Thursday, August 22, 2019

Thursday and Pouring Rain

The rain started about 1:30AM this morning and it has been pouring down rain ever since.

I will clean the apartment this morning and later on this afternoon pack for my stay at John and Leslie's. I got up shortly after 5:30AM this morning and have dressed and had my oatmeal and coffee. I will get my chai latte now.

I put some more food out for the cat and her kittens but it has rained too much for them to make it back for their breakfast. The bowl was empty this morning. So they made it before the storm began.

I lost another classmate this week. That makes two in August, We are fast dying off. We have 122 left. 144 are deceased and we have lost 26 who did not stay in touch with any of the four of us that have been the class locators and done the newsletters all these years.

More later....

I got the vacuuming finished and the vacuum cleaned up. I will wait for the filters to dry before putting it back together again. I am always amazed at how much dirt I pick up on Thursdays when I vacuum and wash the bare floors. Usually I take my shoes off and leave them by the door. Still I get a lot of dirt out of the carpet.

I asked Karen R. to call me when she gets up but she hasn't done that. I wanted to tell her what Suzanne told me last evening.

It finally stopped raining here a little before noon. 

The cat and her kittens must have come while Nancy and I were at brunch.  Their dish was empty, I filled and covered it again.  Nancy and I were entertained by Tim Perkins with tales about his episodes with his cows and bull. We stayed longer then usual as long as he was there.

More later...

I finally got a hold of Karen R. and she says she cannot even think about moving until she gets her three properties ready to list and sold. I texted Suzanne about her answer.

Leslie texted me about their plans for leaving tomorrow morning. She will put the dogs out if it is not raining and they will leave at 7:00AM. She says I can come out when I am ready. I have decided that since I get up at 5:00AM, I will just pack early in the morning after my breakfast of oatmeal.  It is 1:30PM now and I will finish dusting. That's all I need to do now.  I need to dust the bedroom.

It's 6:22PM now and I am preparing to take my bath at 7:00PM and  go to bed at 9:00PM. I will be up early in the morning, as usual, and get packed to go to John and Leslie's for the weekend.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Wednesday and a Very Busy Day

I slept well again last night. I haven't had to take melatonin for a couple of weeks. That's good considering the time I spend on the computer where the blue light is emitting. I don't spend a lot of time on the TV because there is so little in programming that I care anything about. I would like to have PBS but my simple package that I have to have to use my Tivo, doesn't carry it anymore. I got up around 5:00AM, my usual time.

Bob is buying my breakfast this morning at 7:00AM. I have a busy day ahead. First at 7:00AM, I have this breakfast with Bob, then at 9:30AM, I have my hair appointment, Then at 11:15AM I have my semi annual doctor's appointment. I am supposed to have my blood work done this time. I will spend some time at the Coffeyville library reading after that to kill some time before 2:00PM when I have Bunco at Asbury Village. That is over at 4:00PM and I will come back home. It will be a busy day.

Tomorrow I will clean the apartment and maybe have lunch with Nancy is she is not sick again. She has had an upset stomach all week.

Then Friday, I will go out to John and Leslie's and dog sit their four dogs while they go to South Dakota to a meeting. I will be there until Sunday morning when I will go to church.

More later....

I stopped at Dollar General and bought the gifts for the Bunco game at the senior center. Then took them to Janet's office to have them there just in case I can't come that day for some reason. 

It is 4:33PM and I am exhausted! It was a huge day..although fun playing Bunco at Asbury Village! There were only nine playing this time. Undoubtedly, it was just too hot for some to get out.

I stopped at Sonic and bought a small banana shake for lunch and when I took the lid off, it overflowed everywhere. I contacted the kitchen and had them send back the person who delivered it with wet paper towels and napkins. I did get the mess cleaned up but it was way too full to begin with.

It is very hot this evening. The cooler weather that the mower thought would come today did not come and it is 92 degrees out there and very humid. I hope she comes to mow tonight. If not, I will mow in the morning myself if it doesn't rain tonight. The yard really needs it!

The mower came this evening about 6:00PM. We are forecast for rain later this evening and she and her stepfather hoped to beat the rain...and they did. I paid her when she finished and Suzanne will write her a check....for tax purposes.

They finished about 7:30PM doing both my yard and the one on the other side of the duplex. I came in here to finish the blog and then I will take my bath and get my pjs on and get ready for bed. It has been a big day for me too. But I am really delighted to get the grass mowed for the week. When they left, I went out and swept off the drive and put a new bag in the bag buddy.

I won't be going to bed until 9:00PM.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Tuesday and a Quiet Day

I slept well again last night and was up shortly before 5:00AM and dressed and had my oatmeal, coffee and Chai and then began reading.

About 10:15AM or so, I went out to the restaurant and had "brunch". My eyes were bigger then my stomach and so I brought some of it home with me. I will eat it later. It is chicken salad. I ate the muffin and the fruit and part of the chicken salad.

Yesterday I texted the mother of my mower and asked if they could mow this evening instead last evening. It was terribly hot last evening. 94 degrees but the heat index was 104 degrees. They chose to try to mow tomorrow evening... which is fine. I only hope it doesn't rain before she can get it done. Her mother said it was supposed to be cooler tomorrow evening.  I texted Suzanne about the change and she asked me to text the mower's mom and ask them to mow next door too. Suzanne told me that the kids next door have bought a house and will be moving into it September 1st. That's probably a good idea. They don't want to mow weekly and in their own home, they won't have to.

Suzanne's sister, Judy, who is 80 years old, had a wreck this week in her car and totaled it. She was unconscious and is confused too now. Suzanne is staying with her for awhile and taking her to  the hospital in Bartlesville for tests tomorrow to try to find out what is the matter.   Judy lives in Bartlesville. I thought she might have had a TIA.

I am doing my semi weekly laundry today. It's mostly towels and underwear.

Tomorrow I will go back to Coffeyville, I may eat breakfast with Bob, go to the bank and to my hair appointment at 9:30AM and then at 11:15AM I will go to my doctor's appointment. I am to have my blood work done tomorrow. Then  later at 2:00PM I will go to play Bunco at Asbury Village. I will come home afterward to help the 15 year old girl yard mower to stay hydrated as she mows.

I may go to the library there too after I go to the doctor's appointment.... to kill some time. They have a lot more selection there then here at Caney's library. And the Caney library is only open part days. Monday, Wednesday and Friday they are open noon until 6:00PM. Tuesday they are open noon until 7:00PM and Thursday they are open 8:00AM until 1:00PM. Saturday they are open 8:00AM until 2:00PM. Very confusing!! And yesterday I renewed my library card at Coffeyville. It is good for all of Montgomery County.

Thursday I will clean house again. Nancy and I may go to lunch if she is doing better. This week she has had an upset stomach again.

I just folded out my laundry when it was dry. I put all but the towels away. I will hang them in the bathroom later.

I only got the Reporter and some advertisements in the mail. I threw away the advertisements. I did the crossword puzzle in the Reporter. Then I put the Reporter in the trunk of my car to give to Karan to take to the Coffeyville kennels.

I read Ron Dawbarn's book all afternoon and finally finished it. It was very interesting. It was too hot to even be outside. The only thing I did outside was to deadhead the flowers in the flowerbed and water it.

Keith called on his way home from his work and we had a nice visit. I really appreciate the way he stays in touch.

In the meanwhile I called the Anderson's to see if they had Karen's cell number and they did. Patty gave to to me and I tried to call Karen. She evidently did not have her phone with her and was working out in the yard. I called Nancy back and told her I had found Karen's cell phone number. Then after I quit talking to Nancy, I called Karen again and this time she picked up. I told her about the duplex next door that will be empty the first of the month but she has three pieces of property to dispose of before she can rent this duplex. It may be a year before she could do that. But she is interested. Surely it will be empty again by then.

At 7:00PM, I took my bath and at 9:00PM, I will go on to bed.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Monday and Another Good Night's Sleep

I slept well again last night. It's been at least a week since I have taken any melatonin. I have just been sleeping much better. It was nearly 6:00AM before I woke up this morning. I woke up a time or two in the night but got right back to sleep.

I will try to get over to Cherryvale sometime today to have a couple of adjustments to my appliance. It is touching and rubbing in two different places and I think he just needs to reduce the acrylic in those two places a little and smooth off where he takes it off so it doesn't rub on the tissue in my mouth. I will call over there when they open at 7:00AM.

I have made my bed, dressed, and had my oatmeal and coffee and Chai for breakfast. The cat and her kittens have come and eaten the cat food I left out.....three times I filled that little double bowl. Strange...she won't let that lone little yellow kitten eat.  The other three are gray, like her. He looks like the tom cat.

I have texted Bob and he is o.k. this morning. He too has been sleeping better. I left some cookies and a piece of coffeecake for him...and the Porter peaches.

More later....

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and outdoor

This is the classmate, Dean, that came to visit last week. He began our class newsletter right after we graduated from High School in 1953. I believe he was at KU when he sent out the first issue. He kept it 20 years before he passed it on to another classmate in Oklahoma City. She kept it 10 years and passed it on to a classmate in Arkansas who passed it on to me over 21 years ago. I have done it every year since that and send it out to all the classmates we have kept in touch with over the years.

There were almost 300 of us at that time. 143 of us are deceased now. We have lost track of 26 of us. The rest are still with us. I send out a seven page newsletter in December, between Christmas and New Years each year to all of them.

I think it is really neat that we have managed to stay in touch all these years. They send me their news in December each year either by e-mail or in a Christmas card. I edit it down to news mainly about them and their spouses to keep the letter to seven pages. 68 of them get a hard copy. The rest get it by e-mail.

