Thursday, November 29, 2012

Payday Thursday

Today I received almost a couple of hundred dollars from my 28 hours of work this pay period. It will come in handy since I don't receive my social security until the 12th of December. Many of my bills come due before then.

Bob came over last night and we watched another video "The Runaway Jury". It was pretty good. It was another John Grisham book done into a movie.

There is nothing interesting on PBS right now either. TV generally is very poor entertainment. I think the most entertaining is reading but it is also the most isolating.

On the news, we are still running toward the fiscal cliff. The Republicans are determined to protect the wealth of the super rich and the president seems intent on protecting the interests of the rest of us. I will be interested in seeing if anything comes of this meeting the president is having with Romney today over lunch. I wonder if he will ask Romney to serve in his second administration in some way. He has a way of using his former enemies. i.e. Hillary.

I'm always glad to see Thursday come because Friday is tomorrow and I do not work on Fridays. I do have a 7:00 hair appointment if it doesn't get cancelled. Carol's brother-in-law is dying and if he dies today or tomorrow, she will cancel all her appointments. In that case, I will have to deal with my hair myself.

But in any case, I am going with Bob to Bartlesville to his doctor's appointment tomorrow. We will have a quick lunch afterward and then go pick up Dee at school in Independence. Denise and Terry will be in Topeka at the VA.

Today is my youngest son's 52nd birthday. I don't think he reads my blog but Happy Birthday anyhow, son!

More later...


Balisha said...

Hi Margie...I have your nut clusters cooling on waxed paper right now. I didn't want to ask you for your recipe I googled "Margie's Nut Clusters" and the recipe came up. Joe and I so enjoy these and they are so nice for a little gift at Christmas. I think it might be a nice post for put it up again for sharing.

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks, Balisha. That's a good idea!