Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thursday At Last

I am so glad it's Thursday. I don't work on Fridays. Bob and I will meet Tony and Gay for lunch on Friday. On Saturday we plan to go to Joplin and eat at Olive Garden. Bob came over last night for leftover chili and stayed for the Nature show on PBS on TV. He kept dealing with sleepiness and finally went on home to get ready for bed and deal with his trick or treaters.

I had about a dozen Hispanic children with their mothers. I gave away a dozen small candy bars. They came right after Bob left.

I still have not heard from any of the businesses Aime said would be calling me for an interview. She needs to move me to another non profit.

I transferred money to Scott's account this morning after his savings hit the bank. I then transferred $39.99 to my checking account to repay myself for the insurance and postage I used to send his I-phone and mail on to Hawaii. He is probably there at his hotel by now. His package wont arrive until November 6th. Its the best UPS could do. He didn't trust the US postal service to get it there.

I blew off my patio and drive this morning and put the chair covers on my patio chairs and hung the folding ones in the garage. Hopefully those covers will protect the chairs through the winter. I ordered them last fall and used them through last winter. It's crisp this morning so Inky is in the garage. I made him a cushion out of the swing cushion covered with an old rag rug. He seems to have recovered from his recent illness and is comfortable there.

More later...

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