I will be dog sitting again this next weekend out at John and Leslie's house. They will be gone to South Dakota to a meeting. I will go out on Friday and stay until Sunday.

I have a 2:30PM appointment to have that adjustment done at the dentist in Cherryvale.

More later....

Image may contain: text

I tried it and it works! 84 + 1935=2019 (I will be 84 this year in December).

I left a little early to go by way of Coffeyville to go to the bank and get gas at the Woodshed. I also wanted to get glass cleaner and bottled water for the church at Walmart. I got that and then went on up to Cherryvale and stopped at Sonic and got a banana milk shake. ( I didn't want to eat anything because I was going to the dentist and had already brushed and flossed my teeth. (that's my story and I am sticking with it)

Anyhow, it was terribly hot...93 degrees but the humidity is awfully high. I got into the dental office a little early and he may have got my problem solved. He said he would rather take a little off at a time then to take too much off at one time.  I appreciate that.

When I got back home, I had an e-mail from Pam Green. She has lost her mother yesterday. The mother had fallen in July and been in and out of hospitals and emergency rooms ever since. Last Wednesday they put her in hospice and she passed away yesterday early morning. She had been in terrible pain! I sent a card from myself and one from the congregation. Her brother is struggling with the loss! I will put the family on the prayer list. We each need to add them as we make up the bulletin.

More later...

I have worked on a paper that I did with Ron Dawbarn several years ago and I have now printed it off. I think I will re-read it this week. It has been years. Ron died several years ago right after his son killed himself. I have lost track of Joyce.

It is 6:45PM  now and Naloney will mow on Wednesday instead of tonight. Her mother thinks it may cool off a little by then. It is just too hot tonight and the humidity is horrible. Her mother has the flu now too. I wonder if she took the flu shot?

I will go take my bath and then read awhile. Then at 9:00PM I will go on to bed.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Sunday and a Big Morning

I slept well last night. I woke up several times but always got right back to sleep. I got up shortly before 5:00AM. I knew I had a lot to do this morning. Not only did I make sure to feed the cat and her kittens but I baked my coffeecake and also a cake for the First Christian Church in Independence.  They are starting up their Tuesday evening dinners again after a month long break and we provide cakes for their desserts. I got the coffeecake baked first and when it was cooled some, I iced it with a glaze. Then I mixed up the cake and got it in the oven. When the timer went off, I tested it and it was not quite done so I turned off the oven and left it in there for a couple more minutes. Just a little while ago, I tested it again and it is done and cooling now.

I take the coffeecake for the church school study group and son-in-law, John, and my two local great grandchilden and anyone else who comes for church and wants some. If I have any left, I bag it up in sandwich bags and give it away. I take some to Nancy if there is enough. She really likes it. If I have several pieces, I give some to Steve and Suzanne, my landlady and landlord, too.

I have half a can of chocolate icing to ice the cake with.  I will take it to church and put it in the freezer there and Bob can pick it up on his way to Independence on Tuesday. He will have his and Phyllis' and Karan's too.  It is 7:35AM now and I want to leave here at 8:00AM so I will have time to finish washing the front door before folks begin to come. Cyndi cleaned yesterday but she ran out of Windex before she got the door done. I have some window isn't Windex but it will do. I am taking it. Next time I go to Walmart, I will buy some more Windex for the church.

I don't know where we will eat lunch today. I would like to go to Great China but that depends on what the others want to do.

More later... I had better get that cake iced.

Well, I got the cake iced and everything loaded into my car and got as far as the highway and recalled that I had forgotten the peaches I was taking to Bob.  So I turned around and went back to the apartment and got those peaches out of the frig and took them to church. I put the cake for the First Christian Church in Independence in the freezer there and cut the coffeecake and got out the plates and napkins and plastic forks.  My son-in-law and the great  grandchildren came in and had some coffeecake. My daughter soon followed and when the others came, they got some too. I had two pieces left so I brought one home for Nancy and the other one for myself.

The church service went well and we all went up to Great China for lunch. Chris didn't come because his mother was doing a fish fry for him and herself. Gene and Mike didn't come either. Mike has a wife at home to eat with. Karan was eating with her inlaws. But there were nine of us that went to Great China. It was very good!

I came home afterward and did my newsletters and got them out on the mailbox for the postman to pick up tomorrow.

Next Friday I will go out to John and Leslie's again to stay with the dogs while they go to South Dakota to a meeting of the people in his business. He sells a liquid vitamin and mineral supplement for cattle. Some of his customers use that supplement year around. Others use it only during the winter months.

It is 2:30PM now and I want to see if Nancy is home so I can take her coffeecake to her.

I finally reached Nancy about 4:00PM and took the coffeecake over to her. She wanted me to stay and visit again.I stayed until 5:30PM. She had had diarrhea all day and slept all day between episodes. It finally got stopped about 3:00PM.

When I got home I watched 60 Minutes at 6:00PM and then took my bath and put my PJs on.  I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM as usual. It's just 7:15PM right now.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Saturday and a Great Night's Sleep

I slept like a log last night! When I got up this morning I fed the cats and watched the weather until the CBS news came on and then I came in the den to read the e-mail.

Now I have the laptop and am watching CBS news with one eye while I blog on it.

I don't have a plan for today. I have had my coffee and Chai and my oatmeal. I want to contact the mother of my mower and be sure she can mow on Monday evening. After yesterday's rain, the grass has really grown. And it looks like rain this morning too.

Something strange happened while Dean was here.  I ate a lot more food while he was here and we ate every meal out. Yet, I lost three pounds. How that happened is beyond me!

On Monday, I will need to contact my dentist and go over the Cherryvale and have him make a slight adjustment on my partial. It is a little long on the buccal side and is causing a blister under my tongue. He will need to take a little of that acrylic off and polish it smooth.

More later...

I had tomato basil soup with cheese and crackers for my lunch. That was an hour ago. Now I have been working on my blog on my computer and on the TV arranging recording of TV shows for the next week. I now have that done.

I did contact Krystal and ask if her daughter could mow for me on Monday evening..if it's not raining.  She said she could. Now I hope it doesn't rain all weekend.

More later...

I puttered around all day and about 4:00PM, I went over to Nancy's. I took her three of the Porter peaches Vic gave me. I had given three to Marilyn too. I have three left and will take them to church this morning and see if anyone wants them. I hated to tell Vic I don't care for peaches.  I figured I could give them to folks who do.

Nancy wanted me to stay and visit so I did. I came home about 8:30PM...quite a visit.  It was longer then I ever stay but I had not been over all week and she kept asking me not to go.

When I got home again, I took my bath and at 9:30PM, I went on to bed. 

Friday, August 16, 2019

Friday and Thunderstorms

I had a good night's sleep. Got up at 5:00AM as usual and dressed by flashlight and then sneaked into the bedroom and went into the bathroom to make up my face. Dean sleeps hard and well so I didn't disturb him. He uses one of those C packs to keep him from having sleep apnea. It makes just enough noise to lull him to sleep and keep him sleeping.

We are having thunderstorms this morning. He will have to wait until later in the morning to leave. Northern Montgomery county is under a severe thunderstorm watch...perhaps a warning later. It is supposed to clear up and just be cloudy by noon.

I want to go to Coffeyville this afternoon if the weather clears up like it is supposed to do. I want to make a bank deposit and meet Vic at Eggberts after this storm passes to pick up the Porter peaches he has bought for me. Also I need to get some more contact multi purpose solution. I may also go over to Cherryvale to the dentist this afternoon and have him smooth off a part of the acrylic on the partial that rubs against an area under my tongue. I will see how that goes today. It is comfortable to wear but if I eat with it, it makes that little part under my tongue where it rubs sore. He told me I might have to have an adjustment or two before it works like I want it to.

It is really pouring down rain now. Luckily the cat and her kittens came early before the hard rain started and ate their food.

More later...

Dean is up now and he will probably go ahead and leave soon.  He thinks he will drive out of the storm and it has cleared up here pretty much. I hope he does. He has a very nice Toyota convertible.

He decided we should have breakfast first before he leaves.  I had a small bowl of oatmeal earlier so I had room for breakfast. After that, we came back to the apartment and I helped him load up his luggage and he left.

Then I went over to Coffeyville to the bank and made a deposit. Afterward I called Vic and told him I was in town. He brought the Porter peaches he had brought me to the parking lot at V & S Variety. Then I went over to Marilyn's and gave her some of them. I certainly couldn't use ten peaches.

I gave her three and if Nancy wants some, I will give her some too. I tried to call Nancy to see if she wanted to go up to Independence with me to the Dairy Queen to get a blizzard but she must have gone to Bartlesville to eat out with her group of old friends. She wasn't home.

So I went up by myself.  Each Friday evening lately, I have gone up to Independence to get a blizzard.

It is 6:00PM now and I will soon take my bath. Now I will watch the news and later one of the programs I have recorded. At 7:00PM, I will take my bath and at 9:00PM, I will go on to bed.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Thursday and Woolaroc

I didn't sleep all that well last night. I finally got up at 4:45AM and put my contacts in and dressed and fixed myself some coffee. Then I sat down in here in the den to go over the blog and copy it to The Bloggers Spot too. Dean sleeps much later. I just try not to wake him as I quietly go through the bedroom to the bathroom to put my face on.

Sometime today, whenever he is ready, we will go back to Bartlesville and take 123 highway out to Woolaroc. We plan to have lunch out there at the sandwich shop on the grounds. When we get back to the apartment, we will go out to the Copan Truck Stop for dinner. He plans to leave tomorrow morning early to get back to Rod, his disabled son.

