Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Tuesday and Another Quiet Day

I awoke about  1:30AM this morning and was going to have trouble getting back to sleep. So I got up and took three melatonin tablets and got right back to sleep. I slept until 5:00AM, when I had my sleep out. I got up and dressed and got myself ready for the day .  When I came in the living room and opened the front door, I had two cats waiting for the food. So I opened the second bag of cat food and filled their dishes. They seem to be filled and gone now. Then I fixed my coffee and oatmeal and had my own breakfast.

I watched the weather channel until the "Weather on the Eights" came on and then got this laptop to blog. I will probably read today. I want to check with the Caney library and see if they have the latest John Gresham book  "The Guardian", Coffeyville has three copies but they're all out and I am eighth on the waiting list.

I need to remember to set my trash container out at the curb. I have missed the past two weeks.and it is full. In fact, I have had to take two bags to the car wash and use their large dumpster. I washed my car while I was there.

I set my trash out and this time it was emptied. After awhile I warmed up some of that Chicken enchilada casserole from Sunday's basket dinner and ate that for lunch with iced tea.  The mail came and I had a couple of health newsletters to read and the Reporter. It's a little after 1:30PM now and I have read everything including some of the book I bought last week, "Silence Is Not The Answer". It has some good information in it.

I was going to walk up to the library but the wind is blowing hard and I have been blowing my nose all morning. I will just stay in.  Allergies!!

More later...

Monday, October 21, 2019

Monday and a Trip to Chanute

I got up early this morning and got myself ready for the day. I did a load of laundry and dried and put it away. Then I texted Gay to see if she had plans for the day. She didn't. So I asked her to meet me for lunch. I had cancelled our last lunch because it was raining and I didn't really want to drive up there in the rain. And she was agreeable.  So I fed the cats and kittens and then checked out my Dallas classmates to see if everyone was alright and all of them were. Then I took off for Chanute at 10:00AM.  It was a beautiful day and after we ate lunch, Gay and I went out to their Walmart and she bought curtain rods and new curtains for two rooms of her home.

On the way up there, a truck passed me and threw mud all over my clean car..windshield and all. I was very aggravated!  So on the way home, I stopped in Independence and washed the car...again.

Then I came on back home and got here about 4:00PM. I checked my mail and came in the den to catch up my blog. .

More later...

This is the gray mama cat and the yellow daddy cat of those kittens.

Image may contain: dog, cat and outdoor

There are four gray kittens and one yellow kitten in that litter.

More even later...

Here are a couple of the gray kittens with the mama cat.

Image may contain: cat and outdoor

They are so cute!

More later...

At 7:00PM, I watched an episode of "Murder She Wrote" on Amazon Prime and then took my bath and re-bandaged my right big toe. Then at 9:00PM, I went on to bed..

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Sunday and An Early Rising

I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't get back to sleep. I was considering that casserole dish I am making for the dinner at church this morning. I had never made it before but I had spent a lot of money on ingredients so I felt I should make it up. Finally, about 2:30AM, I gave up and just got up.

I worked on that complicated casserole until 4:00AM when I put it in the oven. It has to bake an hour. And I will have to warm it up in the oven at the church before the dinner. It is a chicken enchilada casserole. Suzanne gave me a small casserole of it that she had made a couple of weeks ago. It was very good. There was enough of it that I shared it with Nancy and she liked it too and asked me to get the recipe from Suzanne. I hope mine is as good or I will be eating it for a week or sharing it with Nancy again.

I will certainly need a nap this afternoon.

I used the last of my milk in the casserole, keeping just enough out for my oatmeal. I had that and my coffee too after I put the casserole in the oven. I will need to go into Coffeyville to Brahms to get more milk after church. One thing about Brahm's milk. I have never had it sour on me. I only use milk with my oatmeal in the mornings so I don't use a lot. It lasts me a long time.

We are forecast for heavy fog this morning and it isn't supposed to clear up until 10:00AM. I hope our guest minister can make it. I also hope I can make it!

More later....

I saw another post from Scott with this lovely photo of their new home...all moved in!

 Image may contain: house, sky, grass, outdoor and nature

Isn't that pretty? And now they are working on the pool.

This is day 1 on the pool and hot tub!

Image may contain: sky, tree, outdoor, water and nature

I am really looking forward to seeing it all!

More later....

It is 5:00AM now and the casserole is out of the oven and it is bubbling hot! It looks good but we will have to wait to see. I have it cooling now on the stove burner. I will go get dressed and  get ready for church. I may have to skip church school this morning because of the fog. We will see!

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Saturday and a Good Night's Sleep

I slept well last night and got up between 5:00AM and 6:00AM.  I have dressed and got myself ready for the day and had my oatmeal and coffee and Chai. I watched the weather until after the "Weather on the 8's" came on and then came in to the computer to read the news and watch Shields and Brooks on PBS online. I also looked up the treatment for spinal stenosis...that is what my brother-in-law Bob has been diagnosed with. There is a minimal surgery for it and Dr. Hsu can do it if all else fails.

I don't really have a plan for today. I do need to get cat food again and also need the med I occasionally take for leg cramps. It is from Hyland's and you simply put one under your tongue and when it dissolves, your leg cramps are gone.  I used the last pill night before last. I seldom have that problem but when I do, I really need that particular med.

I may go up to Joyce's for lunch or at least a milk shake.  I do have several
frozen Schwan's dinners and can eat one of those. I will play it by ear. I haven't seen Nancy since Wednesday evening. But I have been busy with other things too.

Several of the cats have been over to eat. First it was the yellow kitten and one of the gray kittens and now it is mama cat. The Dollar General doesn't open until 8:30AM  and it is only 6:45AM right now so any other kittens that come will have to wait.

More later....

I went to Dollar General and bought another couple of bags of cat food.  I also bought some more Halloween candy. Now I hope someone comes or I will end up eating it all.

Nancy dropped by awhile ago. She was taking her car in for an oil change. She doesn't know how long it's been since she had that done. We have a new mechanic in town now so maybe she can keep better track of it. Brandon told me he was good too. He knows him. Brandon works for Gary...my mechanic over at Coffeyville.

I fixed myself a Schwan's frozen dinner for lunch and then treated myself to an ice cream bar.

In the morning I will fix that casserole dish for the basket dinner after the service tomorrow. If I have time, I will make my coffeecake too. Otherwise, it will just be that casserole.  Laura Grotheer will be our guest minister and take care of the election of our pastors as well as preach. The theme is "Stand For Justice".

I watched another episode of "Murder She Wrote" and  then took my bath and went to bed at 8:30PM. I was very tired.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Friday and a Two Dollar Meal

I had a problem getting to sleep last night and ended up taking a Benadryl pill. My allergies are going crazy. I slept like a log after that. Unfortunately most allergy pills have the side effects of memory problems. I prefer not to take them unless absolutely necessary..

I will go over to Coffeyville about 10:30 for their $2.00 chili lunch at the senior center. They serve it from 11:00AM until 12:30PM. Asbury Village fixes the meal the third Friday of every month. They charge $2.00 for their lunch and then they donate the money to the senior center. It's a great service. The lunch is always good too. The fellowship is also good.

I really don't have anything else to do while I am there. But a $2.00 lunch is hard to pass up. I will ask Nancy if she wants to go too.

More later...

I tried to call Nancy at 10:00 but no one answered. Whether she was asleep or just gone somewhere, I didn't know. It rang six times and then went to a busy signal. I went by her house but the front door was closed...a pretty good sign she was gone. So I went on to Coffeyville without her.

I took the lists of classmates and deceased classmates by Jeannie's store (Isham's hardware) and visited with Dinger and her until time to go to the lunch at the senior center. Before I left, she gave me $25.00 for doing the class newsletter,. I told her that wasn't necessary but she insisted she wanted to give me a contribution for doing the newsletter all those years. That was really nice of her.

At 11:00AM, I went onto the lunch. It was chili freeto pie and a large cinnamon roll with iced tea...

It is 1:15PM now and I just got home and got my mail. I will read the Reporter now. So more later...

I did the crossword puzzle in the Reporter and then played a few games of solitaire and now will go try to read my new book for awhile.

Suzanne called about 4:00PM and asked me to go to Sonic and get a cherry limeade drink with her.  I was glad for the chance to spend some time with Suzanne. I always enjoy my visits with her. She had taken Nancy and her five girl friends to Tulsa to eat at a special restaurant there. That must have been where Nancy was this morning. Suzanne told me this was the second time she had been asked to do that.

