Friday, November 29, 2013

Yesterday's Big Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving dinner last night. We waited an hour to eat but we got acquainted with a couple of really nice people from Virginia, Jim and Kathleen, and they asked us to sit with them.... so we did. The Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful. I was only able to eat two thirds of it....way too much food. Then we had pumpkin pie for dessert. We got home and watched the rest of the movie we had been watching and then we went to bed. We were both exhausted. It had been a huge day. Our new friends wanted to stay in touch when they leave Tuesday to go back to Virginia so they took our e-mail addresses and names. They both work for the government.

Today we are going to have breakfast with a friend of Scott's. Afterward we are having our pictures taken. Paul is a professional photographer. I really am not interested in having my picture taken at nearly 78 years old. I simply look like an old woman nowadays. No old woman is really interested in having her picture taken. It is only a reminder of former days when she looked a lot better.(and younger) :)

The rest of the week is up for grabs. We may go back out to the Arizona. My Bob and IU were out there in 1999 when we were over here earlier but I wouldn't mind. Then he also suggested we might go back to the Polynesian Culture Center. We went there too in 1999 but he says they have really updated it since then.

Scott is trying to get his TV back to cable so he can watch cable TV this morning. He has way too many remotes to work with. He has called support and they walked him though getting it. Now he is trying to get his Sony receiver to run everything: his cable and his Sony home receiver. Now he is talking to Sony support trying to get both to work on just the Sony remote. All this at 4:15 in the morning. :) Hey! he got it done. We are now watching cable news.

More later in the day......

We took in a great movie this afternoon. We saw Delivery Man and it was a great movie. Then we went to the market and bought some groceries.

This evening we watched The Life of Pi. It too was very good!

Paul took a passel of photos this morning and he will give us both a CD of them on Monday.

So tomorrow we go to Pearl Harbor to see the Arizona again. My Bob and I went there in 1999 when we were here before.


ChuckFu said...

well hey check out some local volcano's or The Waikiki Aquarium, On Maui try Explore Historic Lahaina, don't wanna watch too much TV, long way to travel to watch TV. love you guys

Margie's Musings said...

We're not on Maui, Keith. We're on Oahu. We're going back to Pearl Harbor tomorrow.