Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Quieter Thursday

Hopefully, today will be quieter. I have a classmate breakfast at Shirley's cafe this morning at 9:00 and then a funeral in Caney at 1:30. It's a graveside service for a woman I worked with in the dental office in the 70's. She was the receptionist. Her daughter was a dear friend in those days when we lived in Caney. She too worked in the same dental office but the daughter was a very talented dental assistant.

We took Kentucky Fried Chicken and went to John and Leslie's last night. She wanted to show us how the house looked with the new furniture. Our grandson, Jeromy, was there. They had moved the internet, Leslie's desk, and the TV's over from the double wide. The inside of the garage is finished and now they need to paint the bottom half of the house and finish putting up the shutters and have the bathroom mirror installed and the house should be finished. They are having the bricklayer back to build posts in the front yard for the gate, however. They will have a lot of work to do themselves. They will have to get the yard work started. They will need to build a patio, lay or pour a sidewalk, and do flowerbeds as well as the lawn. If it were me, instead of a cement walk, I think I would lay large stones together.

The man who installed the TV and surround sound above the fireplace was there yesterday. He got it lowered some, about ten inches, but personally, I think it's too high up to be comfortable watching it. He didn't finish the job. Why am I not surprised? He is the same guy who knocked holes in the newly completed and painted wall to install the wiring. He fiddled around until the wall was completed and then couldn't thread the wiring down from the ceiling so he just took a sledge and knocked out a wall. The builders were furious. He said he would be back this afternoon but I doubt it. He has another job to do this morning and I notice he doesn't have a clue how to schedule his time. Tomorrow he has to go to Collinsville for another job so undoubtedly he will just fiddle around again and it will be next week sometime, if they are lucky, until they get TV. At least they do have the internet.

Tonight, I will do laundry and pack for tomorrow's trip. I will be glad when this weekend is over. Between it and the celebration committee, it has kept me on the run for six months. This is my second year with the celebration committee and I will not take it again next year. This year has been a trial.

When I get home from Independence, Missouri, I want to buy my flowers, hanging baskets, and mulch. I will have quite a bit of yard work to do too. I am looking forward to that though. I love to dig in the dirt and make the house and yard look beautiful.

I will probably not be blogging again until Sunday evening.


Balisha said...

I'm with you Margie on the TV placement over the fireplace.I have been in rooms where they are too high and you can get a stiff neck looking up at them. I really prefer a TV down on top of an entertainment center. To each his own I guess. I know it's the new way of doing things...maybe I'm just an old fogey.

Margie's Musings said...

Then I am an old fogey too, Balisha.