She brought me home about an hour later and we walked around the yard and looked everything over. For the second time, my gate to the back yard was left open. It is hard to open so I don't know how that could have happened unless someone deliberately opened it. I didn't even mow the back yard this week. It didn't need it. It has not grown. The only reason I mowed the front this week was to finish getting rid of the leaves.  It's a real mystery.

We also walked around and looked over Kylie's yard. They would like to have that tree taken down but I don't think Suzanne wants to lose it. It is looking pretty good since Kylie and I cut up that branch that fell down off it yesterday and put it in the trash.

Well, it is bath time so I had better take it and get my PJs on and watch another episode of "Murder She Wrote". I think this is the last season that they produced that show so I am not sure what I will watch after I finish watching this season's programs.

Then after that, I will go to bed at 9:00PM.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Thursday and Housecleaning Day and Laundry

I was up shortly after 4:00AM. I slept well though. I stripped my bed, did the laundry, dried it and remade the bed. I have also had my coffee, oatmeal and Chai and fed the cats. It's only 6:22AM now. I will clean my bare floors after awhile and vacuum too. I dusted day before yesterday so I am ahead of the game.

I ran off a copy of the classmates list for Jeannie and also a copy of the deceased classmates. She is not online so she does not have this information.  I will take these to her tomorrow when I go back to Coffeyville for the $2.00 lunch at the senior center.

That's all I hope to get done today.

I haven't had any more trouble with my TV. It worked fine last night and even this morning. It may have just been a fluke. I'm pretty sure it was the Tivo though. I noticed day before yesterday that I could no longer fast forward through the commercials on the programs I had recorded. Weird...I even thought the remote might need new batteries.  But for now, anyhow, everything is working fine.

More later...

About 8:30AM I went out and raked the leaves in my front yard into little piles. I am hoping they will dry out later today and I can vacuum them up.
Image may contain: tree, grass, sky, outdoor and nature

Later, if that works, I will rake the side yard too.

Now I need to start my mopping and vacuuming inside. :)

So more even later...

I got all my vinyl floors mopped. They are drying now and when they are dry, I will begin my vacuuming. I am watching the CBS news now. When it is finished I will vacuum.

More later...

It's almost 10:30AM now and I have the vacuuming finished and the vacuum and filters cleaned up.

I need to put away the stuff I have out on the daybed now. It looks messy.

I got all that cleaned up and put the minutes book for our business meeting on Sunday in the trunk of my car so it will be handy when I need it.

I just checked...the leaves are still wet. It may be late afternoon before I can vacuum them up

More Later:

The mail came around 12:30PM and I got the cutest little musical windmill from Keith and Esther. They got it in Holland while they were on their 14 day tour of Europe. Here is a photo of it!

 Image may contain: people sitting and indoor
Isn't that cute? And it plays music!

I got most of the leaves vacuumed up about a half hour ago at 1:30PM. I still have a few left to do before I completely played out. I may take the mower out later and mow them into the mower bag instead. That's a lot less tiring.

Kylie, my neighbor, came over to borrow my mower and she mowed the yard next door. That's good. They are supposed to mow each week but they have only mowed twice since they moved in here. They used his dad's riding mower for the front and side and used mine for the back  They couldn't get his big riding mower in through the gate. Kylie mowed the entire thing over there today with my mower and that bagged the leaves instead of leaving them laying on the freshly cut grass..

I need to go out to Dollar General and get some more of those black yard bags. I used the last one for the mower and the leaf vacuum.

Perhaps more later...

I texted Esther my thanks for the little musical windmill. and she said they were wanting to see me but she checked and found there were no through flights to Phoenix.  She suggested she would talk to Keith tonight and see if they could come for Thanksgiving!  That would be wonderful! I checked with Leslie and she would not have a problem with it. I intend to bring two pies Thanksgiving so I could bring even one more or something else (maybe Bob's fruit salad) if that works out!.

I got two boxes of those large leaf bags (they were on sale 2 for $9.00) and put one in the bag buddy and then I mowed the rest of the leaves.  Now I am very tired.

And It's only a little after 3:00PM

I went up to the Walmart store in Independence to get a few things I had forgotten yesterday at Coffeyville. Let's face it, I went by the Dairy Queen and had a blizzard too. I have one once a week.

When I got home I  read awhile and then worked the crossword puzzle in the Reporter. I put the papers in the trunk of my car to give to Karan for the dog pound there in Coffeyville.

So more later...

I watched an episode of  "Murder She Wrote" and then I took my bath and redressed and bandaged my toe. It's 8:25PM now and in another 30 Minutes, I will go to bed.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Wednesday and a Full Day

I woke up early again this morning about 5:00AM and got around for my day.

My TV was turning off and then back on. It did that six times and finally I called Cox. They said they had not had any problem so it must be my Tivo. I told the woman I would call back after I got back home. I had a full day planned. 

Then I drove over to Coffeyville and picked up Bob at 7:00AM and we went to breakfast and afterward I took him home and then went to get gas at the Woodshed.

Then when I finished I went to my hair appointment and after that I went to the library.

Later I went out to Asbury Village for bunco. Then I came back home and went to the post office to mail off the last few of the folders for my classmates. I have had three come back.

The TV is working fine this evening. I called Cox back and told them it was working fine now. If it begins doing that again in the morning, I will call a tech out to check out the Tivo. It may be a battery going out in the remote.  Or it could be a glitch in the Tivo. They have a Tivo tech so they should be able to fix it if that happens again.

Nancy dropped in to visit a bit before her "Life of Christ' video begins at that church she attends. I talked to Sandy and it will begin at 6:30PM. I asked Sandy to call Nancy to tell her.

More later...

I watched an episode of "Murder She Wrote" and then took my bath and re-bandaged my right toe.. It's 8:17PM now and I will go on to bed at 9:00PM.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Tuesday and A Better Day

I slept fairly well last night. I was up at 5:00AM as usual. I got myself ready for the day and about 5:45AM, I texted Bob and he said he had a really bad day yesterday. First of all, he backed out of the senior center parking and scratched the car of Bert, one of the women who goes to exercise class. And it put that dent back in the back of his car that Scott Mills had taken out. Then he was eating his lunch and his front tooth broke off at the gum line. He is going to try to see Dr. Eastip over at Cherryvale today. It had an old root canal in it so it would have been brittle to begin with. But Dr. Eastip will have to take the root out and fix him up with some sort of replacement...maybe something like mine. I told him Nancy had broken her front tooth off last year and she wears a partial to replace hers. He did have a bad day.

After talking to him, I felt better about my day yesterday. I didn't have any catastrophes. I just didn't get much of anything done.

Today, I must dust. I have been putting that off for days.

I see two cats are out there eating. The yellow one tries to come into the apartment when I go out to fill their bowls but, of course, I can't let any of them in. The other one is one of the young gray ones. I imagine they are full of fleas plus, I am not allowed to have a cat or any animal in here. I haven't seen the racoon since that one time.

More later...

O.K. I got everything dusted in the apartment and even got Cox service to go through my laptop and clean it up.  It's almost 11:00AM now and I am going to think about lunch. I have plenty of frozen meals.

More even later...

About 4:00PM I went out to John and Leslie's to see the puppies. They are so cute and the older they get, the cuter they are! I held a number of them!

Here they are having a great time!
Image may contain: dog
These are Cowboy Corgis.

Image may contain: dog
The larger one is Echo, John's new puppy, She is Australian Shepherd and Blue Heeler. She will make great Cowboy Corgis and Cowgirl Corgis after she is older. It will be next fall before she is old enough. John will mate her with Hoover, their registered Corgi..

They  like to untie John's shoes!

Image may contain: one or more people and dog 

You can see two of them, sleeping. They have had a big day! About a half dozen of them are spoken for already. They will begin delivering them in another week or so.

It's after 6:00PM now and I am now  watching the news. In about 45 minutes, I will take my bath and at 9:00PM, I will go to bed,.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Monday and a Good Night's Sleep

I slept well last night although I did get up awfully early...at 4:45AM.  I did have my sleep out though.

A couple of the kittens have been here to eat this morning but I haven't seen the raccoon...yet!  One gray kitten guards the food or at least enjoys the doormat.