More later...

We were so late getting started that we decided to skip breakfast. We are just going to eat lunch at the concession stand at Woolaroc. We will go through the museum and then come back to Caney...driving through Bartlesville.

Dean wants to eat supper at the Copan Truck Stop and that is fine with me. He will be leaving sometime in the morning.

We went to the Copan Truck Stop. He had an excellent chicken fried sandwich and I had a cup of veggie beef soup. Both were excellent. He brought half his  sandwich back to the apartment and put it in the frig for tomorrow.

We read until bedtime and then both turned in.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Wednesday and Another Big Day Planned

I slept very well last night and only woke up once and went right back to sleep after sneaking into the bedroom where Dean was sleeping peacefully with his breathing machine. I forget what he called that. I know my son, Keith, uses one.  They prevent sleep apnea, an interruption in the breathing while sleeping.  I needed to get into the bathroom and after I got that done, I went back to the den daybed trundle and went right back to sleep. That daybed trundle is very comfortable!

I sneaked back in there this morning at 5:00AM, when I awoke again, to brush my teeth and put a new face on. I don't believe I even disturbed him at all. The machine makes a gentle purring noise.

So far the new partial is working out just fine. I had it in when we ate supper last last night and it was just fine. After it's been in awhile, I forget it's even there. Which is the way I like it.

It's only 6:00AM right now and Dean is still sleeping away. He wants me to wake him at 8:00AM so he can get ready for the day and we can go over to Coffeyville and have breakfast at Eggbert's there. Then afterwards, at 10:00AM, he will take me to Paradise Beauty Salon so Toni can get my hair done. Then after that is finished, he will go out to check on his farm in South Coffeyville. We will maybe go to El Pueblo in Coffeyville for lunch if he likes Mexican food. Then the rest of the afternoon is up for grabs. It's up to him. We will not go to Woolaroc until tomorrow. That was the primary reason for his trip..besides the visit.

So far, that's the plan for the day.

After Dean got up and dressed, we went over to Coffeyville to Eggberts and had breakfast. Afterward he took me to the beauty shop and then he went  out to check on the farm and later came back to get me.

We drove around Coffeyville after that  to see the improvements on 9th street then we came back to Caney.

We stopped at that place where I bought my hanging basket on Mother's Day and looked around at all the interesting stuff there. He bought two BB guns and some barrel extensions for them. They were like new but had just been carefully cared for.  Then we came back to the house.

Nancy dropped over to visit briefly in the afternoon. She was supposed to meet Sandy so she finally left to go do that.

More later..he is ready to go to dinner.

We went to Tinker's Glass House in Bartlesville for dinner. We had a fine meal but much too much food. We had the other half boxed up and brought half of it back to Coffeyville to eat tomorrow evening after we get back from Woolaroc.

After dinner he drove out west of Bartlesville toward Pawhuska just to see the fine scenery out there but was really getting tired. So he finally turned around and we came back to Caney. By then, he was exhausted and after a short visit while I downloaded an upgrade for my Netgear wireless adapter,  he went on to bed. After I finished the download, I read the online Chronicle and around 9:00PM I took my bath and then went on to bed. I was very tired too. It had been a big day.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

A Very Busy Tuesday

I slept great last night. Only woke up once and then went right back to sleep. I slept until 5:00AM, my regular wake up time, dressed, ate, and stripped the bed. The bedding is now in the dryer. I will re-make the bed when it is dry. My extra set of towels are in there too and my underwear.

My allergies are going crazy today. I have sneezed my head off ever since I got up.

I just heard from Bob. He is up and getting around now. He has a busy day. He has a board meeting at 10:00AM and then Joanne's daughter's family from Wichita are here and he will help her with them. Joanne is Bob's girlfriend.

My dental appointment this morning is at 10:30AM. I am hoping that partial will fit well and will restore my bite or at least keep the upper teeth from above those I lost with the loss of the bridge from extruding any further into the bite. I have never had a partial before. I had that bridge for at least  thirty years before the root canal in the abutment tooth blew up and later the tooth split.

Dean won't be here until around 4:00PM. He will leave Topeka at 1:00PM.  He plans to stay until Friday.  He left a day early last spring when he was here because he was uneasy about leaving Rod for so long.  Rod is a paraplegic. When he was a teen he dove into the shallow end of a swimming pool and broke his neck. He must be in his 50's now. They have a man who comes in in the morning and gets him ready for the day and then comes back in the evening to bathe him and get him ready for bed. Several decades ago, Dean lost his wife. So it's just him and Rod.

Dean is the one who started our class newsletter after we graduated from high school. He later passed it on to a classmate from Oklahoma City who later passed it on to one from Arkansas. She passed it on the me 21 years ago. I have had it ever since. We have all tried to keep track of our classmates over the years.

More later...

I got the bed re-made and the towels and underwear put away.

I have run out of cat food so the cat and her kittens will have to wait for more until I get back from Cherryvale and can get to a Dollar General store to buy more. I also need to pick up a prescription at Walgreens in Independence after my dental appointment. It will be a busy day!

I stopped on the way to Cherryvale to pick up my prescription at Walgreens.  Then I went on to Cherryvale and got my new partial. It fits fine and I have very little to complain about. It does trap food  under it on the lingual  side but I just take it out ad rinse it off.  Most of the time I will be wearing it, I will not be eating.

I stopped at the Independence Walmart and bought the few things I needed there.  Then I came on home.

Steve, my landlord, was here securing the guttering.  That is good. Every time it rained it got a little looser. He secured it well. I told him about the web worms in the tree in my neighbor's back yard. He said he will spray it.

I also told him that the neighbor doesn't seem to realize that he has to put his trash container to the curb if he wants the trash picked up. When I was trying to find out for the city guys which trash container had been Alice's a week or so ago, I checked for the empty one and found it. The other one was completely full of trash.

I heard the trash people coming around this morning and checked to see if theirs was empty now. It was still completely full so I drug it out to the curb in time for the trash people to empty it. I left it at the curb so those kids would get the message.

It's 1:40PM now. I ate my last chicken pot pie at 1:15PM this afternoon.

Dean is not supposed to be here until 4:00PM so I don't expect him any sooner. I hope I am hungry for supper this evening.  I am used to just my yogurt. He will want supper. He wants to eat out and wants me to choose a restaurant.

More even later..

I watched a Dateline program I had recorded and afterward took my clippers out and trimmed the hedge. It looks a lot better now.  It is 3:45PM now and it shouldn't be long until Dean is here.

Perhaps more later if  I don't get too busy...

Dean came promptly at 4:00PM and this time he was driving a 2007 Toyota convertible! It is a real neat car that they quit making in 2008.  It is white with a black top.He came in and we began visiting and telling one another our life stories again. Soon Nancy find out where I had been all weekend. She had been by several times and, of course, I had been out to John and Leslie's.. dog sitting.  I invited her in to meet Dean and she stayed awhile. They were both KU alumnus so they had something in common right away. They really hit it off. She stayed the better part of an hour and then Dean brought in his luggage and before we knew it, it was 7:00PM and he was starving. We just went out to Eggberts for summer.

When we were finished, we visited some more until 9:30PM, when we finally went our separate ways, he to the bedroom, and me to the den to the daybed. We were both exhausted. He had driven from Topeka and I was almost an hour past my usual bedtime. But it had been a good day.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Monday and Mowing

I slept very well last night. I got up shortly before 5:00AM but am very rested. I had my oatmeal and coffee already and am working on my Chai now.

The mama cat and three of her kittens came last evening and ate everything in the bowls I had filled. They were back this morning for some more. I bet they thought they were going to starve when I wasn't here over the weekend. The ittle yellow one I seldom see is here eating now.

I just texted my brother in law. He says he was up at 5:00AM, as usual.

My dental appointment is tomorrow at 10:30AM. I will get my partial then that will replace the two teeth I am missing on the right lower side.  I hope it fits comfortably. Dean will be coming in the afternoon tomorrow.  I will change my bed tomorrow morning so it will be clean for him. I will be sleeping on the daybed in the den and it is already clean.

Dean will take me over to Coffeyville for my hair appointment at 10:00AM tomorrow and perhaps we will eat at the glass house after that and go on out to Woolaroc after that is it isn't raining. I don't know how long he is staying this time. Probably only two or three days......he worries about leaving Rod too long there by himself.

More later..

My friend, Gay, called me to say she and her sister Adele are coming to Coffeyville to shop at Brown Shoe Fit store. They wanted me to meet them there at Eggberts for lunch. I decided to do that. I wanted to get gas at Woodshed and also get my pedicure while I was there. We had a nice lunch and Gay had found the shoes she wanted at Coffeyville's Brown Shoe Fit store but Adele wanted to go on to Bartlesville to look for a specific shoe color she was wanted in their store there.

After I left them, they went on to Bartlesville. I got my pedicure and gas and washed my car and then stopped at Sonic to get a cherry limeade frozen drink then came on back home after doing what I wanted to get done.

Suzanne had been by and left the payment for the mowing of my neighbor's yard in my box. They will mow for me tonight and then mow for the kids next door too. I want them to use my mower for mine so the grass will be bagged but I imagine they will use her dad's riding mower to do the neighbor's yard again. Suzanne begged off going to Cherryvale with me in the morning. She is so busy right now. That was fine. I was needing to get back to be here when Dean comes anyhow.

It is after 5:00PM now but I imagine it will be 7:00PM or so before they come to mow.

More later...

