose my big bag with nearly everything I am taking. ...including that new notebook computer. And I hope it doesn't get broken while  traveling in that bag. I always remember when the airline lost Jerod's bag with all his Coast Guard uniforms in it.

I laid down with Missy and caught a short nap after I finished my last minute packing. It's 8:05 now and John, my son in law will be picking me up at 9:00 for the trip to Tulsa. 

More later...after I arrive in Yulee.

Everything went smoothly. Thank goodness!!

I got in about 6:20 and found my luggage just fine. We ate lunch at a steak house and I had a large chicken salad with everything in it.  We had a great visit too. I have everything hung up and put away and the notebook made the trip in my suitcase just fine. I brought a mouse and that makes it easier to navigate.. I sent the Chronicle on to everyone except Marilyn Rutledge and I forgot to put her address in the address book.

I am exhausted and want to take a bath and go to bed.

So more tomorrow after Scott goes to work.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Tuesday and Hair Day

I slept pretty well last night. I did wake up once but got right back to sleep in awhile and slept until 5:30 or so.

I got up and fed myself and Missy. I checked the bank again and Blue Cross/Blue Shield had been taken out for the month. Next month it will be even higher. 

I have the news on now. I took the new notebook into the den to put some e-mail addresses from the desktop into it's address book.   I will be leaving at 8:15 to pick up Bob to take him with me to Independence. I will drop him off at his sister Betty's home and go on to my hair appointment. After that is finished, I will go to Juanita's to balance her checkbook and then pick up Bob and go go deliver the cakes at the First Christian Church and then go to eat lunch at Big Cheese. He has a dental appointment at 2:00 so we will come on back home. It'[s busy day. This afternoon I will pack for tomorrow's flight.

I need to go load the cakes into the trunk of my car now. So...more later... 

I took Bob to his sister's first and then went to deliver the cakes and last of all went to get my hair cut and done. I will get it finished when I get home. I get home on the 10th of December and my appointment is the 12th of December.  

I have cleaned the floors and vacuumed everything but the living room. Missy hates the vacuum and she is in there on the sofa trying to sleep. When she is out of there, I will vacuum the living room.

I have packed nearly everything. I will finish in the morning when I have my makeup in there, my shampoo, hair dryer and curling iron, my glasses, my pjs, and my meds. Also need to put the charger for my notebook and the notebook too, my cell phone charger and  Kindle and it's charger, contact cleaner, toothbrush, toothpaste and floss. I will wear the hearing aid, contacts and jacket. So, as you see, I am not quite done until morning. 

But more later...

Bob lost a filling last night...or broke a tooth. He is going to the dentist at 2:00 to see what needs to be done. He will check back with me afterward. 

So more even later...

I got the apartment mopped and vacuumed.  The laundry is being done too. It's in the dryer. 

So, more even's 2:27 now.

Bob needs a lot of maintenance work done. We discussed the options. He still has to make a decision.

In the meantime, we went out to church and printed off next Sunday's bulletin.

When we got that finished, he came on in to watch the news. I gave him the rest of the Waldorf salad to eat.

After we watched the news, he left. Then I took my bath and put my pjs on and watched TV until 9:00. Then Missy and I went on to bed. I will need to finish packing in the morning with the last minute things.

Monday, November 27, 2017

A Disturbing Night

answer it.I was sleeping well again until Missy came in and gave that tiny" Mew" that she does when there's a problem. Sure enough, she had wet on the bathmat under her litter box again. Now both mats are wet. In the morning, I will put them both in the washer and do what little laundry I have to do with them.
Bob will have to contend with that when he comes over to feed her and empty the "stuff" out of the litter box while I am gone. In the meanwhile, I was never able to get back to sleep for thinking about whether the new notebook was going to work for my banking. Sure enough, I got up and came in and rebooted it and signed on to it. But I could not access the bank but it was because it was temporarily "unavailable" so I will try again in the morning. I need to be able to pay my bills online while I am in Florida. I leave Wednesday. John is going to come to take me to the airport. I have left a check for Bob to take to the drive through on the first of December.

I hope to get some more sleep but I imagine the sleep is all gone now.

More the morning. It's 3:00 AM now. I will go back to bed and try to get some sleep.