I have dressed and had my oatmeal and am ready for the day.  I even have a load of laundry in the dryer already this morning. I do need to dust today. I skipped that last week....never got to it with the trip to Springfield and all.

More later...

Ginger and Scott got moved into their home in Gallatin, Tn. this weekend. This is the finished product. I am anxious to see it in December.

Image may contain: sky, cloud, house and outdoor

It looks like a lovely home.

I got what little laundry I had to do done this morning already. I even got it put away.

Then Nancy and I went to breakfast at Eggberts this morning. This time, I bought.

Then I came home and watched the shows I had missed yesterday but had recorded. Then I played some solitaire. I am bored but too lazy to do anything much today. I went out and looked at the back yard but it looked fine and didn't need mowing. I did water the flowers out there and moved my mum plant out in the sunshine and watered it. But that's about all I have done besides keeping the cat's bowls filled. I took the trash out and watched for the mailman until I remembered this is Columbus Day and there is no mail delivery.

It's 3:45PM now and I haven't done much of anything today.  Between solitaire and watching TV, I didn't get much of anything done today. I took my bath and watched "Bull" at 9:00PM and afterward went on to bed.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Sunday and Another Critter to Feed

I got up early this morning although I slept well. I dressed and fed myself and the cats. Now I notice I am also feeding a raccoon. How do I handle that?

Image may contain: indoor

The kitten seems to be tolerating it. But I had better chase it away.

I went out to chase it away and  it must have had all it wanted of that cat food. It was gone.

Last night I discovered I had left my glasses on the end table at the hotel in Springfield.  Leslie called to see if they had found them but they said they had not been turned in by housekeeping. I will have to buy some new ones eventually unless they get turned in later. 

The coffeecake is in the oven and when I get it out and it is cooled, I will ice it. My little great granddaughters are in Topeka with the other grandparents and will not be at church. So it may be a smaller congregation this morning. I will probably have to give coffeecake away after church.

More later...

The coffeecake was cooled and I got it iced. I have groceries to take to church too. Leeann will distribute them to those she knows who are needy.

I imagine some of us will eat at "Just Us" today. We ate at Great China last week and we usually alternate those two locations.  I will leave for church at 8:30AM, I guess. I do need to go into Coffeyville to the ATM at the bank.  But that shouldn't take long. This is the week for my hair color and cut so I will need some money by Wednesday.

More later....

I left here about 7:30AM to go to Coffeyville to the bank before I went out to the church. I needed to get some money for Wednesday. I did that and then went on out to church. Bob was there and had already begun to get the coffee going. I cut the coffeecake and then soon Phyllis and Karan came.

As soon as the rest of the church school congregation arrived, we started the class. Soon the class was over and the rest of the congregation began coming. We had a nice, though small group but Karan had a good sermon and afterward three of us went to Just Us to eat lunch. Then I brought them back to the church to pick up their cars and I came on home.

I spent until 4:00PM getting the newsletters ready and sent out and those that go in the mail are out in the mailbox with the flag up. The Estes mailman will pick it up tomorrow. I also redid one of our congregational directories. Karan and I went over some changes that need to be made before I do any more for 2020. She also brought me back my leaf vacuum.

It 4:15PM now and I need to stretch awhile.I have sat here too long.

So more later...

I went out to Dollar General and bought a new wreath holder for my front door and hung the wreath. It is so cute. And speaking of cute, this is the latest photo my daughter posted on her facebook page.

Image may contain: grass, outdoor and nature

And as she said in her post, "underneath that pile of puppies, is a mother." Poor Octavia. I am assuming she is the mother my daughter is talking about...although the beige colored puppies belong to Raven. The spotted ones belong to Octavia. But she mothers a bunch of them. At this point, there are 12 puppies and only five of them are actually Octavia's. Her's, of course, are Cowboy Corgis.   The beige ones are Corgis.

I went to bed at 9:00PM...very tired.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Friday and a Trip to Springfield to Conference

I slept well last night and got up shortly before 5:00AM to get myself ready for the day and finish packing for our overnight at Springfield, Missouri, for the Mission Center Conference. I am to be out at Leslie's at 10:00AM this morning. I will leave my car in her garage. She has a 9:00AM meeting tomorrow morning before the conference starts. We won't be back until later Saturday afternoon.

I have had my oatmeal and coffee and fed the cats... Two yellow ones, one the father of the other, ...came and one gray kitten came and ate. They will miss my food this evening and tomorrow morning since I will be gone. I am all packed. I hope I haven't forgotten anything. I always make a list but I may have missed putting something on the list. This time I had to add the two by two gauze patches and the fungicide and tape. After my bath, I always have to add the fungicide and the bandage and tape it in place and then wear a sock over it so I won't lose the bandage in the night.

I am waiting to see the CBS news that comes on at 8:00AM.

So more later...

I spent the rest of the morning until 9:30 puttering around. Then I left and went out to Leslie and John's and left my car in their garage. Leslie and I left for Joplin where we were going to have lunch at  cracker barrel.

Then we left for Springfield. We are to have dinner with the Mission Center group. Afterward we went over to the church and set up chairs and tables for 80 people for the Mission Center Conference tomorrow. After that, we went to our Hotel and got ready for bed. We were very tired after our trip and the evening's work.

No more until I get back on Saturday evening.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Thursday and Laundry and Cleaning

I slept better last night, thank goodness! I got up at 5:30AM and dressed and got myself ready for the day. I started my laundry early.

About 9:00AM, Nancy called and wanted to go to breakfast so I went with her and ate breakfast. All I had had about 5:30AM was a small bowl of oatmeal so I was ready to have something more. She bought! I left the tip.

I went to Dollar General after I took her home and bought cat food.  Then I came back home and washed my bare floors and got ready to vacuum. I will do that in a little while.

John texted me a day or so ago and told me he had bought another puppy. He named her Echo and she is a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Blue Heeler.....a Texas Heeler. She will produce Cowgirl Corgis when mated with Hoover, their male Corgi. Right now she is only 8 weeks old so it will be awhile. It will be next fall before she is mature enough to go into heat. Her puppies will also be called Texas Cowboy Corgis.

More later...

Keith called this evening and visited with me again.  If they can work it out, they may go to Scott and Ginger's for Christmas too. He and Scott have discussed it.

I went to Nancy's this evening for a little while and  took her the write up for the day tour of Topeka on December 3rd. David's sister in law had called this evening though and wants her to go to David's at Christmas. She does not want to go. She is unsure of herself when flying.

More later....

I took my bath at 7:00PM and watched another episode of "Murder She Wrote"  before going on to bed at 9:00PM. I was very tired.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Wednesday and Breakfast With Bob and Hair Appointment

I slept fitfully last night. I finally got up about 5:30AM and dressed and fixed myself some coffee and oatmeal. At 6:30AM, I left for Coffeyville to pick up Bob. He is going to buy breakfast this time. Afterward I will go out to Woodshed and buy gas. It is still $2.19 a gallon. Then I will go to my hair appointment at 9:30AM. I will make some more copies of the class challenge for the class of 1953. I am sending out eight more today. I am keeping track of my expenses since the Coffeyville ReAwakening group is going to repay my expense. So far I have spent $95.13 on this project. When I finish the last group, I will submit my expense record.

I went out to church to assemble the packets and address the Manila envelopes.  Then when I got back to Caney I stopped at the Caney post office and  mailed off those I had prepared.

I need to eat lunch yet. There were no game days today. On the second Tuesday of the month, they play Bingo at the senior center but I don't make an extra trip over there if I don't have to.

Now I am going to eat something for  lunch.

I ate a Walmart singles dinner for my lunch and half way through the afternoon I went out to Sonic and had a banana milk shake.

I watched the local news and they are forecasting rain for this evening and all night and tomorrow too. So about 5:00PM, I went out and mowed the front yard. It had been since last Friday since the front was mowed and there were a lot of leaves on it too. So I went out and mowed it in about twenty minutes. It looks so much better now. The back still looks fine and Nalani mowed the west side last night. I must have done the front just in time because now it is beginning to rain. It's 5:25PM now and I will watch the news and then take a bath around 7:00PM and try to get to bed about 9:00PM.  I slept fitfully last night. Hopefully tonight will be better.

I will clean the apartment tomorrow and do laundry too. Then I will need to pack for the Friday and Saturday since Leslie and I will be in Springfield for the Mission Center Conference.

