Monday, October 12, 2015

A Better Monday

Today will be a better day. Bob texted me last night at 7:00 that he had finally converted. I thought he might have to be defibrillated to get his heart beating normally. Luckily, he did not.

This morning about 7:30 his older daughter, Diana, will call to get the full story on his experience.  She lives in Wisconsin.

Today I will check to see what the status of my sweeper is. They were supposed to have put the power drive belt back on for me and they've had it over a week. I will need it by Thursday...that's apartment cleaning day. I may use some of this week's pay and buy myself a new vacuum. The carpet looks so much better after having used Bob's vacuum this past week and I got a ton of cat hair. That's a pretty good indication that  my old 1980's sweeper is not doing a very good job.

Last night's Living the Questions group was a success. Gretchen and Richard were here and also Joyce, Bobby and Karan, and Gary.  We had a good discussion after viewing the video and broke up about 8:30 or so. My dessert turned out well too. Apple Brown Betty just can't be beat. I got Gary back home about 9:00, came back home and took my bath and Missy and I sat in the recliner and watched some TV for a short time...just so I could wind down.  Then we went to bed and I slept really well.

It's light out now and time to take Missy outside for awhile.

More later....

I took Missy out for about 15 minutes and then when Merrill left, she didn't like that and wanted to come back in.

I e-mailed my nephew about his dad's weekend experience. The boys (Bob has two) are very neglectful of their father.  They never see him or stay in touch with them. I don't know if I will hear from him or not but at least he now knows.

Then I went to the hospital just in time to see Bob getting ready to leave. He went home to shower and shave and change his clothing.  He will probably come over later...for sure for lunch. I have some ham pieces thawing now and if they thaw out, I will fix that ham and potato casserole today.  We will have a veggie with it and I'll have Bob fix a salad.  I have some of my Apple Brown Betty left for dessert. If the ham isn't thawed, I'll eat out at noon. I think I can thaw it in the microwave though if I'm careful.

I am sure looking forward to last day at work at the library.

More later...

I double stacked four baskets with DVDs and it took until 3:00 to get them all put away.  Then I hunted books for all the rest of the afternoon.

Aime went ahead and e-mailed Katie this afternoon that I would be leaving on Wednesday.  She asked me about it and I just told  her the work had become too hard for me and I needed to just quit.  She understood but said "but you have done such a good job!" It would have been nice to have heard that occasionally while I worked for her the past 11 months. That isn't her style though.


Anonymous said...

I so enjoy your blog

Margie's Musings said...

Good! That's an easy way to keep track of my life, son.