How about that! I got back to sleep and slept until 6:00. Now I will get dressed and feed myself and Missy.

Well, our breakfasts are over and we even made a small trip outside. It's too cold for Missy though. And David's son pulled in across the street and she doesn't like anything strange going on while she's out there. So...we came back in. It's 46 degrees out there right now.

I tried the bank again with my new notebook and it went right in fine. So..I feel a lot better about taking it with me.

Missy wanted up on the daybed while I am doing my blog so she is watching me at should height....and taking her morning bath.

I have the bathmats...both of the dryer right now.  They won't stay clean. Missy has just begun wetting on them on a regular basis anymore. It's her age, I'm sure. She's never done that before but she is going to be 15 years old in March.

I will go on to exercise class this morning. I missed both Wednesday and Friday last week. I have to be home between 1:00 and 3:00 this afternoon for the Fed X pickup of the Cox DVR.

More later...

It's 3:25 and I finally just called Fed X. They say the pickup will be tomorrow instead of today. I will be in Independence until 12:00 tomorrow. After I get my hair done and cut I will go over to Juanita's and balance her checkbook.  Then pick up Bob at Betty's and we will go eat at Big Cheese. I will leave the package out where they can find it. They say I don't need to be home to get it picked up. Maybe I will be home before they come. Bob has a dental appointment at 2:00 so we need to be back by then.

I will pack tomorrow afternoon for my trip. John will take me to Tulsa to catch my plane. He will pick me up at 9:00 in the morning on Wednesday.  The plane doesn't leave until 12:30 but I am supposed to be there two hours early. It's 72 miles to Tulsa.

I still don't have Phyllis' cake. I have called three times to tell her that I am now home...always was. I just can't always get my phone to answer. I have been over to US Cellular once already about how difficult it is to get the phone so I can answer it.

I finally got Phyllis's cake. She had been out of town all day but she brought it right over when I called.

Bob came over shortly after 5:00 to watch the Tulsa news and the CBS news. When he left, I took my bath and put my PJs on and laid on the sofa with Missy and watched a movie. At 9:00 Missy and I both went to bed.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Sunday and Church

I slept well again last night on that daybed trundle.

I got up close to 5:00 which is my usual time. I dressed, put away the bed and got myself ready for church before feeding Missy and myself. Then I went out to get the newspaper and put Russell's on their mailbox near their front door. I worked the crossword puzzle after feeding myself and Missy.

I talked to Betty, my landlady, last evening. Curtis never did come back to fix the antenna and wouldn't even answer his phone so she fired him. She says she needs someone for maintenance that she can depend on. She also said she was not going to pay him since he just laid that antenna over two old telephone wire and a cable wire. I am getting three channels on TV and also my Amazon selection. I can live with that since most TV is so terrible. She is to send her grandson over this afternoon after 1:00 to mount that antenna on the pole Keith bought and attach it with the bracket he bought to either a ceiling rafter or a floor stud...whichever works best.  That will enable the antenna to turn and I may be able to receive more channels.

I am presiding at church this morning. Bill is the speaker. After church Phyllis and Bob and I will probably go to "Just Us" for lunch. Then I will come home and do my newsletters and wait for Betty's grandson.

More later...

After church seven of us went to "Just Us" for lunch at Cherryvale. I got home just in time to see Betty and her grandson waiting for me to come in. We ran into road construction south of the Independence turnoff to go to 160 and that held us up for awhile while they allowed only one lane of traffic by at a time.. 

Betty and her grandson worked all afternoon to get that antenna mounted on a pole and hanging from the rafters. We ran it several times but could not pick up any more channels then we originally had. So I am satisfied that I am saving almost $60 a month now that I have eliminated the cable. I have all that Amazon offers their Prime customers for entertainment as well. It is picked up with my router.

Anyhow, I finally got my church newsletters finished and sent later in the day. Then I went out with the blower and blew off the leaves that were all over both carports. I know they will be back as soon as the wind blows again but at least temporarily it has been cleaned off.   I was visiting with Wayne when Bob came to watch the CBS news.

Bob  stayed until after the CBS news and then left after 60 Minutes.

