Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday and Exercises Again

I am going up to Independence at 6:30 to get my hair done for the weekend. Then I will come back and go to the market before exercise class. I need a few things. This morning I will just have a banana for breakfast. I am out of biscuits. I usually have a biscuit then bag the other four and put them in the frig for the next four days breakfast. I may buy some shredded wheat for cereal. My bran flakes have given me problems in the past. This morning I am drinking a cup of warmed up coffee from yesterday and then I will fix a cup of Chi for my second cup. Oh, the joys of being old!

As I have said, my children want me to fly over to Hawaii for Thanksgiving. Scott lives there and he has asked me to come several times since he's been there. They have offered to pay the fare. I just dread a twelve hour flight. However I am seriously considering it.

I only got part of my housework done yesterday. I just couldn't get motivated. I got the dining room and the kitchen done before I played out. Maybe I can get it done this afternoon. It's not that big a deal. It's just hard to get motivated.

My arms have been a lot better this week. I have slept better too generally. It is getting colder at night and that helps, I know.

Last night Bob came over to watch a DVD that Scott sent to me. It's called "I Am". It was very interesting and I wondered why I hadn't heard more about it. It was produced in 2011. It talked about the fact that we are all connected...even the animals and nature. It's kind of an oriental concept but it rang true. He sent it from Amazon.

Bob bought another bottle of that wine we both really like. It's called Rascoto and it's an Italian red wine. We had a small glass of it with the DVD. He left at 8:20 and I took my bath and went to bed at 9:00 after watching a couple of reruns of "Big Bang Theory".

I did get the rest of the apartment vacuumed this morning before noon. Then Bob and I went out to Dearing to have beans and cornbread and fried potatoes for lunch. For $5.15, we couldn't go wrong.

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