Well, it is 6:20PM and the mowers are here. John brought a smaller mower for the one next door and is trimming over there now.  He has his rider somewhere else tonight. His daughter is using my bagged mower to mow for me. She is pretty surly this afternoon. Can't say I blame her since it's 97 degrees out there. John trims over there but I don't think he trims for me. He didn't last week at least. Of course, Suzanne pays him $35.00 for Fleming's and we just pay her $25.00 which is what the mother quoted for us. I will have to do my trimming in the morning before it gets too hot...if it doesn't rain tonight.

More later tonight.

Well, what do you know! John is trimming for me!  That's really neat! He has a heavy duty gas powered trimmer too.

I offered to let them use my mower and they took me up on it. John's was just a 19 inch push mower. Nalonny mowed mine and most of Fleming's and John did the back yard over there. Those little white worms have infested that tree in their back yard and Nalonny didn't want to be near them. I took water out to her several times. It was 97 degrees out there. The heat index was 110. When they finished and left, I blew off the drive and swept off the patio. That was plenty hot. When I finally came in, my hair was wet. I took my bath and got ready for bed. I also had two mosquito bites...big ones. But I am cooled down now.

It is 8:25PM now. There really isn't anything on TV tonight and I am not in the mood for "Murder She Wrote" tonight. In about 30 minutes, at 9:00PM, I will go on to bed.

In the morning, I want to strip the bed and do the laundry again. I will wash the sheets and towels and my underwear.  I hope to get the laundry finished and re-make the bed and put everything away before I go to Cherryvale to the dentist. I will have to leave about 9:30AM to get to Cherryvale by 10:30AM. I will bring my clothes into the den with my makeup and dress in here in the mornings while Dean is here. 


Sunday, August 11, 2019

Sunday and Church and Home

I slept fairly well last night but woke up to a warm house. The air conditioning was not working and neither was the ceiling fan. Also the dining room light was not working.

Leslie and I figured it was a breaker so I went out and flipped the switches that were marked "Air" but nothing happened. I turned on the switch for the ceiling fan in the living room and pushed the button on the face of it. That didn't work either. Leslie thought it might be the battery in the temperature control thermostat for the air conditioner. She planned to change it when they got back home.

She called me a bit ago with a mystery. They got home and the air was working fine and the house was cool. The fan also worked. She thought I had neglected to push the button on the front of the fan control but she had told me to be sure to do that,  and I had. When I left, at 8:00AM the air conditioning was not working Neither was the dining room light. When they got home the dining room light also worked fine. I can't figure out what had happened. It's a mystery. I am sure there is a logical answer to all of that, but I sure don't know what that would be.

I went on to church after I packed and loaded my car. I left the animals outside so they could do their thing before the kids came home. There was a light breeze and they had a dog door in the garden shed and two of them were in there. They seemed to be doing fine. They had plenty of water and shade.

When I got home after church, I unpacked and filled the cat's dishes. They haven't been back to check them out yet but it is still very hot out there and they may come back this evening..when they usually check it out.

I got all my stuff put away.

I have watched one of my regular Saturday morning programs "Lucky Dog" and I will watch the other one later. "Dr. Chris Pet Vet".  I also watched a "Dateline" program I had recorded. I schedule recordings of the programs I want to watch every Monday I schedule recordings for an entire week.

It's almost time for "60 Minutes" so I will get back to this later...after "60 Minutes" is over and I take my bath at 7:00PM........

I watched 60 Minutes and then  took my bath and worked awhile trying to figure out how to get the Forensic Reports on my Tivo deleted. They are on U Tube and not good quality. I never did get it figured out. Finally at  9:00PM I turned off the TV and went to bed. I was very tired.

Tomorrow evening John V and his daughter will be here to mow. I filled the gas tank again on my mower to get ready for them.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Saturday and a Missing Dog

I slept fairly well last night. I was concerned that Hoover, their male Corgi, didn't come home last night. But Leslie said that wasn't anything strange. He roams around and knows his way home.

Leslie called this morning to see how everything was going. I told her about Hoover and she said to call Ray, Alberta's husband, when we finished talking. Hoover often goes down there and even to Jeromy's at times. Jeromy is her son, my grandson.

I tried get get Ray but only got his voice mail.  I left him a message to call me when he was able but that has been an hour or more and he has not called me back.

I have had a cup of vanilla coffee and  my oatmeal and some orange juice and my meds. That is all I want for now.

More later....

I still haven't seen Hoover. I have half a notion to get in the car and go look for him. But I hate to leave Raven and Mini here alone and also Octavia who stays outside all the time.

I did though. I drove down to Jeromy's home about a mile down the road and no one appeared to be there and I didn't see Hoover there. Then I drove over to Ray and Alberta's house and talked to Ray and he hadn't seen him either. I drove up north on the road to the highway because Ray said one time he found him up there. But I didn't see Hoover there either. I personally believed someone saw a nice looking male Corgi and took him. Otherwise, he surely would have come home to eat this morning.

I ate some more of that tomato basil soup and crackers with peach tea for my lunch.

I talked to Jeromy and he began to look for Hoover too. He looked around his property and also Ray and Alberta's Then he thought of the old garage and since he had a key to it, he came up and opened it...and there was Hoover. He had been in that locked garage ever since John locked it up yesterday when he stopped working on the new kennel. He had not had food or water. After Jeromy let him out, I called him and he raced back to the house. I gave him a bowl of water and some food and finally put him in the air conditioned garage to cool off with food and water in there. He lays right over the vent. I was so relieved! I thought the only answer left was that someone had seen him down by the road and picked him up.  It is 2:30PM now.

I have been watching TV. Epstein hanged himself in his cell and I have been watching that news story on CNN.

Now it is 3:30PM and I am reading one of Leslie's books. I checked on Hoover and he is doing alright in the cooler garage. It's was too hot for him outside. I feel sorry for poor Octavia. She cannot be in the garage. She chewed the wiring out of Leslie's SUV a couple of weeks ago when she was in there and that is a very expensive repair. So now she is having to stay in the garden shed and that is not cool but it is out of the boiling sun. It's 92 degrees out there but more like 106 degrees with the humidity.

Both Mini and Raven are in the house where it is nice and cool. Octavia is not housebroken and neither is Hoover. They both have plenty of water where they are though.The garden shed is right next to a large water bowl under the faucet and there is plenty of food out there on the back porch where she can get to it. Since he had not eaten nor drunk anything in almost 24 hours, I had put a bowl of water and a bowl of food in the garage with Hoover.

I will get back to this later. I will get back to Leslie's book now.

Hoover wanted back out of the garage and against my better judgment, I let him out. He relieved himself a couple of times but wanted out of the garage.

That didn't last long...maybe ten minutes ....and he wanted back out of the heat! So he's back in the garage.

There's a slight breeze this evening so I let Hoover back out of the garage. He seems to be fine with that now. I took the food and water back out when he went out for the night.

I took Raven and Mini out so they could do their number. Then I took my bath. It is 7:30PM and I will try to go to bed at 9:00PM again this evening. Maybe I can read until then.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Friday and Out to John and Leslie's

I slept very well last night. I am almost all packed for my weekend stay at John and Leslie's home. I will be there with the dogs while they are gone to the Missouri retreat.  I will be there until late Sunday afternoon.  I only have a few things to pack.

The mama cat and three of her kittys were here this morning eating breakfast. I filled the dish twice. I also filled their water dish. They will have to find another source for food for a few days. I hope someone else is feeding them too.

I am to go out to John and Leslie's place at 2:30PM this afternoon.

I couldn't figure out what to eat yesterday or last evening so I went out to Eggbert's and had a bowl of soup. That was good... although I brought home part of it for my lunch today. I had my regular oatmeal for my breakfast this morning and will take the box out to the kids' house since I have oatmeal every morning.

I got the apartment cleaned yesterday and am ready for the visit from Dean on Tuesday afternoon. My dental appointment is in Cherryvale on Tuesday morning at 10:30.  I should get my new partial at that appointment. I will wash my bedding early Tuesday morning. Dean will take my bedroom and I will sleep on the daybed in the den. I always give my company my bed. Last time he came, in the spring, he was very impressed with the new mattress and box springs Leslie had bought me last year. I told him it was a gift from John and Leslie.

I am washing my towels and underwear this morning. They are in the dryer now. I want to have clean towels for Dean too. He wanted me to pick a restaurant for dinner on Tuesday. I told him about Eggberts and the Copan Truck Stop and even Tinker's Glasshouse in Bartlesville. He told me cost was no problem...I was to pick where we have dinner while he is here. I chose Tinker's Glass
house under those circumstances. Last time he was here, we had all our meals out. He said I was on vacation too.

More later....Oh yes, I am taking my laptop computer to John and Leslie's this afternoon.

By the way, this is what Ginger's "Sarge" looks like now. He is a Cowboy Corgi.

Image may contain: dog

There he is with Ginger.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and dog

Little cute chunk!

You know, I have been watching the CBS news. I like to record nearly everything I watch so I can skip through the commercials. I hate commercials.  And they are everywhere. When I was selling radio commercials, I tried hard to come up with commercials that made sense but were still attention catching. Most of the ones I see on TV are just aggravating. When I record the programs, I can just skip over them and watch the programming when I want to.

It used to be forbidden to advertise pharmaceuticals. But they dominate the commercials now and they can only be prescribed so why on earth they advertise them is just so the patient will ask the doctor for them.If you listen to the disclaimers, (and you should) they often have horrendous side effects such as cancer and other horrendous side effects. If I didn't just have to have the treatment, I would skip the med. I certainly wouldn't ask for it!

Rant over....

I couldn't figure out what to have for lunch so I just went on in to Independence to their Dairy Queen and had a blizzard. I forgot about the soup I had brought home. Then I looked around their Goodys shop for awhile before going on out to John and Leslie's. When I got to their home, Leslie showed me about the care of the dogs and also how to work their Dish remote.