After he left, I took  my bath and Missy and I lay on the sofa and watched TV for awhile before going to bed at 9:00.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Saturday and the Kids Leave

I slept well again last night. I may just sleep on the daybed trundle from now on. Only small children have ever slept on it and that mattress is like new.

I got up about 4:30 and have cleaned out the litter box and dressed but still have to make up my face before I begin the day. We will meet Bob at Eggberts at 6:45 for breakfast. The kids have to leave at 7:30 for Wichita. We hope we can get our food and eat before 7:30.

I want to stay home today and see if Curtis comes to fix the antenna. I will contact Betty again if he doesn't come and mount it correctly. It's after 5:00 AM now. I'd better get myself ready and get back to this later in the day.

More later...

I got dressed and after 6:15 I woke the kids. We needed to meet Bob from breakfast at 6:45 and they just had thirty minutes to get dressed and get their luggage in their rental car.

We met Bob for breakfast at Eggberts and the kids bought all our breakfasts. They left shortly after 7:30. It was so good to see them and spend time with them again. It had been two years.

Betty said she thought Curtis was coming yesterday to fix the antenna. She asked me when I was leaving and I told her on Wednesday. I told her Keith had climbed that ladder we borrowed from Kenny and saw that the antenna was still hanging on those wires and was not attached to anything. She said surely he would come today and fix that. I hope she's right but I'll believe it when I see it.  I will stay home.

More even later...

Curtis never came. He didn't answer his phone either. He may be out of minutes and has no phone.

I warmed up the spaghetti for Bob and myself and took what was left to Karan. She was happy to get it. She said she hadn't had spaghetti for a long time. She was going to have it for supper.

It's 4:25 now and I probably need to go to the market and get sugar sometime.  I have the sugar bowl full so that will probably hold me for a day or two if I don't bake anything more.

More even later...

After Bob went home I took my bath and got ready for bed. Then I logged onto Amazon and watched a chick flick. Missy and I went to bed after 9:00. 

Friday, November 24, 2017

Friday After Thanksgiving

I slept really well again last night. Keith spent the morning working with  the new notebook getting everything set up on it, After he finished his part and both Esther and he had their breakfasts, they took off to go through the Country Antique Mall. She loves to look around places like that.

I wanted to work on getting all my sites on the Firefox browser. I am nearly finished now and need to go over the Braum's to get bread and garlic toast for sandwiches for lunch.and the spaghetti for their supper. I could never figure out how to mark the kids' face book pages though. When Keith gets back, I will check with him on that.

More later...

Keith and Esther stopped at Braums and bought bread, garlic toast and eggs. I intended to have the ham and turkey sandwiches at noon for lunch.   They also got chips.

We spent the day trying to watch some TV to see what all we could get. Finally, Keith borrowed a ladder and climbed up to the attic with a flashlight. Curtis had simply laid the antenna across  two wires up was an antenna wire and the other was an old telephone pole and no brackets. So when I tried to rotate it to get more stations it had half fallen off the wires and then the  picture was tearing. I texted Betty to tell her about it and she will contact Curtis to get him back out here to mount it on a pole from the rafters in the attic so it can be turned.

Curtis never showed up at all. Keith went out to our Walmart to try to find a pole and bracket to try to mount it from a rafter. They didn't have anything there. He went to Ace Hardware and got a piece of a pole and a bracket and a saw to shorten it but we decided to just let Curtis take care of it and I will  see if I can get Kenny from next door to climb up there and check it out after he does that. Gross Incompetence!!

That took up the afternoon and then Keith had to try to update his next trip to the embassy at Uzbekistan...somewhere near Russia. He leaves on Tuesday for a week.  He learned then that because he has to go through Turkey, he has to have a visa so he spent the afternoon trying to get his itinerary changed until he can get a visa before he leaves. Now he will leave on Tuesday on that trip.

The kids decided to take me out for supper. I generally don't eat supper but I decided that they did so I had better go with them to the Kansas Buffet. They also had me call Bob and invite him to go. We had a great meal there.

We came home and watched a Christmas movie with John Denver before we went to bed. Missy and I went to bed at 9:30 after I had my bath. It was a huge day!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thursday and Thanksgiving Day

I slept like a log last night...the best sleep I've had in weeks. Of course, I went to bed at 10:00 and that probably helped. But just having one more thing off my mind also helped.

