Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another Busy Week

It's been another very busy week. Monday, as usual, I cleaned house. Then Tuesday was the board training and meeting for the Montgomery County Community Health Clinic. That took much of the day. Wednesday I had an appointment in Independence so that entailed a second trip there this week. Then I drove to Sedan and took my daughter, Leslie, to lunch.

Thursday, I went to Bartlesville and shopped but couldn't find anything I really wanted. It did give me the opportunity to have lunch with friends though and I really enjoyed that. I had some books I wanted to give them and had them in my trunk so I was happy to get them delivered.

Friday, I went to Joplin on a shopping trip. All my friends were gone so I went by myself. I bought a new spring outfit there. Saturday, I cleaned the church and went to the nursery and bought the rest of my flowers to get my patio pots planted and the rest of the flower beds finished.

All I lack now are the hanging plants in the front yard and my petunia plantings along the border. I'll do that this week.

The house is looking a lot like spring. The peonies here
are ready to pop open. The clematis on the trellis is also budding up.

Bob will be home this Tuesday and I am really ready for him to come home. Being alone is only fun for awhile and then it just gets old. Tomorrow is our 54th wedding anniversary. We'll celebrate that when he gets home.

Tonight I have the "Living the Questions" group and will need to fix a dessert for that. I'll think about that after church this morning.

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