Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Inconsiderate Grandson

I am angry with my youngest grandson. He is just graduating from Coast Guard boot camp and was to have come to Fort Leonard Wood to see my son, his father, for his nine day leave. He was to have called last weekend to tell him where and when he would be coming in.

My son did not hear from him so he didn't know whether he would be coming to Springfield ot Saint Louis. Out of desperation, Scott called his ex-wife to see if she had heard from Jerod. Sure enough, he had decided to go visit his mother instead and didn't even bother to tell his dad. I was furious with his inconsiderateness.

It is just another of his signs of immaturity. A mature person is considerate enough to call about a change of plans and not just expect a person to figure it out for themself.

I have written to him ever since he went into the coast guard but will not bother to write him again. He has never answered any of my letters anyhow.

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