I got up about 4:00 AM and went to the bathroom and noticed that my smart phone had updated during the night. So I laid in bed and installed that. Finally, about 5:00, I got up.

Esther is going to fix me a cheat sheet for the Tivo and the TV so after they are gone I will be able to navigate the TV.

After awhile, I will fix my corn casserole. We need to go out to John and Leslie's sometime before noon for Thanksgiving dinner. We will want to visit with them too while Keith and Esther are here.

Keith may want to go out to the superstore up in Independence for the laptop he wants to buy me to replace that Dell that was damaged in shipment when he sent it back. What a Christmas time! Scott and Ginger are giving me that trip to Florida on November 29th to take in Ashley's graduation from college. John and Leslie gave me the new smart phone. I've had quite a month.  My kids are so good to me. Leslie pays for my cell phone service too and always has.

Now the only thing I have to be concerned about is the trip to Florida and how smoothly that goes.

More later....

Leslie's dinner was wonderful and my corn casserole and the Waldorf salad was very good too.  Leslie had two pies that she baked from a recipe from the Better Homes and Gardens magazine. They were scrumptious!  She had baked some new potatoes and rolls and we used some of Gay's pear jelly. Everything was delicious. After dinner we cleaned up and Leslie and I watched a football game while John took the others out to see the Llama, Shaggy.

 My kids have an Alexa and they use her for all kinds of questions. When we were out to John and Leslie's home, we all asked questions of Alexa. John has great fun playing with it. Children and their toys! Leslie gave it to John for his birthday in September.

Finally they all came back from the field and we all went out to Walmart and Keith bought me a little notebook that I can take to Florida with me. He also bought a two year warranty for it besides the one year warranty it already has from Microsoft. He is configuring it now. They are watching old Star Trek shows on the TV.  I am very tired and soon will go to bed. I am trying to stay up until 9:00. And it is 8:23 now.

Missy is ready to go to bed too.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Wednesday and My Kids Coming

I posted yesterday but it didn't post for some reason. So I will just skip Tuesday and get on with Wednesday.

I slept on the daybed last night. I wanted Missy to get used to it since I will be sleeping on it while the kids are here. They will be coming in this afternoon.  Also Curtis is supposed to come this afternoon to set up the antenna for the TV. I hope it works so I can cancel the cable. It has become way too expensive.

I will get around this morning and fix my Waldorf salad.  I will do the corn casserole in the morning. I have just got up. I slept poorly but did at least sleep without Zzzquil. I did have to take an antihistamine. My sinus' were draining most of the night and clogging me up. Finally I got into a good sleep and slept until almost 6:00 AM.

I'd better get around and feed Missy. She is patiently waiting for her breakfast.

Back again ..

I have fed Missy and myself and am drinking my coffee now and trying to get caught up on the blog.

In a little bit, I will go start my salad for tomorrow. Then I want to strip the bed and do the laundry and remake it.  I also need to run the vacuum a little. Tomorrow is my regular cleaning day but tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day and I just want to enjoy the family. I can finish my cleaning after Keith and Esther leave on Saturday.

Missy is lying here behind me on the daybed. In her old age, she has become rather clingy. I worry about how long I will have her. She will be 15 in March.

More later...I'd better get on that salad.

Well , I got the salad done and made way too much of it so Bob and I had some of it with our spaghetti at lunch.  I still have way too much. But at least all I will have to make in the morning is  the corn casserole.  Esther wants to have some fancy pecan candy. She needs the oven for that.  They will be here about 3:00 this afternoon....I hope. Maybe Curtis will be here then getting the antenna installed. It will be interesting to see if I can get any channels with an antenna. Betty can get her money back if it doesn't work.  Keith is bringing a Tevo too.  It evidently records programs and also serves as a box to receive programming if I have to stay with Cox. I can give up their box that serves as my receiving box. They charge me a monthly fee for using it.

I got the apartment vacuumed and also did a load of clothes...mostly their sheets.  They are all in the dryer. I'd better check them out. They may be dry by now.

More later...