I took my bath and bandaged dressed my toe again about 7:30PM...after I watched an episode of "Murder She Wrote" on Amazon Prime.  There is nothing I am interested in watching on regular TV anymore except "Bull" and "Dateline" and "20/20". It's hardly worth $109.00 a month...that's for sure.

I will plan to go to bed about  9:00PM/ I hope to sleep better tonight.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Tuesday and a Trip Back to Independence

I slept well last night. I have had my oatmeal and coffee and got myself ready for the day and then fed the cats. The little yellow one and the mama cat were waiting for me to refill the dishes.

I baked my cake for next week this morning and will take it to Bob tomorrow when I am in Coffeyville and he can put it in his freezer at home. That will keep him from having to stop at the church next week.

I checked my bank account again and found the K-Wash had still charged me $10.00 for the $4.00 car wash so I decided to go back up to Independence and try to get a refund. They had no listed telephone number.

So I made another trip to Independence 22 miles up there and 22 miles back. For nothing. The girl who works there said it was a"security"issue and tomorrow the charge would be $4.00. I looked today, 24 hours after the car wash, and they still had $10.00 charged to me for the car wash. At least now she gave me their number so I can call them if they don't refund my $6.00. I definitely will not use that car wash again. That's outrageous! What is is that a car wash needs to charge $10.00 for an ordinary express $4.00 car wash?

Anyhow, on the way back home, I stopped at the kids' and saw the puppies again. They are so cute! And again, I forgot to take some photos of them.

More later...

Now I am charged just $4.00 for the car wash. They refunded the $6.00 charge.

Now I ate the rest of my cashew chicken from Sunday for my lunch. Then at 2:00PM or so, I went out and mowed the back yard.  I will ask Krystal if she will get one of her daughters to mow the west yard for $10.00. That's the largest area. I did the front last weekend and the back this afternoon.

I addressed some more manila envelopes for classmates this afternoon too. I will need to make some more copies tomorrow morning after I get my hair done. I will need to go to Dollar General and get some more folders too and I will need some more manila envelopes before next week. Then when I get back to Caney, I will need to get them in the mail.

More later...

Monday, October 7, 2019

Monday and a Doctor's Appointment

l slept well but woke up with a stiff neck. I must have slept crooked.

I dressed and took a couple of Aleve and it is getting better now.  I have had my oatmeal and coffee and checked my checkbook against the bank web site. I  am .02 off somewhere. I will find it eventually.

I am to see the podiatrist in Independence at 10:00AM this morning so I will leave Caney about 9:25AM.  If everything looks good to him I should be able to start taking a full bath and get my right foot wet again. I am ready! Getting out of the tub with one leg hanging over the side creates a big struggle. :) I am a little old for that. Luckily, I have not broken my neck this past week.

 No photo description available.

Mama cat is guarding the cat food against her own kittens. Tsk! Tsk!

More later....

I got up to Independence about 9:45AM ans went by a car wash and washed my car. Then I got to the doctor's office at 10:00AM and got in immediately. He came in about five minutes later and took a look at my toe. He said it was healing wonderfully. I was out of there in 15 minutes. I have another appointment in six months On April 6th at 10:00AM. If the toenail is coming right along, we will talk about redoing the left foot with the failed bunion surgery and the turned in big toe.

I got back home about 10:30AM. It's a beautiful day and I might go to Bartlesville just for something different to do. The apartment is clean and the yard looks fine. The laundry is done too.

More later.....

I decided not to go to Bartlesville  after all. I got as far as the highway and turned around. I had just been there with Leslie last Friday.

Instead I came home and spent a couple of hours on the phone with Medicare trying to decide whether to sign up for Medicare Advantage. They have a plan called Avantra Freedom PPO through Aetna that sounds pretty good! No premium and no deductible. It includes vision and 50% on the dental. The dental will pay 50% of the bill for restorations, extractions and dental surgery.

On the vision, there is no copay for the exam, frames, or contacts.

Any psychiatric care is paid 100%.

Skilled nursing is paid the first 20 days and after that they pay $167.00 per day 

The primary care doctor must be in their plan and agree to accept the 80% payment the plan would pay plus $5.00 per visit from the patient. You can't have a supplement and have this plan. It would enable me to cancel my supplement with Blue Cross/Blue Shield and save the $289. a month I pay for that.  I would have to pay $73.59 per month as a penalty for not signing up for prescription drug coverage when I took social security and medicare in 2000.

I am thinking it over. I couldn't sign up for it until October 15th anyhow.

More later...

I had a terrible shock this evening. I checked my checking account online and found that the $4.00 car wash I got in Independence this morning cost me $10.00. I'm going to go back up there tomorrow and tell them about it and see if they will give me a $6.00 refund. I was supposed to have been charged for the express car wash ($4.00) and that is certainly what it said and what I got.

I am trying to stay up to watch "Bull" this evening but that is 45 minutes away so I may just record it and watch it in the morning.  I have had my bath and am in my pjs already. It was certainly nice to be able to have a full bath this evening with my right foot in the tub getting washed,.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Sunday and More Rain

I slept well last night and was up at 5:00AM. I dressed and go myself ready for the day then got the coffeecake ready for baking first and then ate my oatmeal. It was pouring down rain but two of the  cats braved the rain to eat cat food. I went out and refilled their bowls.

The coffeecake is out of the oven and iced and I am ready to leave for church pretty soon. It is almost 8:00AM now. I will need to get the coffeecake in and also the groceries I have to bring for the food basket. They are perishable so I will need to put them in the frig there. Leann will pick them up and distribute them.

So more later....

Considering the weather, we had a pretty nice sized congregation at church.  I only have one piece of coffeecake left and I will give it to Nancy later today.

Karan and Bob and I went to Great China for lunch after church. We all had a nice lunch there and all of us even brought some home for another meal.

When I got home I got several newsletters done and out on the mailbox to be picked up tomorrow by the mailman. It is 3:15PM now and I have been busy ever since I got home.

I want to watch "Bull" this afternoon. I missed it last night because of the football game but I recorded it so I can make it up.

More later...

I watched "Bull" and then watched  60  Minutes then took my bath and dressed my toe with a clean dressing. I am listening to Kenny Rogers  music on the Echo now. In a bit, I will  watch another episode of "Murder She Wrote".  Then I will go on to bed.

I used the blueberries  and made up a smoothie. I drank one glass of it and covered the second glass with Saran and will save it for tomorrow. They are very good and very good for us. I use a cup of  blueberries, 1 cup of Greek yogurt and 3/4 cup of 2% milk, 2T sugar, 1/2 t. of vanilla extract, 1/8 t of nutmeg. I put all that in a blender and blend it. It makes 2 big glasses. I drink one and cover the second one and refrigerate it.

The cats are back having their supper now. I will need to cover the twin dish or the snails will get into their food. I don't know how to get rid of the snails except to cover their dish.

More later...

I watched "Murder She Wrote" and then went on to bed about 9:45PM.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Saturday and Rain Forecast.

I slept very well last night..only woke up once but got right back to sleep. I then slept until 5:30AM when I got up and dressed and got myself ready for the day. I fixed my oatmeal and coffee and fed the cat and her kittens.

I had planned to go either to Coffeyville for the Dalton Defenders celebration of stay here for Caney's celebration but it is supposed to rain both places so I may just stay in. I'm not supposed to get the right foot big nail area wet. I had planned to go downtown before noon and have one of Joyce's milk shakes but since I had a blizzard on Thursday, I may forego that this week.

It may be a dull day with all the rain that is forecast.

More later....

It rained hard for awhile and then stopped. I went up to Gabby's (Joyce) and bought a ham and cheese sandwich with chips and a pickle. I had a root beer with it. That cost me $3.00. I may go back later before 2:30PM and have a milk shake....another $3.00 and they give you the can it's mixed up in for a bonus.  Then I went across the street to see how Karen was coming along with getting her store ready for the auction next week.

I forgot to pick up my mail. I'd better go get it before it begins to rain again.

I had a newspaper and a Catalog..that's all. I will read the paper and then do the crossword puzzle before I take the Reporter to Nancy.

I went out front and trimmed my hedge again. It seems like every month I have to trim it to keep it neat looking. But I bought a mum plant at Coffeyville on Wednesday. It looks pretty good. I put it out front where I had that petunia pot all spring.