They left about 4:00PM and I put my car in their garage and brought in my stuff.

About 5:00PM, I cooked some tomato basil soup and ate that for supper with some crackers. It was very good.

It's 5:25PM now
I sat and watched TV most of the evening. Every once in awhile I would go out and look for Hoover, their male Corgi. He never showed up. At 8:00PM, I took a bath and put my PJs on  and at 9:00PM, I went on to bed. Mini soon joined me. She slept next to me on the bed all through the night and I slept off and on...mostly on.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Thursday and Cleaning Day

The internet is very slow this morning.. I woke up early after a storm started early this morning with thunder and lightning. . I had no internet or TV signal. After I called Cox, they got the TV up but the internet is still very slow.  I have nothing in the den room at all and very little in the living room and I finally got my Echo back too.

I got the cat food out in the dish and in a lull in the storm the mom and one kitten came to eat some but then the storm started again and they left for shelter.

I want to clean today. Tomorrow afternoon I will go out to John and Leslie's to be there for the dogs...especially Mini and Raven, who are inside dogs.  They will be out of town until Sunday evening.

Strange...the only thing I am able to access on the internet on this laptop is my blog....nothing else.

Cox must have got the internet back to full speed. Now I am able to access the other sites.  It's 8:00AM now and still raining hard! I haven't started cleaning yet and probably won't until after the CBS news.

Everything seems to be working fine now. 

It's 8:40AM and still raining. I wonder if this is going to go on all day? CBS News is over at 10:00AM and I will begin cleaning then.

It's 11:40AM and I had to get hold of Cox to get some issues straightened out. I was cut off twice and finally reached a tech that I could hold onto.  I had to change my password for my account. I almost couldn't get the mail program to accept the new password. Aggravating! I am having the tech come out Monday afternoon to check if I could spend another $5.00 a month and get enough Wifi that I wouldn't have to use the USB wireless adapter to get online in the den. There is no charge for the check up. We will see.

I should start my cleaning I have wasted all morning.

More later...

I got my carpets vacuumed and my bare floors mopped this afternoon. So all I lack is dusting. I will do that in the morning. I may do my little dab of laundry too. I will wait and see. I will want to pack a few things to take to John and Leslie's for my two day stay makeup and a couple of changes of clothes.

I have had trouble off and on all afternoon getting my e-mail to stay connected. Cox changed my password today after they got the TV and internet up and running. It took me half a day to get everything going again. They have changed my password twice. Aggravating!!

It's 4:05PM now. At 5:00PM I will watch the news.

I watched the news....same old stuff..over and over again. Then I watched Dateline and came in the den to play solitaire.

It's 7:37PM now and I will go watch an episode of "Murder She Wrote" before I go to bed at 9:00PM. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Wednesday and Hair Day and Bunco

I woke up early after a very restless night. I slept just off and on after 1:00AM. The book I am reading disturbed my sleep. It's a free one and I am not going to finish it if it is going to disturb my sleep.

I texted Bob and we decided to have breakfast at Eggberts there in Coffeyville at 7:15AM.  I picked him up after going to the bank. We had our breakfast and when I took him back home, he loaded my banker's boxes back into my car for me to take back to store in my attic. Joanne had used them when she packed her daughter for her move to Sycamore Landing.

I went out to their Walmart and bought the groceries I needed and later went to Brahms for milk. I stopped at Paradise Tanning to get my hair done first. My appointment was at 10:00AM but Toni saw me out there in the reception room at shortly after 9:00AM and decided to go ahead and do me early. That meant I had three and a half hours before the bunco games began. I decided to come on back to Caney and put the groceries away and also the boxes back in the attic. I also wanted to call Atmos Energy and find out why I did not owe a bill in August. I found out it was because I paid twice in July. I paid the bill that was due in August on the 2nd on July 24th. So that even left me a small credit balance. It's 10:50AM now and I still have plenty of time. I will leave here for the 1:00PM bunco game about 12:30PM. By then, I will have the mail...if I get any. It is usually here by 11:30AM or so.

More later...

I got my newspapers  today in the mail and read them and did the crossword puzzle in the Reporter. At 12:30PM, I left for Coffeyville. I got there in time to play Bunco. Michele was supposed to provide the prizes but she is working on Wednesdays now and didn't bring the prizes. I am to bring them in September. I will get  them the last week in August at Dollar General or Hobby Lobby. Bunco is the first Wednesday of each month.

On the way through town I stopped and bought more pecans and also stopped at Sonic and bought a cherry limeade freeze.  

I got home about 3:30PM and deadheaded the flowers and watered them.

Nancy came by to see where I had been. She had come by several times to check me out.  I had not seen her since Monday at brunch.

It is 6:25PM now and I did break down and finish the book. I can't say I liked it. It was way too violent.

I will take my bath at 7:00PM and go to bed at 9:00PM. I hope I can sleep better tonight.  

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Tuesday and a Very Hot Day

I slept well last night and didn't wake up until before 6:00AM. I got up and dressed and ate my oatmeal and had my coffee.

I waited until 9:00AM to go out and trim. It was already pretty hot. The only time I went out after that was to go out to Dollar General for a few groceries. Other then that, I stayed in and read. I had a chicken pot pie for lunch and peach iced tea. Later I had some trail mix.

Suzanne called and asked me who I had to mow for me and I gave her the name and telephone number of the family. She has given up on Zeke, my neighbor, to keep their mowing up weekly and is going to have my mower mow their yard too and add it to their rent.

Leslie called me to see if I could keep Raven this next weekend. I had intended to do that here but after my neighbor told me they had been inundated with fleas, I thought I had better not.  Raven doesn't have fleas, I know. The kids use meds to prevent that. But I will instead go out to John and Leslie's and stay there from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening while they attend a retreat for Mission Center officers near Fayetteville, Ark..

I have no idea where their fleas came from. Alice certainly didn't have either a dog or a cat. Suzanne thinks they may have brought them in with their moving boxes. They have had an exterminator spray for them.

I tried to read this afternoon but fell asleep several times.

I read the Readers Digest as well as some of my new free Amazon book this afternoon. I am watching the news now. It is 5:55PM now.

I see John Vanatta is mowing next door now. He is the father of the girl who mowed my yard. He is using his riding mower. That grass is very high and that will make quite a mess.

More later...

I asked the girl to come in out of the heat. She was sitting in his pickup truck in the heat. She did come in. I gave her a glass of iced peach tea. After he had done the bulk of the mowing and the trimming, he  came and got the girl  to let her finish up. They charged $35.00 to mow that yard. They are only charging us $25.00 for mine. I don't know what the difference is except for the trimming and the fact that they used John's riding mower.

After they left, I read my book the rest of the afternoon.  In the evening, after my bath and before my bedtime, I watched another episode of "Murder She Wrote" on Amazon Prime.  I went to bed at 10:00PM.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Monday and a Poor Night's Sleep

I awoke at 1:00AM this morning and had a hard time getting back to sleep. Finally an hour later, I got up and took some Melatonin and after a long while, I finally got back to sleep.I slept until nearly 6:00AM. I got up and dressed for the day and ate my oatmeal and drank my coffee and Chai.

It's a little after 8:30AM now and all the news is about the two mass shootings this week...yesterday in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas the day before yesterday. These people are violent because it is a way to gain attention for their pet peeves. The President stokes their hate with his own. Pitiful! I watched the news until they started repeating it..over and over again.

This evening the Vanatta girl will be mowing my yard. I hope she does a good job. Leslie is paying for it. I will be here in case they need help with the mower. I think I will put the gas in it today sometime. The little ten year old said it is her time to mow. I have a hard time pushing the mower through the grass myself. I hope she can handle it.

Nancy just called and wants to go get breakfast. She will pick me up in a little while. She wants to go to the drugstore first. It will probably be at least 9:00AM before she gets here.  I didn't eat anything last evening at all so I guess another meal won't hurt me. All I had was a small bowl of oatmeal this morning.

More later...I'd better go watch for her...

Nancy called back to say she was feeling dizzy and asked if I could I did, of course. We had a brunch...that chicken salad and a muffin with fruit. I am plenty full now and probably will not eat again until mid afternoon.

We had a nice visit. Then at 10:40AM, I took her home. We went by the drug store to pick up her prescription but she had forgotten to call it in. So we went by her house so she could pick up the bottle and take it to the drug store.  Then I took her back home again.

Then I came on home. More later....

I watched several Dateline programs that I had recorded. I tried to download one of my free books from Amazon Prime but for some reason that did not work.

It's almost 2:00PM now . I did go ahead and fill the gas tank on the mower to get it ready for the kid that will be mowing this evening.  Now it's just a matter of her getting it mowed and the bag being emptied into the bag buddy and the bag being put into the trash.. It will be this evening after the mother comes home from work before they will actually do the mowing. The father is supposed to come do the trimming. The child doesn't know how to trim.

They came pretty late and the 15 year old did the mowing. She missed a lot but her dad was there too and he pointed out the places she missed and she went back over it.  They didn't trim though. Perhaps the mother didn't tell the dad he was supposed to do that.

I will do it in the morning.

I went to bed about 10:00PM after I watched  "Bull".

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Sunday and Coffeecake

I slept well last night and only woke up once. I got up at 5:30AM and got myself ready for church. I went ahead and had my oatmeal. I don't want to wait until 10:00AM to eat breakfast at church. That's way too late when you get up close to 5:00AM.

I am fixing my coffeecake, as usual though, and taking it for anyone who wants to take some. The little girls are still in Topeka with the other grandparents.

