Tuesday, March 16, 2010


It's been a kind of quiet Tuesday. I read news from the computer all morning and then we went to Independence to take our daughter to lunch. After lunch, I went to the hospital to visit a friend who had pneumonia. She has had so many visitors that I just left my card with a nurse. She was sleeping and exhausted.

Tonight we have no plans. That feels good. Sometimes we have way too much going.

We will attend the Lenten Luncheon tomorrow and then Thursday our son-in-law is coming to put our new trellis in the ground for us. He made it as a Christmas gift for us but we have had to wait for warmer weather to have him put it in the ground for us. I will take a photo after it's finished. Hopefully he will pose in front of it for us.

I have ordered a new book by Michael Lewis called "The Big Short". It is about the Wall Street meltdown and a man who made a fortune legally by realizing what was happening when no one else did. He was Michael Burry, a physician. There is an article in Vanity Fair about his experience by Michael Lewis. It is called "Betting on the Blind Side". It is very interesting!

"Michael Burry always saw the world differently—due, he believed, to the childhood loss of one eye. So when the 32-year-old investor spotted the huge bubble in the subprime-mortgage bond market, in 2004, then created a way to bet against it, he wasn’t surprised that no one understood what he was doing. In an excerpt from his new book, The Big Short, the author charts Burry’s oddball maneuvers, his almost comical dealings with Goldman Sachs and other banks as the market collapsed, and the true reason for his visionary obsession."


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