 Image may contain: plant, food and outdoor

Here is the mum plant.

I watched a couple of TV shows and then ate an ice cream bar. I usually don't eat much for dinner. I may make up some yogurt smoothie. Nancy gave me some more blueberries.

It's only 5:00PM now and there's nothing on TV but football games. I watched a program I had recorded and another "Murder She Wrote" episode.

At 7:00PM, I will take my bath and try to stay up until 9:00PM before going to bed.

Perhaps more later...

I took my bath at 7:00PM as usual and afterward, I watched the Ohio State/ Michigan State football game.   I was just getting ready to go to bed after the game and my next door neighbor kids came over with a problem. They had been to the Tulsa State Fair and had locked themselves out of their apartment and the key was in the house and the garage door opener was in her car which was locked in the garage. So they were locked out. They wondered if my garage door opener would open their garage door but I told them that each door opener was programed differently. I called Suzanne and asked her to come back into town to open their door. I hated to do that but that was the only thing left to do. Suzanne came right in and brought them the extra garage door opener so they could get in.

When they left, I went on to bed. It was nearly 11:00PM by then.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Friday and a Cool Fall Day

I slept like a log last night! I even wore my winter pjs. It has finally cooled down to the 60s. Thank goodness! According to the "Weather on the 8s", it's supposed to be in the 60s and 70s all next week. I am ready for fall at last.  I want to mow as soon as the dew is gone from the grass. The front yard especially needs it. The back looks o,k, and Calista mowed the west side yard on Tuesday so it is fine too.

I don't have a plan for today except to do what little laundry I have now.  I will do my towels today and the underwear..I always have that.

I have had my oatmeal and fed the cats. Several of them showed up for breakfast. A couple of gray kittens and the yellow one. Mama cat came first.

I have done my dishes and had my thyroid pill.

I never heard anything out of the doctor's office so I guess my blood levels were where he wanted them.

I had wanted to discuss the possibility with Leslie of having my left foot with the failed bunion surgery, redone, by this doctor.... but she never got back with me.  She's busy, I guess. 

I went to Dollar General this morning to buy AAA batteries for my little bedside flashlights.  Before I left, I put away the dried towels and underwear from the dryer. While I was at it at Dollar General, I got an extra $10.00. I am out of cash....and my social security doesn't come in until next Wednesday.

It dried off in the front yard so I put enclosed shoes on my feet and went out and mowed it. It really cleaned it up. I got a lot of the leaves mulched up. It has never gotten up past 73 degrees today. I mowed when it was 61 degrees.

More even later...

Leslie called me and asked me to go to Bartlesville with her. Naturally I jumped at the chance. We had a nice visit and she had some errands to run. We got home a little after 3:00PM.

I dropped by Nancy's after I read the Reporter and did the crossword puzzle and took her the Reporter and some more of those mini blueberry muffins and the recipe for the casserole dish Suzanne sent me. I stayed and visited awhile.

Then later, I watched some TV and finally took my bath at 7:00PM.  I stayed up until 9:00PM but I had a had a big day so I went on to bed then,

I found this on my daughter-in-law, Ginger's facebook page. I laughed so hard I nearly choked!

Image may contain: text

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Thursday and No Lunch at Chanute

I woke up shortly after 4:00AM and could not get back to sleep. So I just got up, dressed and got myself ready for the day. I will go to the post office here as soon as it opens and then at 10:00AM, I will leave for Chanute and lunch with Gay and Adele and their friends.

I slept well until about 3:00AM, and then got up and went to the bathroom and went back to bed and I got right back to sleep. Then at 4:00AM or so, I woke up again and could not get back to sleep.

I haven't had my oatmeal yet and my coffee so I will go get that done before I work further on this blog. I didn't eat anything at suppertime so I am hungry.

More later...

It's raining now and I don't want to drive to Chanute in the rain so I cancelled. I will clean the apartment instead. Tomorrow I will do some more laundry.

The cats came and ate their breakfast before the rain began. That's good. I refilled their dishes and covered the small bowls. I had my oatmeal and coffee and chai too.

Scott called and talked to me for almost an hour. He is so thrilled to be back in a home of their own. He says it is simply lovely! I can see that by the photo I posted yesterday. They still have to have the rest of their furniture delivered this week. Hopefully! The storage place in Miami says they have 14 days to deliver it. Scott is ticked off about that. They promised them it would be today or tomorrow.

More later...I'd better get busy.

I got the bare floors cleaned and am now vacuuming the apartment. I ate the rest of Suzanne's casserole dish for my lunch. It was delicious! I have asked her for the recipe but she has not yet provided it to me. I would like to make it for the basket dinner at church on October 20th.

I vacuumed this afternoon and then spent an hour or so cleaning out some of my file cabinet. I got the top drawer done but have the lower one to do too. Maybe I will get it done this winter.

Then I went by Nancy's to take her the Reporter. She gave me a bunch of food to take to church for Leann to distribute to those in need of it. I put it in the frig.

I asked her if she would like to drive to Independence with me to get a blizzard and she was happy to get out of town. On the way back she asked me if we could go back by way of Tyro road so she could see the kids' puppies.  They were not home. We did see Mini and Hoover but the others were probably locked in the kennel. We didn't check. Both John and Leslie were gone. Maybe next time I can get her out of town, we can catch John and he can let us in to see the puppies. I tried to call Leslie to see if they were just eating dinner somewhere but she wouldn't answer and sent me straight to voicemail.

Now it's 6:30PM and I will take my bath soon and get ready for bed. I want to watch some more Amazon Prime this evening and then I will go to bed at 9:00PM or so.

When I went in the den to check my-mail, I had an update for windows and when I tried to o.k. it, the screen was frozen. So I had to just shut down the computer and reboot it. I was up until after 11:00PM trying to get everything to work. When I finally did, I went on to bed. Windows 10...bah humbug!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Wednesday and a Very Busy Day

I awoke early this morning around 5:30AM but I appeared to have my sleep out.  I got dressed and ready for the day. I had a little bit of oatmeal and coffee before getting ready to leave for Coffeyville and pick up Bob for breakfast. I left a little past 6:30AM and got there about 7:00AM. I stopped at my bank first and withdrew the week's cash. It was my turn to buy breakfast and I had my hair appointment at 9:30AM and would need money to pay for that.

After I left Bob back at his home, I went to the Woodshed at South Coffeyville and filled my gas tank. Then I went to the library and left my books.After that I made copies for seven more of my classmates and stuffed the folders and put each in a manila envelope and addressed the envelops .

Then I dropped by Karan's house and left her the leaf vacuum to try out. If she can manage it, she will buy one. Then I went to Utopia and had a light lunch and a cappuccino. I went by Country Mart and bought some blueberry mini muffins for the Bunco dessert.  I took the second cappuccino to Bunco and put it in the freezer for later that morning at the break.  After Bunco, I went to Walmart and bought what few groceries I needed. Last of all, I dropped by Braums and bought milk. Then I came back home.

I will be going to Chanute for lunch with Gay and her sister, Adele, and friends tomorrow. I need to be there at 11:30AM.

I will go by the post office in the morning when the post office opens and mail off those seven folders. That makes 30 I have put in the mail. I still need to do another 31 to have each of 61 classmates without internet to have copies of that information. The committee is going to repay me for the expense I have gone to.

Gay contacted each of us yesterday and asked us if we could meet her and Adele for lunch either Thursday or Friday. Each day would have worked for me.  But one of her friends was only free on Thursday so she decided to meet with us for lunch at Opie's in Chanute tomorrow at 11:30AM. I will leave here at 10:00AM.

By the way, Scott and Ginger's home is finished and they will be moving in this weekend.

 Image may contain: house, sky, grass, outdoor and nature
Here is a photo of the front.

I will clean the apartment on Friday this week.

I took my bath again this evening with my right leg hanging over the side of the tub and my back to the faucets. It is very hard for me to get out of the tub that way, but I am managing it. I took the bandage off and I put a clean gauze 2 X 2 over the nail bed last night and again tonight. I put that anti-fungal med on the nail bed first and then I taped that 2 X 2 square on the toe and put another clean white sock on that foot.  That should keep the bandage on the toe during the night. It did last night. It's almost 8:00PM now and I guess I will go watch another episode or two of "Murder She Wrote" before I go to bed at 9:30PM or 10:00PM.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Tuesday and a Lot of Laundry

I slept well last night and got up at 6:00AM. I stripped the bed and put the towels and underwear in the laundry with them. Everything is in the dryer now.