I have fed the cats the last of my cat food. I imagine they are still hungry but I didn't buy any more yesterday. In fact I didn't go to Dollar General at all yesterday. I did go to Independence but I didn't go into town...just to the Dairy Queen. It was raining there when I left the Dairy Queen.

Melissa cancelled Church School this morning for her 10:00AM breakfast. They don't come to Sunday School anyhow so I guess the class wasn't important to her.

 More later...

We had a good service for Communion Sunday including a short prayer meeting.  Melissa was in charge and she did a good job.

We filled our backpacks and as soon as I got the dishes cleaned up from the breakfast, I realized I couldn't fill the extra backpacks to suit those in charge so I just came home and worked on my newsletters. I have three to go out this week.

I went by Dollar General when I got back home and picked up some more Meow Mix for the cats and filled their bowls again. I also got some more yogurt for myself for supper. It's shortly after 1:00PM now and I will watch some news and recorded programs.

The mower will mow for me tomorrow evening and Leslie gave me the money to pay her this morning. I wondered how that was going to work out with Leslie paying for the job but Leslie evidently thought of that too.

More later....

I watched an episode of "Murder She Wrote" on Amazon Prime and then took my bath and later at 9:00PM, I went on to bed.  I was every tired.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Saturday and Some Kind of Atmos Energy Mixup

I got  a late notice on my Atmos Energy bill this morning. I checked and I had sent them $51.07 on July 24th when I paid Westar too. I tried to call customer service but they were not available on the weekend.  So I left a call back notice and maybe Monday I will get to the bottom of that. In the meanwhile, I scheduled them another small payment for the 6th....the first date available.  Curses on large utilities! I have no idea what is going on.

I slept well last night and got up about 5:30AM. I dressed and had my oatmeal and watched the weather. I also fed the mama cat and two of her babies. They had emptied the bowl sometime in the night. I refilled it and they came back. That's what they were waiting for. It rained so much yesterday that they were unable to come eat or they would have been soaked.

I never did clean yesterday so I will definitely have to do it today.  I have a small laundry in and it needs to be put in the dryer now. I will get back to this after I do that.

I got that back to the news.

I am not sure what Melissa wants us to do about breakfast tomorrow. We are to take what we want to eat for breakfast to church tomorrow if I understand what she wants. I will just take my oatmeal if that is the case. We are to skip the church school class altogether and eat breakfast at 10:00AM. then have our communion service at 11:00AM and after that, pack our backpacks with school supplies. I would just as soon skip breakfast at 10:00AM. I eat much earlier then 10:00AM since I am up at 5:00AM. Very confusing!

More later...

This has been a weird summer. My allergies are  wild! I sneeze constantly. I don't take anything for them because I recently read the report from the Alzheimer's Conference and they warn that antihistamines and sleep aids can cause dementia. So I am avoiding all those. Allergy meds really don't do much for my allergies anyhow.

More later...

Nancy called about 9:30AM and wanted to go have breakfast. I agreed if she would let me pay for it this time. She dressed and then let me know she was ready and I picked her up. By then it is 10:00AM so I had brunch and she just had lunch.

Then we visited at her house for awhile and she wanted me to drive buy their church to see if they were working over there. So we did that. No one was there.

We drove around and looked at various homes she knew about and knew who lived there. Then I took her home and came on back home to do my housework, which I had procrastinated doing for two days. I have the bare floors wiped and moped now and will soon vacuum and dust.  I may go up to Joyce's after awhile and get a milk shake. It would be 1:30PM or 2:00Pm before I will not be too full from brunch. But it will sound good then!   I will see if Nancy is interested then.

More later....I had better vacuum before I lose the incentive again.

Well, I finally got the apartment cleaned.  Then I drove up to Independence and got myself a Blizzard at the Dairy Queen....yum!

It's 7:00PM now and time for my bath so more later....

I watched Dateline and then  played some solitaire and at 8:55PM, I went on to bed.

Friday, August 2, 2019

Friday and House Cleaning

Today I must clean the apartment. Instead of my regular cleaning yesterday, I read in my latest book.  I am still not finished with the book but I am close. I had to charge the Kindle last night.

I did not sleep all that well last night. Again, I had too much on my mind to turn it off. I awoke at 12:30AM and did not get back to sleep until sometime after 2:30AM. For some strange reason, my feet got cold and even after I covered them up with an afghan, they were still cold. Strange! When I finally did get back to sleep, I did sleep until 6:30AM though.

I have got myself ready for the day, had my oatmeal and coffee and am trying to catch up all the things I didn't get done yesterday. Luckily, before this rain began, I got my backpack and school supplies bought at Walmart at Independence. I don't get my social security until the 14th this month and that will be  a long stretch.

It is pouring down rain out there so I have not seen any of the feral cats this morning.

Suzanne came about lunch time and picked up the rent check.  They are camping with their grandsons. Part of the guttering in front is coming down and she said she would tell Steve about that. I think the rain must have done that. I don't recall seeing it earlier.  

More later....

The rain finally stopped.

Then about 11:30AM I went out to Eggberts to have lunch. I didn't know what to have for lunch and that sounded good! I ran onto Kelly out there and he had me sit with him. We visited until 2:00PM.  He had a lot on his mind.  When I got home, I ate some of the strawberries Nancy brought me yesterday.

I got home about 2:25PM and as soon as I put my car away, my neighbor drove into my drive. Now my car is trapped.  If I want to get out again, I will have to raise my neighbors to ask them to move that car.

Luckily, just as I was about to go ask them to move their car, they moved it without me having to ask them.

Then the mother of my new yard person came and got my phone number and gave me hers. Her name is Krystal. I am to text her when I would like the yard mowed. It will probably be Tuesday evening next week...if the rains clear up.  Krystal says her husband will come with the girls and she says he will do the trimming. The girls are not familiar with a trimmer.

It's almost 5:00PM now and I will go watch the news.

I watched the news and then Dateline until 7:00PM when I took my bath and got myself ready for bed. At 9:00PM, I went on to bed. I never did get the house cleaning done.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Thursday and Housework Day

I slept well last night and got up about 6:30AM and dressed and had my oatmeal and coffee and my chai.

The mother cat was eating the cat food when I got into the living room. When she finished, soon after the little yellow kitten I hadn't seen for  a couple of weeks came and ate too. They all drink the water I set out. I have not seen any of the gray kittens today.

It appears that Leslie is going to have my yard mowed in August. She evidently thinks I will overheat trying to do it myself.  I think I could manage it but I appreciate her concern and help.

I will do housework today. Thursday is my usual day to do that. I don't have anything else on the agenda so will probably go back to reading my latest Kindle book, "A Woman of No Importance". So far it is an interesting piece of unknown history about an American woman who was a very important spy in France during the Second World War.

It evidently rained some last night. Now it is thundering again so maybe it will rain even more.

I was correct. It is pouring down rain now and shortly after 7:40AM . 

I will get back to this later.

After it stopped raining, I decided I had better go to Independence and get the school supplies for the Caney Lincoln Elementary School while I could.  I got there and could not find any Caney list. The department manager said they did not send it out. He had it on his phone and copied it off for me.

I went by the Dairy Queen there and had a medium blizzard for my lunch. I love those things! I read my Kindle while I ate.  The sun is shining now.

Suzanne is coming tomorrow to get the rent. So it was either today or Saturday to get the school supplies.

I will go watch the news now. back later...

I ate some meatloaf for my supper and then read most of the afternoon. The Schwan's man came but I didn't need a thing. I took a catalog over to my neighbor. She didn't answer the door so I left it on her mailbox. It is 5:35PM now I will watch the news then get back to my book.

I will do my housework tomorrow.  Maybe I will get my book finished today.I almost finished he new book, The end few chapters were not as interesting as the rest and my Kindle needed charging so I didn't get to finish it before bedtime.

At 7:30PM, I took my bath and at 9:00PM, I went on to bed.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Wednesday and My Hairdo

I got up later then nearly 6:30AM. I texted Bob A, but didn't hear anything out of him. So I texted him again and still didn't hear anything. I became a little concerned so I called him. It took two calls...but he had slept later too and was in the shower.  So I went over to Coffeyville a little early this morning and picked him up and he and I had breakfast at Eggberts.

I had got up at sometime after 6:00AM...late for me.  I got there at 7:00AM. and we ate and caught up on news. Then I took him home and went out to Walmart and got what few groceries I couldn't get at Dollar General here.

Then I drove to the shop and was going to sit in the car and read until my appointment but Toni saw me out there and was able to get me in early for my hair appointment so I got back home fairly early.

I watched some news on TV and then read the rest of my book "The Pioneers" and started the new one. These are markdowns on Kindle from Amazon Prime. This one is called "A Woman of No Importance". It is about a woman spy during the second world war and is a true but little known story. It is far.

Nancy came by mid morning and we visited for awhile. Then she had some errands she needed to run and left. I was going to trim but then my trimmer battery needed to be charged and that takes awhile. So I have it on the charger now and will still need to do the trimming tomorrow.

Keith called and visited with me awhile. He is getting ready to leave again... first to go to Ft. Dix in New Jersey on August 12th and then to Ethiopia for 15 days from August 30th through September 14th. He loves to travel. I'm glad Esther doesn't mind. 

Two little girl's and their mother, one 10 years old and one 15 years old, came by at Leslie's directions this afternoon and checked out my yard for mowing. Leslie thinks I need to have my yard mowed in August. She thinks I might get heat exhaustion if I try to do it myself.  Their price is fair enough. They plan to take turns with the mowing. They both want to buy an "I" phone with their earnings.