Curtis, Betty's maintenance man, came and installed the antenna in the afternoon. It only found three Channel 6 CBS stations and four religious stations. I was going to be very unsatisfied with that. Then Keith and Esther came and brought their old Tivo from their bedroom TV and installed it onto the antenna too. Then it scanned the  stations and picked up 13 stations and when I told Keith I had Amazon Prime, he used the signal from my router and was able to download all the movies and TV shows it could find from Amazon Prime. I have almost unlimited entertainment now. And besides that, the Tivo fit perfectly into the one empty space I had in my TV cabinet. So I want to keep the antenna from my landlady, Betty, because it gives me free TV and the Tivo Keith and Esther brought me gives me almost unlimited entertainment from Amazon Prime.

Esther and Keith and I had a great visit. Esther went to bed a little earlier at 9:00 or so because she reads her scriptures morning and evening and that left Keith and I to visit another hour. After he went to bed, I took my bath and Missy and I went to bed at 10:00.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Monday and Exercise Class and Lunch Out With the Girls

I slept well last night with the help of Zzzquil. I simply cannot sleep without help. My mind will not turn off.

Keith and Esther will be here Wednesday afternoon sometime. I am so excited! It has been nearly two years since I've seen them. They were back for my 80th birthday. 

Bob and I will go to exercise class this morning and then at 11:30 I will meet the girls at Eggberts for lunch. Our friend, Joyce, who has been away working disasters for FEMA has finally returned home. She wants to meet her woman friends for lunch today. This afternoon from 3:00 until 6:00 I will work as an escort for the Red Cross. It will be a busy day.

The TV antenna is supposed to be in today. I don't know when Betty will have Curtis install it. I wish it wasn't right at the holiday. Keith and Esther will be coming Wednesday afternoon. I have a lot to do to prepare for that. I want to change my bed and wash my sheets so the kids will sleep in a clean bed. I do that weekly anyhow but just did it last week on Thursday.

I had to go to Braum's for milk this morning before I could eat my oatmeal. I had used all the milk on the green bean casserole I made for yesterday's dinner at church.

Scott called this morning and we had a good visit.

More later...

I got my breakfast over with and Bob came by to pick me up for exercises. After he brought me home, I went to Country Mart to buy some frozen shoestring potatoes. We will have hamburgers and french fries Wednesday noon. Tomorrow we will eat in Independence at Great China.

In about 30 minutes I will meet the girls for lunch. Joyce is finally back in town and she wants to catch us all up on her last couple of months. She has been out for FEMA doing disasters. She has both her houses for sale and I wonder where she intends to live when she is in town if they both sell. Maybe she will tell us about that too.

Bob told me he had acquired a virus on his computer this morning. He hopes Keith can log on to his computer this evening using Team Viewer and help him get rid of it. He tried out Internet Explorer and picked it up then. That browser is so vulnerable. I stay with Mozella Firefox.

More later...I'd better get ready for lunch.

Karan had the waitress take this photo at lunch. We really enjoyed hearing Joyce's stories about her FEMA experience.

Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor

That's me on the far left. Karan is s between me and Judy, then Marilyn  and Joyce's sister Donna, and on the far right, Joyce. We had a good lunch and enjoyed Joyce's stories.

I need to start toward the First Baptist Church to the Bloodmobile.  I will work 3:00 until 6:00 as an escort.

More later...

I didn't get home from the First Baptist Church until well after 6:00. They had about 8 people come right at the last minute to give blood.

Then I had a text from Bob. He had not heard from Keith and was concerned that he had a virus on his computer and his AVG did not find it. I called Keith and he and Esther are doing some errands this evening.  They will not be home until 9:00 their time.... 10:00 our time.  I asked Bob to run AVG again to see if it might catch the virus. AVG may need some updating. He may not have stayed up on his updates.

More later...

It turned out to be a scam from someone pretending to be microsoft.  Keith took care of it and Bob's computer is fine. 

He came over later to watch the news. After he left, I took my bath and watched TV with Missy on the sofa. Then I fell asleep there. I used the daybed in the den for my bed since I intend to wash the sheets in my bed so the kids can sleep there. Missy and I went to bed at 9:00.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sunday and Church and a Basket Dinner.