I have had my oatmeal and coffee and fed the cat and her kitties. My dishes are still soaking in the sink. That's called Heloising them. That comes from the "Hints From Heloise" from far in the past. You fill the sink with very hot water and dish soap and drop the dishes in it and let the water cool down. Then you rinse the dishes and let them dry in the drainer and they are done. Later, you can just put them away. Since I don't have a dishwasher in this apartment, that's what I do every day.

I don't have anything else planned for today except to remake the bed. The dryer just stopped so I will return to this later.

O.K. I  have my bed remade and the towels put away and the underwear in the right drawers.  Now I am exhausted. That toe surgery thing must have taken more out of me then I thought. I even had a good night's sleep and it's only 8:01AM in the morning. Whew!

My bedspread is over ten years old and looks really tacky but I have not found another one to take it's place.  I really want shades of tan or beige and perhaps an accent of brown. Everything I have seen is too gaudy though. There's no rush. Surely, eventually I will find one I like. Maybe at TJ Maxx. Mussy picked at this one with her claws for years and even though I ran it through the laundry before I left Coffeyville, and used the lint vacuum on it, it still looks tacky. Next week, after my social security comes in, I may go down to Bartlesville and look around for one.

More later...

The trash people came and I went out and swept the drive off and put the trash bin away. I also tried to straighten up the garage. I would like to get some heavy duty hooks and try to hang the leaf vacuum, the blower and the ironing board on the wall out there.  I will ask Suzanne if that is o.k.

More later....

Suzanne said that would be fine so next week I will look for some appropriate hooks to hang in the garage. That way I can get the broom, the leaf vacuum and the ironing board off the floor. I got my little craft house for my umbrella  hung this afternoon.

Then about 2:00PM, I went over to Nancy's to take her the Reporter. I stayed until 3:30PM and visited. She was feeling pretty well today.

I had an e-mail from Gay asking of she had any friends that wanted to meet for lunch Thursday or Friday. Then Saturday, her classmates are meeting at Eggberts for a class meeting at 11:30AM. She would like me to come to that too. I may do that too.

This evening the little teenage girl will be here to mow my west side yard.

Tomorrow I will go to Coffeyville for breakfast with Bob, my hair appointment at 9:30AM,  the library after that to return my two books, next to the Woodshed for gas, Dollar General for another group of seven folders and copies of classmate stuff for Coffeyville's ReAwakening group. Then there is Bunco at the senior center at 1:00PM, and later in the afternoon a trip out to Walmart for the rest of my groceries. I will stop at Braums on my way out of town and get milk. I am nearly out.

It will be another big day.

I will watch the news later this evening and after the girl leaves, I will take my bath and go to bed. I may watch another episode of "Murder She Wrote" first.

Calesta finished the mowing and I gave her $10.00 for mowing that west side for me. I knew with that big bandage I would not be able to get a shoe on over it. 

It's almost 8:30PM now and I have changed my bandage and put a clean one on and put a clean white sock over it. I hope that will keep it from pulling the bandage off.  Getting in and out of the bathtub is a real challenge.  I am not supposed to get that toe wet until after next Monday . I think I will go to bed now.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Another Very Early Morning

I awoke at 4:00AM again this morning and after trying to decide whether to try to go back to sleep, I had a text from Keith with photos. After I texted with him for awhile I decided to just get up. I have that doctor's appointment this morning and I am a little nervous about it. I need to mow the west side of my yard but after having that toenail removed, I don't know whether to try to do that or just contact the teen that mowed for me in August and ask her to mow it. I could give her $10.00 to do it for me but she may feel that is not worth her time. I will check with the doctor about mowing this evening.

I slept pretty well last night. I went to bed pretty early. I was very tired by 9:00PM.

I plan to leave for Independence at 8:30AM to be at the doctor's office at 9:00AM to fill out the needed paper work. My appointment is at 9:30AM.

I will strip my bed tomorrow to wash my sheets and remake the bed.

Then Wednesday I will go over to Coffeyville for my hair appointment and later bunco at the senior center. I will go to the library over there too and return my books. I will make some more copies of the Coffeyville Reawakening material to send out seven more copies to my classmates. All that will take the entire day.

More later....

I got there at 9:00AM and filled out all the paperwork before they took me into an opertory. I sat there for twenty five minutes.  They are apparently very busy. Finally though I met Dr. Hogge. I was impressed with him. He was very pleasant  and professional. His nurse prepared the foot and took some x-rays. Then he put a shot in the toe and took the toenail off. It was already loose everywhere except just at the base. He did clean some fungus off the toe under the nail. The toe is not painful though tonight even though he scraped around on it to take that black fungus off.

I got back home after stopping at Walmart there to get the supplies of 2 X 2s and the ointments I will need to apply on it until it is well. I stopped at John and Leslie's home so I could see the puppies. They all are so cute!! One of the cutest is the smallest one. They call her "blondie". She is a pure bred Corgi. She had to be resuscitated by John or they would have lost her right after she was born. She snuggles when you hold her.

I wish I had taken a photo of her.

Anyhow, I spent the afternoon listing the classmates I have who have no e-mail. I am sending them packets of information on the Coffeyville ReAwakening in hopes they will want to contribute toward the renovation of the Midland Theater and other projects the committee is planning toward the renovation of the town..

I got all that done. Now I am watching the news.

Suzanne will be by later this evening to get my rent check.

I am waiting for the heat to cool off so I can mow the west side yard here at my apartment. I got the back yard done last evening. I am watching the news now and at 7:00PM or so I hope to take my bath and get ready for bed. Tomorrow I want to strip my bed and do laundry.

I decided to get the little 15 year old to mow the west side for me this week. With the large bandage on my right foot, I couldn't get an enclosed shoe on.  And I didn't want to chance an infection. She will do just the west side on Tuesday evening for $10.00.

So I took my bath (had to get in the tub facing the south so I  could hang the right foot over the side ) It is not supposed to get wet for a week. Getting out of the tub was also challenging but I managed it..

I watched Bull on TV and then went on to bed at 10:00PM

Sunday, September 29, 2019

A Very Early Sunday Morning

I awoke at a little before 4:00AM this morning and could not get back to sleep. I just got up and went to the computer to check out the name of the doctor I will see tomorrow to take off the big toenail on my right foot. I guess the anticipation of that kept me awake. His name is Dr. Hogge.

In a little while I will go get dressed and have my breakfast and get ready for church and then bake my coffee cake. I will probably have to feed the cat and her kittens again too. This morning I certainly have plenty of time.

Keith texted me this morning that his website was still down and I had realized that. I had tried to access it and couldn't. They had had a power outage at the house while they were gone and when Esther's daughter, Selina, went over there to get the power back on and the power came back up, the website wouldn't come up until he was there again to fix it.

He also texted that they were getting ready to go into Venice for the day. They are having a wonderful trip touring Europe.

More later....

I had my oatmeal and coffee and I have fed the one kitty that came to breakfast. Odd, none of the others have made it yet.

I do have the coffeecake in the oven and when it is done and cool, I will ice it and take it to church with me. Rain is forecast. I am glad my cake for Tuesday is in the freezer at church already.

I just texted Bob and he is up now but had just woke up. I hoped I didn't wake him but he said I didn't.

Bob will eat his toast and drink his coffee and then make the decision of whether to come to church.   He is pretty miserable. He probably won't come. We will see.

The coffeecake is baked, cooled and iced and ready to go to the church. Bob just isn't able to come. He is suffering from not only his sore back but also a cold now. I got there about 8:30AM and opened the doors and made the coffee and sliced up the coffee cake. I got out the plates, napkins and forks. Then I swept off the walks and turned on the sound system.

We had a couple of visitors this morning. One woman was from Independence and the other from right down the road from the church.

Karan did a good job on her sermon.

Phyllis and Carmen and Rick and I went to "Just Us" in Cherryvale for lunch. It was good, as usual.

When I got back home, I put out three newsletters and a birthday card. Then it was 3:30PM and I was tired. I had gone out front with a grocery sack and picked up leaves off the front yard. So I have sat down to rest for awhile.

More later...