I fixed some Taquitos for  my lunch this afternoon. I wasn't terribly hungry after my big breakfast this morning.

It's 3:30PM now and I will soon get back to my new book. The day has flown by.

My trimmer finished charging and so I got the trimming finished after all. I took my old worn broom out and swept off the patio area.

Now tomorrow is my cleaning day and I hope to get all that finished. It is 4:40PM now and I will go watch the news soon. I watched the news until it was finished and then turned off the TV and read my new book on Kindle.

At 7:00PM, I took my bath and read some more and then at 8:45PM, I went on to bed.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Tuesday and a Plan to Mow

I got up at my usual time this morning and dressed and had my oatmeal and coffee and am working on my chai now.

I hope to be able to mow the west side of my yard this morning at or before 8:00AM before it gets too terribly hot.

It's only 6:10AM now. So I have a while. I got some of the trimming done yesterday afternoon.  Maybe I can finish it today too. I think the battery in the trimmer may need to be charged.

I don't have any particular plan for today except that mowing and trimming.

So, more later...

I went out about 7:20AM and mowed the west yard. It's 7:45AM now so that didn't take long. It is 69 degrees out there so I didn't even break a sweat. I will still have to finish my trimming  but that won't take long. I will do that later after the grass completely dries.

 Image may contain: tree, plant, grass and outdoor

So, more even later...

I watched the news and then played some solitaire and finally fixed myself a microwave lunch and an ice cream bar. Then I put my towels and underwear in the laundry to wash.

I put away the trash can after it was emptied and swept off the walks.  Everything looks neat again now.  I did some weeding behind the hedge too,. 

Then I noticed the desktop computer was slowing down again so I rebooted it and that seemed to help.

I wonder if Keith got the Bloggers Spot blog up and running again so I guess I wall check it out after I fold out my laundry.

Nope! He still hasn't got it up yet! I wonder what the problem is?

I checked again later and he did have it up and running so I caught up the blogging on that site.  I will do today after today is over sometime this evening.

I need to go water my flowerbed now. So...more later...

Well, I deadheaded  the flowers and watered the flowerbed. I was going to trim out there but it's much too hot right now. I will do it this evening after it cools down a bit. It is 88 degrees right now but feels much hotter then that.

It never did cool off enough to trim. I will have to do it sometime tomorrow.

I read my Kindle until bedtime and finished the book. Then I took my bath and went on to bed at 9:00PM

Monday, July 29, 2019

Monday and Rain Last Night

I slept well last night. I did wake up once but after going to the bathroom, I got back to sleep until 5:00AM, my regular get up time.

I thought I heard thunder once or twice in the night but until it gets light I really can't tell for sure if it rained. I have dressed and had my breakfast. If it didn't rain, I will want to finish my mowing and trim. It is past 6:00AM now and I just looked out. It doesn't look like it rained. After awhile I will go out and check how wet the grass is...that will tell me for sure.

I don't have another plan for the day. I have watched the weather and had my coffee and  am working on my Chai now. I may just read my Kindle.

I am going to have to get some descaler for my Keurig. It is stopping up again. It has been a long while since I descaled it. Using filtered water like I do, I am not sure why that is necessary.

More later....

After it got really light I saw that it had rained. I guess I won't be mowing that west side yard today after all....maybe tomorrow or if it cools down this afternoon..

More later...

I did go out and do "some" trimming but it got too hot to stay out long.

I came back in to watch the CBS news. I saw a story there about a study that shows a relationship between Benadryl and sleep aids and dementia.  Every once in awhile I take Benadryl when I can't sleep or when my sinus's are draining,. I won't do that anymore. I have enough memory problems without even taking a chance on making them worse. Over-the-counter allergy meds were also named. Luckily, I don't take any of those.

I went over to Nancy's at about 11:00AM and she was still in her nightgown and hadn't been out of the house for several days. I took her some coffeecake. Then I told her I was going to eat lunch. She asked if I would wait until she got dressed so she could go too and I told her, "of course" I would. While she got herself ready,  I read my Kindle. She was ready in no time and we went to Eggberts and had breakfast. The omelet looked better then the lunch I had planned to have so we both had an omelet. She picked up the tab. I had intended to pay but she beat me to the punch!

I took her back home when we finished and her cousin, Dale, was there.  She asked him to stay and I left to give them a chance to visit. I waved at Dale.

When I got home I picked up my mail and my new shoe bag had come. It's one of these that hangs over the door. I had bought some newer sandals when some my old ones were donated to the grass mowing duty.

It's 1:35PM now and I will go watch the program that I recorded this morning. So, more later...

Karen Rankin, who used to have Nanny La Rose in Independence came by this afternoon and visited until 6:20.  I should have recorded the news but we were visiting and I forgot to do that. I'll see what I can find now.  I know I have scheduled one program, "Bull"  for this evening, but I will probably watch it live unless it cools off enough for me to mow the west side.

At 7:00PM, I will take my bath and then I plan to go to bed as usual at 9:00PM.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Sunday and Church

I slept well last night. I did get up before 5:00AM though. I dressed and put out extra food for the cats. They were waiting for me to re-fill their bowl. I also gave then fresh water. There are still only two gray kittens and the mama. Maybe someone caught the others.

I have had my coffee and oatmeal and watched the weather. I even have the coffeecake in the oven and it's only 5:55AM. The coffeecake has 20 minutes more to bake. Then I will ice it. I am taking zip lock bags this morning too. I never know how many will show up for church school. I will bag up the leftovers and send them home with church attenders. I will save one for Nancy.

It's about time to get the coffeecake out of the oven so I will get back to this after I check it out. It still has another ten minutes to go. So more later...

O.K. The coffeecake is out and cooling. I will ice it when it is cool. Bob texted me that he would like to go to "Just Us" for lunch. He has six gift certificates that Diana gave him for his birthday. I'm game! It's the end of the month and I imagine he is nearly out of money and just has enough left for his Blue Cross/Blue Shield payment on Monday.  He does get his social security on the 3rd of the month though. I don't get mine in August until the 14th...that is the second Wednesday of the month. That's almost halfway through the month.

More later....

I left for church about 8:30AM and took the cups I had bought, the coffeecake and creamer too.  I stopped and washed my car first.When I got to church I realized I had forgotten my church key. I texted Bob and asked him to come on out with his and he said he was on his way.  I am going to keep mine in my car too like Bob does and that way I won't have to remember to pick it up before I leave. I had three pieces of coffeecake left and I have put them in zip lock bags to keep for Nancy and myself.

The sermon was good. Johnna does a good job.

When I got home I got three newsletters ready and out on the mailbox to be picked up in the morning. Then I watched some weather and Amazon Prime.TV. About 6:00PM, I decided to mow. It may rain tonight and I got the front and back done. If it doesn't rain tonight I will do the west side in the morning. I also need to trim. I will do that tomorrow too.

It's 7:00PM now and I need to take my bath. Luckily, I recorded 60 Minutes. I will watch it after I take my bath.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Saturday and Laundry

I had some trouble sleeping last night until I took Melatonin again. Then I slept until after 5:00AM. I got up and got myself ready for the day, had my breakfast and started my laundry of my sheets, underwear, and the cloths I used to dust yesterday. They are in the dryer now.

Mama cat and two of her babies have been eating and drinking water out front. Three of her babies seem to have disappeared. I haven't seen them regularly. These two often come with her.

The only plan I have for today is to finish this laundry and re-make the bed and then later, for lunch, I will go up to Gabbys.  That's Joyce, Karan M's stepdaughter. Sometimes Karen there and we visit. Karen K is lonely, has no children, is divorced, and has few friends.

I haven't seen Nancy since Monday. She went to the doctor in Bartlesville with Dale, her cousin, on Tuesday. She said they didn't find any reason why she is sick to her stomach so often. She drinks an awful lot of coffee. That may have something to do with it.

More later....I believe my sheets are dry.

I got my bed remade and everything else put away.  So the apartment is clean and the laundry is done. I need a few things from the Dollar General store...not much, but some. I will go later.... after they open.I believe they open at 9:00AM.

I went to Dollar General at 9:00AM and bought the few things I needed. I worked on my talk some more and also rebooted the desktop computer. It had begun freezing up again. Re-booting fixed it this time.

Later I was going up to Gabby's for lunch again but she was closed so I decided to go to Independence for lunch. It had been ages since I had had a personal pan pizza at Big Cheese. Afterward I went to Dairy Queen and had a blizzard. It was great! With all I had eaten at that time, I didn't need another thing to eat this evening.

While I was there, I also bought gasoline. I was down to 4 gallons.

I read my book this afternoon and also deadheaded and watered my flowers.

I took my bath at 7:00PM. I am listening to music right now while I do my blog. At 9:00PM, I will go on to bed.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Friday and Some Housework

I slept well until 2:00AM when I awoke to go to the bathroom. Then I had trouble getting back to sleep. Finally I got up and took some melatonin and that helped. I slept until nearly 5:00AM.

I dressed and had my oatmeal and chai. Then chatted some with Bob A to see if he was doing alright. He was. Joanne's daughter is moving into Sycamore Landing today. I hope that will be a good move.

I will try to get some housework done today. I mostly read and watched TV yesterday...very unhealthy! I did deadhead my flower beds. That's about the only work I did. Today, I will dust, mop  and run the vacuum cleaner.

So more later...I had better get started.

Well, I got my floors washed and all the carpet vacuumed and also dusted everything. The place looks pretty neat. I haven't eaten lunch yet and it's 1:40PM.

