Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another Hair Appointment Tuesday

I will go to Independence later on this morning to have my hair done for the trip to the Peace Colloquy. Bob will feed my cats while I am gone. I will fix dinner after I get back this morning. We will eat our leftovers from yesterday. That was a very good hamburger pie.

I will work this afternoon and then tonight I am to give the invocation at the city commission meeting at 6:30.

Tomorrow I will work in the morning instead of the afternoon. Then Leslie and I will leave. I will make up my four hours lost on Thursday on the following Monday when I will work all day.

Yesterday morning I had a job interview. I don't kid myself that I will get the job. At my age, few employers will take a chance that someone my age will live long enough to give them a return on their investment.

Leslie and I will be in Independence, MO a couple of days early. We will do some holiday shopping and attend a dinner theater Thursday evening. The Peace Colloquy begins on Friday. We will come home on Saturday evening. It will be a busy week.

I watched the presidential debate last night and felt it was a draw. I fear Romney may win the election. It's so tight. It will be up to the electoral college. Gore won the popular vote in 2000 but the courts awarded the election to Bush..which was a huge mistake that took us into two unnecessary wars and whose policies took us into a terrible recession.

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