My neighbor came over and asked to borrow my mower so he could mow his back yard. I had offered it to him a couple of weeks ago.  He took me up on it today. After he mowed, I looked at my own back yard and with all the rain we have had it now needed to be mowed again. I got the front done yesterday. So, it wasn't terribly hot by this time so I refilled the gas tank and went out and mowed it. I still need to mow the west side and tomorrow I am having that toenail taken off so I hope I will still be able to do it. I may have to call the teenage girl and pay to have it done this week.

I took my bath earlier after finishing the mowing.  It's 8:30PM now and I have been up since 4:00AM this morning  So I may just go on to bed. My doctor's appointment with the podiatrist is at 9:30AM but I should probably get there at 9:00AM. I will have paperwork to fill out. So I will try to leave Caney at 8:30AM in the morning.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Saturday and No Particular Plan

I slept well last night, probably because I mowed, and got up about 5:00AM as usual. I made my bed and got myself ready for the day and had my coffee and oatmeal. Unfortunately, I was out of cat food because I forget to go buy some yesterday. The cat and kitties were out in force this morning and hungry. At 8:00AM, when Dollar General opens, I will go buy some. That's 45 minutes for them to wait for food. Poor things. I am probably the only neighbor feeding them. I couldn't even leave the front door open like I usually do. They are so hungry and I have nothing to feed them.

I don't have a plan for today. I will just play it by ear. More later....

I went to Dollar General at 8:00AM and bought two bags of cat food for the cat and her kittens.  She came over as soon as I filled the dish and ate and ate.

I received the schedule from Leslie this morning and I worked on  my October 27th talk and bulletin for quite awhile.

I went up to Gabby's and Joyce fixed me a chocolate milk shake. When I got home from town a gray kitten was here eating but it ran off when I pulled into the garage. I imagine it's back here now that I am back in the home office. I checked and it didn't come back yet.

I did receive my Dryel package from Amazon and I sprayed five summer top's underarm area and put those five tops in the dryer bag with the Dryel soaked cloth and put the bag in the dryer on medium setting for 20 minutes. When the dryer stops I will hang them right up before any wrinkles set in. Then I may do five more tops. I will be changing to wearing autumn and winter tops when/if the weather ever changes to fall.

In the meantime I will read the papers and do the Reporter's crossword puzzle.

While I did the crossword puzzle, I did five loads of dry cleaning and got all my spring/summer tops dry cleaned. That took quite a bit of time.When I finished the crossword puzzle I took the newspapers over to Nancy's and put them on her porch.

By then the afternoon was over and I turned on the news.  I switched to ABC and watched the Ohio State football game until it was over and then texted Ginger and Scott my congratulations on the win of the Ohio State team. I later learned they had not been able to watch the game and my getting them the score was very welcomed.

Then I switched over to Amazon Prime and watched an episode of "Murder She Wrote" before taking my bath and getting ready for bed. At a little while after 10:00PM, I went on to bed.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Friday and No Particular Plan

I have everything pretty well caught up here at the apartment.  I read last night until after 10:00PM and finished my first library book.  I had a terrible time getting to sleep though. My allergies were going crazy and I had drainage big time! Finally I got up and took a Benadryl tablet and that not only dried everything up but it helped me to sleep. I slept until 6:00AM. Then I got up, made the bed, dressed and got myself ready for the day and fixed my oatmeal and coffee. After that I fed the cats too.

I don't have a plan for today. I have plenty of food in the house. The Schwan's man came last night and I bought some single meals and some ice cream bars. That, along with the chicken pot pies I have already, should hold me for awhile.

Next week I will strip my bed again and wash the sheets. By then I will have some more laundry. I want to get some Dryel too and do my spring/summer tops.  I prefer to dry clean them in my dryer instead of putting them in the laundry and the dryer wet. They might shrink that way. The Dryel way they do not do that. And they come out fresh.

Right now I will watch the CBS news.

Nancy came over for awhile and visited.  She had not been out of the house in days. Most of the time she does not feel well. She was feeling a little better this morning.

More later....

I ordered the Dryel from Amazon. I just ordered the refill because I still have the bag you use to dry clean the tops. It is supposed to be here tomorrow. I doubt they can get it here that quickly but we will see. After noon, I did not want another frozen lunch so I went out to Eggberts and had my usual...the chicken salad and fruit and a muffin.  I do that about once a week. I have one breakfast out (with Bob) and one lunch out every week.

I read most of the afternoon and then after it cooled down a bit I mowed the front yard. It had been done last Monday and was looking a little ratty. After I got that done I came in and drank some iced tea. Later I watched another episode of "Murder She Wrote" on Amazon Prime. I like using Amazon Prime because there are no commercials and the programming is wholesome. About 7:00PM or so, I took my bath  It's almost 9:00PM now and I will soon go on to bed.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Thursday and Apartment Cleaning

I slept well again last night. Reading a paper book must be the trick to getting sleepy and staying asleep. I didn't watch TV an hour before I went to bed last night and I stayed off the computer and smart phone too.

I got up about 5:00AM this morning and made the bed and got myself ready for the day, fed myself and the cats and watched the episode of "Bull" I had missed on Monday and then some news.

I sent Scott a health newsletter that gave him some instructions on getting to sleep, and staying asleep. 

Then I worked on four new 2019 church directories, corrected wrong and new addresses, and took the Rowdens out of it. Several have died since the last directory and several have different addresses.

I have them ready to give to Karan now on Sunday to stitch together on her sewing machine.

I got seven more of the 1953 classmates' Coffeyville Reawakening folders ready for the mail and took them up and mailed them off.  That's 23 out of 63. It will take me awhile to get them all out in the mail. I now lack 40 having them done.

It's 10:33AM now and I just finished washing the kitchen and bathroom floors and vacuuming the apartment. I'm moving right along with my Thursday's activities. I do need to dust again. Wheren the dust come from is anybody's guess. I change the filters regularly.

I even took yesterday's newspapers over to Nancy's front porch when I was out doing my mailings. She is probably just getting up. No telling if she is well or sick again. It varies from day to day.

It's 11:20AM now and I am going to fix myself a chicken pot pie for lunch. More later....

I had the chicken pot pie for lunch and now I have to figure out what to have for supper. I am waiting for the Schwan's man now and he should be here this evening between 5:00PM and 8:00PM.

I went up to Gunny Sack and bought gas for the mower. I probably won't mow again until Monday or Tuesday. Mine looks fine now.  My neighbor mowed the front again but the back is about a foot tall. He likes using his dad's rider and it won't go through the back gate.

As far as I know there is nothing on TV this evening and I have read all afternoon. I may watch something on Amazon Prime this evening and then read some more.

I went by Nancy's and she and I went by the mechanic's place but he was closed. We were going to make an appointment for an oil change for her car. She may run by after her hair appointment in the morning and see if he's open then. Dale, her cousin, went to Independence and got Nancy's car registration taken care of for her. I am so glad he managed to get that done. Also, Sara, who was rear ended in her car a couple of days ago, is just fine. She was not hurt. 

I want to watch the news this evening and see how those hearings came out today. I will then watch another episode of "Murder She Wrote".

At 7:00PM, I will take my bath and read until 9:00PM and then go on to bed. It's been a busy day.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Wednesday and Another Busy Day

I slept well last night although I woke up a couple of times. I managed to get back to sleep until 5:00AM or so. A loud noise woke me up then. I never did figure out what it was. It seemed to come from the attic although it may have been from the adjoining apartment.

I texted Bob this morning and he was up. We will meet for breakfast at 7:00AM. I will leave here about 6:30AM to pick him up at his apartment. After that, I will go to the bank and get my week's cash. I have my hair appointment at 9:30AM or so. After that I will go by the library and leave my two books and try to find two more I haven't read.  I would like to get a pedicure but I may not have time.

I will need to pick up a snack at the Country Mart for the game day at the senior center later at 1:00PM. I may just get some Crunch and Munch. That would be different.

More later....

I met Bob for breakfast at 7:00AM at his place and we went to Eggberts and had our breakfast. Afterward I took him home and went out to Woodshed to fill up my gas tank. Then I stopped at the library and got two more books after I turned in the two I just read.

I stopped at the health food store and bought pecans for my coffeecakes.