It was one of those nights again. I awoke at 2:00 and I could see I was not going to get back to sleep. So I took a Zeequil dose and overslept until 6:00. Then I really had to fly to get everything done. I got it all done but just barely. I made my coffeecake up and the green bean casserole and then finally the meatloaf. The green bean casserole and the coffeecake baked in the oven at the same time and the meatloaf was done in the microwave. I even got it iced. But it's time to load up the trunk with all of it now. I will pick up Bob and then we will go get Phyllis.  I will get back to this after church.

More later....

The service was very good and the dinner afterward was too. Only seven stayed for the dinner but those of us who stayed had a good visit and a fine meal. I brought home some of the green bean casserole and some of the  meatloaf. I sent them home with Bob since I will be having lunch tomorrow with the women from the Living the Questions group.

I came home without my minutes book. I will pick it up on my way to Tuesday's hair appointment and do the minutes that afternoon. I got my newsletters out to two who were not there. We had a nice size group there for Vivian's service.

I will need to get the bulletin done for Bill's service next week and also preside for him.

I will do that sometime tomorrow before I work at the Red Cross 3:00PM  until 6:00PM or Tuesday afternoon. I don't want to wait until Keith and Esther are here on Wednesday.  I want to clean the apartment and wash the sheets on my bed Tuesday and then sleep that night on the daybed trundle Tuesday night to keep the bed clean for them. They should be here about 3:00 in the afternoon on Wednesday. 

I don't know what there is on tonight's TV...probably nothing.  But I will lay down with Missy anyhow and just watch the weather channel if nothing else. I have had my bath and have my PJs on.
so Missy and I will go to bed at 9:00. It's only 8:00 now.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Saturday and Breakfast Out

I slept much better last night. I got up before midnight to go to the bathroom and take my thyroid med but got right back to sleep and slept until almost 4:00. I feel much more rested. It may have been that I ate that Utopiachino last evening. I think I will get some yogurt at Brahms today and see if eating something in the evening makes any difference in my sleep.

I will pick up Bob at 6:50 and we will have breakfast at Eggberts. I will not cook today. He has a group of his high school class that are meeting in Bartlesville for lunch today.  I will eat something light here at home later in the afternoon...maybe some cereal. I will need to go to the market this morning to get the ingredients for my green bean casserole for Sunday's dinner after church and I may as well get the ingredients for that Waldorf salad and the corn casserole for Thanksgiving too.  Then I will have some yogurt for a light supper before bedtime.

Maybe I will continue my new book on the kindle later today. Wednesday, I want to change my bed and do some light cleaning before the kids come. Missy and I will move onto the daybed trundle while they are here. It is very comfortable and she will not need something to jump onto to get on the bed. I will leave it low to the floor instead of raising it up.

More later... 

I went to the Walmart store here and spent some money. I got the things I will need for that Waldorf salad and corn casserole and even for my green bean casserole for church tomorrow. I will take a meatloaf tomorrow too. Then I stopped by Braum's and bought yogurt. I needed to get some breakfast stuff for Keith and Esther's breakfasts. When I got home, I warmed up my half sandwich from that I had saved from Thursday's lunch in Dink's at Bartlesville in the microwave and ate that. Missy begged me for a little and I gave her some. She really seemed to like it. I wasn't sure about barbecue.  But so far, so good!

I will go out to church now to leave those office supplies Rick gave us. I don't really have room for them in my car now. I will be picking up Phyllis F. and Bob A. in the morning.

Rick and Carmen have gone back to Alabama to have Thanksgiving with their boys and won't be at church tomorrow.  

So,.more later...

I read some of the afternoon and went to Walmart to buy my groceries too. I spent over $46.00 there. I stopped at Braum's and got my yogurt. Then I came home and organized my cookbooks so they would be handier to use. 

I lay down with Missy for awhile too. Then Bob came over and watched TV. he had been with his classmates some of the afternoon and appeared to be tired and left a little early. After he left, I took my bath and laid down with Missy and watched the weather channel until 9:00 when Missy and I went on to bed.  

Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday and Utopia and Cinnamon Roll Day

It was another night of little sleep. I awoke at 2:30, dozed off and on until 3:45 and finally just got up. It is almost 4:00 AM  now.  I began to think about the TV antenna Betty, my landlady, is planning to have installed for each of us in the fourplex. I don't know when she plans to have Curtis do that. She wanted me to be the test apartment. However,  I leave on November 29th for Florida and Ashley's college graduation.  Keith and Esther will be here on Wednesday the 22nd for Thanksgiving. They will be leaving on Saturday 25th for Wichita to catch their plane home.  So, Wednesday, the 29th, I leave for Florida. That's a small window of opportunity for that antenna to be installed.  She may have to wait until after December the 10th when I get home again. I'd better text her today about that.

I will go to exercise class today and then afterward, several of us will go to Utopia for cinnamon rolls and Utopiachinos.  First, I will need to go to the bank. I am nearly out of money.  I still have to buy the groceries for the Waldorf salad and corn casserole I take to Leslie's for Thanksgiving. I want to get some sausage or bacon for breakfast when Keith and Esther are here. I haven't cooked breakfast in ages...except for my oatmeal.

We will finish up the beef vegetable soup for lunch today. Bob bought some really good cheese that we eat with our crackers with that soup. I still have two cupcakes too for dessert.

We have a basket dinner at church on Sunday and an election of officers too. Vivian will be here for that. I will make a meatloaf for that dinner. I will need to put the frozen ground beef in the frig to thaw for that today too.  I will need stewed tomatoes for that meatloaf too. I will also take a green bean casserole so I will need a few more things... like those onion rings.  I think I have the cream of mushroom soup that goes in that casserole. I may forgo the coffeecake since I have to make up the meatloaf and the green bean casserole that morning.  I will need to check my recipes for anything else.

If we have any leftover meatloaf, we will have that for lunch on Monday with boiled potatoes and a veggie. Bob will bring a salad. I may make pudding for dessert.  We already have cookies to go with that.

More later....

Several of us did go to Utopia after exercises and I had a cinnamon roll and my Utopiachino. I brought the second one home and put it in the freezer for this evening.   We will have  a little later lunch.

At lunchtime, as usual, the soup was very good and I sent the one serving we had left home with Bob.

I spent the afternoon sweeping up leaves from the carport off and on. There's no keeping it clean as long as the leaves are falling.  But I am working at it. I do not want the mess tracked into the clean apartment.   I also started a new book on my kindle.

Bob came over to watch the news later in the day and we watched Brooks and Shields on PBS. We both enjoy their analysis of the weeks news. Bob left at 7:00. I took my bath and put my PJs on and watched TV with Missy and ate the Utopiachino while lying on the sofa. At 9:00 Missy and I went on to bed.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thursday and Barbeque at Dinks in Bartlesville

I didn't sleep much better last night. I awoke at 2:30 and laid there an hour trying to go back to sleep and finally got up at 3:30 again.I still don't feel much worse for the wear.

I got up and worked on trying to understand my new smartphone...Leslie got it for me for my birthday.  My birthday isn't until the 2nd of December but I will be gone then so she got it for me early. It has a very elementary book with it. I downloaded the entire manual off the internet onto my desktop computer  and read through some of the 100 pages of manual

I will clean this morning and afterward I may just have to experiment with the smartphone it to learn how to use it. Leslie says I have 30 days to decide if I like it or not. I don't think that will be a problem. :)

I got the kitchen and bathroom floors washed and clean and vacuumed the dining room before Bob came at 10:15 to pick me up. He wants to buy my lunch in exchange for all the meals I fix. I will let him, I guess. I will do the tip though.

We got to Bartlesville earlier then we needed to so we stopped at Hobby Lobby and went through their new store. It is very nice! It is completely a completely redecorated building!

After we ate lunch, which was excellent, we came on back to Coffeyville. He has a doctor's appointment at 2:30.

More later...

I swept the leaves off the car port for the umpteenth time  and then read most of the afternoon.

Bob came over about 5:00 to watch the news. We are still trying to figure out the source of his terrible cough so I printed off all the side effects of his meds and sent them home with him. We still don't know for sure. He left at 6:30 or so and I took my bath and put my PJs on and will lie down with Missy for awhile and watch  TV. At 9:00, we will both go to bed.