Friday, May 23, 2008

It never just pours

We have had our share. Last week I backed into a neighbor as she was passing by (my blind spot). I got a $100 ticket for inattentive backing. We had $1,000 deductible insurance. We are to take the car in Tuesday for repair.

Then yesterday while I was trying to climb on the roof to help Bob put guttering screens on our guttering, the ladder fell and I fell on the air conditioner. It punctured my left leg and badly scraped and cut my right one. I put ice on it and it quickly helped a bunch. I washed out my wounds with peroxide and put antibiotic ointment on them and all was fine. I went to the doctor's office at noon today and got a tetanus shot. This morning we noticed our laminate flooring in the dining room was beginning to buckle. I started to wipe on it with a dry cloth and found water seeping up to the surface. The tubing to the ice maker on the refrigerator in the kitchen had broken and sprayed water on the wall, the wallpaper, and under the wall to the padding under the laminate. It is ruined. It has been down since February to replace worn out carpet. I called the insurance company and they are sending out an adjuster on Tuesday or Wednesday. I hope it is covered and we have $500, deductible on the homeowners insurance.

It never rains but it pours.

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