Then  I stopped at Happy Feet to get a pedicure. It's good thing I did. In June at church camp  reunion, I tripped and stubbed my toe. Someone later stopped me and told me my toe was bleeding profusely. I washed it off with alcohol and got a band aid to put on it and never gave it another thought. Today the woman who was doing my pedicure saw that the entire toenail was loose except at the very base and she said another new toenail was coming in under it and I needed to go to a podiatrist and have the torn toenail removed. I called a podiatrist in Independence that Bob had used and really liked, a Dr. Hogge, and made an appointment for Monday at 9:30AM to have that done.What a mess! Always something!

Then I went out and made seven more copies of the Coffeyville Awakening material and stopped by the Dollar General store in Coffeyville and bought 7 more folders.  Then from there I went to Country Mart and bought some kettle corn for my treat at the game day at the senior center. I got there shortly before 1:00PM and the others came in soon after that and we played until almost 4:00PM.

Then I went to the lab at the doctor's office and had my blood work done for my thyroid.

I came back home after that. I addressed the 7 manila envelopes and  stuffed the folders with the material I copied and took them to the post office. Unfortunately they had closed at 4:30PM and it was 4:40PM at that time. I will mail them in the morning.  I did get an awful lot done today anyhow.

It is 6:00PM now and I will watch the news now and get my bath at 7:00PM. I want to watch that "Bull" show I missed on Monday. Then I may watch another "Murder She Wrote" episode before going to bed at 9:00PM or so. Maybe I will read in one of my new library books before bedtime.  I sleep better if I don't watch TV just before I go to bed.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Tuesday and a Trip to Independence Today

I awoke fairly early this morning and was up shortly before 5:00AM. I made my bed, dressed, did my makeup and had my oatmeal. Now I am drinking my coffee and have had some of my leftover coffeecake from Sunday and just fed mama cat. I haven't seen any of the little kittys yet. I do need to refill the bowl if they will have any food to eat.

I am out of a couple pieces of my makeup and I have watered it down as long as I can, So I will need to make a trip to Independence to buy more mascara and eye liner.  I may just stop at their Walmart and save myself a trip clear to the east side of Coffeyville tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my hair appointment and I will stay over in Coffeyville and go to the library to read and return my two books after that and then go to game day at the senior center  tomorrow afternoon at 1:00PM. I also need to go by the doctor's office sometime that morning after my hair appointment and get my blood work done. When I was there last month for my annual physical they didn't want to do it since it had not been a full year since it was last done and they were not sure Medicare would pay for it. But I do need to get that done now.

I am so glad I got my yard work done yesterday...including the trimming. It is supposed to rain the rest of the week. I hope it doesn't hail tomorrow. They are forecasting perhaps light hail.

More later....

It's raining now. I am so glad I got the yard work done yesterday. Several of the kitties have come to eat too.

After 10:00AM I will go on to Independence to go to the Merle Norman store.

More later...

I went to the Merle Norman store and got my purchases and then went to the Big Cheese and had a personal pan pizza and a root beer. On my way home, I texted John to see if I could drop by ad see the puppies but he was packing to go to Roaring River and Leslie must not have been there.  Since it is Tuesday, she will not be going with him.  I hope it doesn't rain on him there.

More even later...

When I got home I began reading on my other book. I stayed up until 10:00PM and finished it. Nancy dropped over for awhile earlier and we visited for awhile and then she left. Before she left,  I gave her the other two pieces of Sunday's coffeecake.

I took my bath about 7:30PM and put my pjs on.  Before I went to bed, I filled the dish for the kitties.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Monday and a Chance to Mow

I woke up early this morning again but couldn't get back to sleep so I figured I had my sleep out and just got up shortly before 5:00AM. I made my bed, dressed and made up my face and then fixed my oatmeal and coffee. I have had my coffee and now am working on my chai.I also fed one of the little kittens who was waiting for the bowl to be filled.

I hope to be able to mow today after the dew dries up. I would like to get the back done and perhaps even the west side. It's supposed to rain all week...except perhaps today. My neighbor never got his back yard mowed last week. I even offered him my mower since he couldn't get his dad's rider in the gate. He said when he got home from work, he was too tired to mow. I reminded him that it was in his contract. They were gone all day yesterday. Of course, it rained off and on all day yesterday too.

I reminded Nancy yesterday that we needed to go to Independence today and get her car registration done. I think it was due in August so she is already late. She wasn't feeling good and once again said she was going to go see Sylvia's daughter who is a nurse practitioner but I have heard that story before..many times. I think she is in denial about what is ailing her. She said she would call me this week when she was feeling better and we would go. I told her any day but Wednesday. I have my hair appointment on Wednesday in Coffeyville.

More later...

This is my younger son, Scott, and his kids, Ashley and Jerod.
 Image may contain: Scott R Miller, Ashley Nicole and Jerod Reese Miller, people smiling, people standing, shoes and outdoor
 He got to see his new granddaughter, Delilah Grace too.

More later...

I called Nancy and she was feeling somewhat better but didn't mention the car registration. Neither did I. I have tried everything to try to help her but evidently she does not want to deal with it. She only drives in Caney but it will only take just one traffic check with an outdated tag sticker to get her a ticket and a fine.

About 10:30AM or so I went out to Eggberts and had their senior special...a hamburger steak with mashed potatoes and gravy, a roll and fruit. I had taken my sweet and sour chicken back with me after we left Great China when I couldn't eat it all but it sat in the hot car for two and a half hours and I had to throw it away. That was chicken and could have gone bad in that heat. I sure don't need to get sick.

About 11:15 AM, I checked the temperature and it was 72 degrees. So I got the mower out and mowed the back yard. By then I was exhausted and hot so I couldn't mow the west side. Maybe later in the week or later this evening I can get it done. The humidity was terrible although the temperature was not bad. And it's supposed to rain the rest of the week. Tonight may be my only chance.

At least about 2:45PM, I got the trimming done. That's one job finished. It's 84 degrees now and time to stay indoors.  I have been reading my second Grisham book and it is slow going so far.

It was 75 degrees around 7:00PM so I went back out and mowed the west side yard. It's all done now for another week and I can sure tell it. I just took my bath and am cooled off now.  I should sleep well tonight. I will watch "Bull" at 9:00PM and then go to bed after that.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Sunday and a Busy Day

I slept extremely well last night. I did not watch TV late. I just read my latest library book until 9:00PM and then went to bed. That seems to be the trick.

I got up at 5:00AM this morning and made my bed, made up my face, dressed for church, and ate my oatmeal and had my coffee. Then I mixed up the coffeecake. Since it is raining, I may just leave the cake in my freezer until next week. Bob took the cakes up last Tuesday. I will have the coffeecake. to take in anyhow. It's raining so we may have a smaller congregation today. Many of our people do not like to get out in the rain.  Nancy may decide not to go too. I will just take my umbrella and go on. I also want to see that film this afternoon.

More later...

The coffeecake is finished and iced.  I will call Nancy soon and see if she is still up for the day. The rain may discourage her. I  have been watching the news and playing a game on the laptop computer.

One small kitty came and braved the rain to come and eat some cat food. The others have not braved the rain.

More even later...

As I thought she might, Nancy backed out of coming with me today. The rain made her hurt all over and she stayed in bed most of the day. She also backed out of going to Independence to get her tag tomorrow. I don't know what she is going to do about it. It is expired now and she shouldn't drive it...besides, she doesn't drive out of town anyhow. She says she will call me to take her to Independence when she is feeling better. I wonder....

Anyhow we had a pretty nice size congregation today..especially considering the weather.

Afterward, we went up to Great China to eat lunch. I went from there to the meeting in Coffeyville and saw the film documentary "An Appalachian Dawn" that was shown at the Coffeyville Reawakening headquarters. It was really pretty remarkable what they accomplished as a small town in Kentucky...cleaning up the town and getting their drug problem under control..I recommended to Danny here in Caney that he order it from E-bay at $21.99 and show it in Caney. We will see if he does. He is in charge of the Caney Reawakening group.  But I haven't seen anything happening yet.

I came on back home about 5:30PM and did the newsletters and got them stamped and out on the mailbox.  It's almost 7:00PM now and I have recorded 60 Minutes since I was so late in getting the newsletters out. I will watch that before taking my bath and getting ready for bed. It's been another big day.

I took my bath at 7:00PM  then  I watched the recorded 60 Minutes and then turned off the TV and read my book and finished it at a little after 10:00PM.  Then I went to bed.