I got hold of Suzanne and Steve, my landlords, about my toilet.  After it is flushed, the tank doesn't refill. I have been taking my plastic bathroom trash container and filling it with water to pour into the tank to flush. Suzanne is sending a plumber by to fix it this evening. 

Always something... but with a landlord, I am not responsible to have everything repaired myself.

More later...

The plumber came about 3:30PM and had it fixed in about 5 minutes. He said there was a lot of dirt in Caney water and that dirt builds up in the part that needs to be clear. So he just changed it out. Now I know I will drink bottled water.

It's almost 4:00PM now.

I heard from Dean, my classmate from 1953, this afternoon. He will come sometime after August 13th when school starts in Topeka. I have a dental appointment on the 13th so he will come sometime after that.We will go to Bartlesville and eat out and then on to Woolaroc. Dean hasn't been there since he was 6 years old and he didn't appreciate it then. He wants to see if it is something he will be impressed with now at 83. So we will go out there. Bob and I took Ashley out there when she stayed with us when she was in high school.

It's almost 5:00PM now so I will go watch the news for awhile. At 7:00PM, I will take my bath  and at 9:00PM, I will go to bed.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Thursday and Apartment Cleaning and Laundry Day

I got up this morning shortly before 5:00AM and dressed and fed the cats and myself.  I have had my breakfast too and my coffee and am now enjoying my Chai.

Later on this morning I want to vacuum the apartment and I will put the towels, underwear and my p.j.s in to wash soon.

That was so much fun yesterday at the New Theater in Kansas City. The place was packed and the meal was very good. Phyllis and I even split dessert.

I plan to basically stay home today. I have plenty to do. It's still nice and cool in the mornings. It's almost 6:00AM now and only 63 degrees. The yard has all been mowed and looks good.

I do need to go to the Dollar General store later after it opens. I am almost out of yogurt. That's what I have for supper.

Strange...when I went to flush the stool this morning  there was no water in the tank. I filled my wastebasket with water and filled it so I could flush. Then the tank filled up. I wonder what's with that?? More mysteries.

More later...

Ginger and Scott's new home is coming right along!

 Image may contain: house, sky, mountain, outdoor and nature

I can hardly wait to see it finished!

This afternoon I have tried and tried to figure out how to delete some programs that were recorded from U Tube on my Tivo. I simply cannot find the way to do that.  I finally just gave up and did the crossword puzzle in the Reporter.

It's a little past 2:00PM now and I cannot get interested in vacuuming. I will do it tomorrow.

More later...

I played solitaire for awhile on the computer and went over to Nancy's to see if she  was any better today. She said she was. When I went over to see her, she was having her lawn mowed and trimmed. She had an appointment at 2:00 and it was already 2:34PM So, she had been napping and had to rush around to get there at all.

When I got home I worked on the Sunday September 1st communion service. I also worked awhile on my talk for that day.

Later I watched an episode of "Murder She Wrote" on  Amazon Prime around 6:30PM and then took my bath and got into my p.j.s. I plan to go on to bed at 9:00PM.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Wednesday and a Trip to the Dinner Theater

I had this post all finished and when I attempted to save it, it didn't save. So here goes again.

I got up early again this morning. I woke up shortly before 4:00AM and went to the bathroom and then when I went back to bed, I couldn't get back to sleep. So shortly after 4:00AM, I just got up. No sense just lying there.

I dressed and got myself ready for a big day. I had my breakfast and watched the weather.  Now I am sitting here dealing with this blog and drinking my Chai. The dinner theater is in Kansas City, at Overland Park so it will be a fairly long trip.

I saw the mama cat out there eating the food I had left. She ran off when I went to sit in the recliner. Later, after I got my Chai and went back to sit down the little yellow kitten was eating. He/she ran away when I came into the room.

I will leave for the Independence ICC west parking lot at 6:45AM. Sherry wants to load the bus and leave at 7:25AM. I don't want to be the one to hold her up. I hope Phyllis and Karan aren't late. They are coming from Coffeyville.

Scott called and I was a little later getting away. But I wanted to talk to him. It had been a couple of weeks. I had hoped to go down to Nashville for Thanksgiving or Christmas  but they are going to Iowa to Ginger's mother's for Thanksgiving and having their kids and their families down to their new home for Christmas. So, maybe another time.

None of us were late...we all got there in plenty of time to board the bus.

More later....Here are the three of us at the New Theater in Overland Park. It is the largest dinner theater in the states and it was packed! We had a great time and a wonderful meal!

 Image may contain: 3 people, including Karan Lee Musick-Maritt, people smiling, people standing

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting

Karan took this one on the bus on the way up there.

I got home about 7:30PM and was exhausted . I had been up very early. It was after 8:00PM before I had my bath. I went to bed at 9:00PM. A big.... but fun day!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Tuesday and Mowing and A Hair Day

Today will be busy. I have several things I want to do. I got up early again this morning and dressed and had my breakfast.

At 7:00AM I want to mow the west side of my yard.  I got a little of it done yesterday evening before I played out. I got the front and back finished although I still have to trim. I have a different beauty shop time today. Toni changed it to 9:00AM.

After my appointment I want to go out to Rick's job site and find out what has happened to those kids. They haven't been to church for three weeks. Rick doesn't answer my texts and so I want to go by the truck business this morning and see if I can learn what has happened. All of us have really missed them. The last I heard, their granddaughter was diagnosed with scarlet fever and was in the hospital in Alabama.  The first week they were gone to Alabama to check on her. But that was just the first week. They haven't come back the last two weeks. I am really concerned.

More later....

I saw two small kittens eating out of the bowl this morning...but no mama cat. 

Here's another photo from my eldest son, Keith's, morning walks. He is still in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

 Image may contain: cloud, sky and outdoor

Interesting looking place, isn't it?

I got the west side of my yard mowed and it only took me 20 minutes.

Image may contain: tree, grass, outdoor and nature

I started at 7:05AM and ended twenty minutes later.  It is the largest part of my yard. Now that is done for another five days or a week. Last week I did it on Tuesday too. Of course, I did the front and the back yesterday on Monday. 

I will leave for Coffeyville and my hair appointment at 8:20AM and it's only 7:35AM right now. So I have awhile.

More later...

I got over  to Coffeyville in time to go to the bank and get my week's supply of cash and then on to the beauty shop. After she finished my hair and cut it, I used part of the money to pay Toni and afterward went to Walmart to get some small Styrofoam coffee cups and creamer for the Church School class. Then I went out to Rick's office and got a hug from Rick. It seems they were camping last weekend. He thinks they will be in town for church next Sunday. I hope so. We have really missed those kids.

Then I dropped by Karan's to give her some shoes I had bought a couple of years ago that I could not wear. I had them on twice but they had no arch support so I could not wear them. She wears the same size as I do so I just passed them on to her. She liked them!

Then I came on home. I couldn't think of anything to have for lunch so I went out to Eggberts and had my favorite lunch...chicken salad on a bed of lettuce and a dish of fruit and a warm muffin. With iced tea that made a nice healthy lunch for $10.15. When I got home I had an ice cream bar for dessert.

I have been reading my latest book on the kindle. Then I went out to deadhead the flowers in the above ground flower box that John made for me.

I have also been listening to songs by Kenny Rogers on my Amazon Echo Alexa.

I watched a Dateline show that I had recorded and after that, I went on to bed at 9:00PM..

Monday, July 22, 2019

Monday and Rain

Thunder woke me up last night and then I heard the rain. That cooled everything off. It's supposed to be just in the 80's this week. That will be a welcome relief after a week or so of the high 90's. I slept well until 4:45AM and then just got up. If it's cool enough tomorrow morning, I will mow. I get my hair done tomorrow afternoon around 3:00PM.

Then on Wednesday we three (Karan, Phyllis and me) are looking forward to the dinner theater at Overland Park. It's 22 miles from here to Independence where we meet the bus at ICC west so I will leave shortly before 7:00AM Wednesday morning. Sherry will start loading the bus at 7:25AM.

I saw the three cats (mama and three kittens) again this morning. They were eating from the dish out front as usual. John told me yesterday that I was creating a problem by feeding these feral cats. l hate to just let the little critters starve but I can't catch them. They are very skittery. The mama cat hisses and spits at me and usually growls too if I even get near her. The kittens just run away. They are all terrified....but hungry. When I moved here, mama cat was skin and bones. That's why I started feeding her. Then in June, she had those five kittens. Even if I could catch them I don't know what I would do with them. There is no pound or shelter here that I am aware of and certainly no animal catcher.

More later....

I received the book I bought for Nancy on Amazon so I took her that, some coffeecake and a book package to send the book to David, her son. She has been sick to her stomach for three days. I also took her some Pepto Bismo.

She needs to see a doctor but she resists that suggestion. I think she is in denial.

I went out and mowed the front and the back and a part of the west side this afternoon. It was hot but there was a breeze and I will finish the west side tomorrow morning about 8:00AM before I go to Coffeyville to have my hair done. Toni called this afternoon and moved my appointment up to 9:00AM.

 Image may contain: grass, tree, outdoor and nature

This is the front.

Image may contain: grass, house, outdoor and nature

And this is the back. I may need to buy a sprinkler for August. I guess it depends on how much rain we get in August.

I checked on feral cat rescues in Kansas and they are all in the city.. ..Wichita and Kansas City mostly.

The big yellow male that is the father of the yellow kitten, was here eating the food in the owl. He belongs to the people at the house on the corner of Spring and 8th.

So, I will just continue feeding them.  I can't catch them or I would put some gloves on and try to catch the mama cat and have her neutered.

It's 6:00PM now and I will take my bath about 7:00PM which is my usual bath time. Then I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM.