Friday, September 5, 2008

Garage Sale Preparation Day

We are having a garage sale tomorrow and getting rid of all the old clothes I can no longer wear or that are so old I won't wear them. I also have gone through the house and put a lot of extraneous "stuff" in this sale. I am going to de-junk this little house. What doesn't sell is going to get donated to a church. I cannot tolerate not having my closet space free any longer. Why am I hanging on to clothing I wore twenty years ago? That's just stupid no matter how good they are.

Bob has gone to a workshop this afternoon and all day tomorrow so I have the place to myself. Tomorrow we will move the tables out on the drive and leave just the hanging clothing in the garage. I hope most everything sells. The worst part of a garage sale is cleaning up after it.

After I got all the rummage laid out and hung and priced, I took off in Bob's truck (he has my car) and went to the market. Sunday, I will need to fix a dish or two for a basket dinner at church. Our Mission Center President, Kathy, will preach and we will have a dinner after the 11:00 worship service. I am fixing hamburger pie. My kids always loved it and it still goes over well. Then we will take a salad and call our contribution good.

Later I will do my regular after church notes and finally make an Apple Brown Betty for "Living the Questions" group Sunday evening. I will serve that with ice cream.

5 comments: TN said...

Matgie, that's what I need to do...get rid of everything I don't wear. It would be so nice to have extra room in my closet. Maybe sometime soon! thanks for the comments on my blog. I need all the help I can get! LOL

Judy said...

Margie, I was getting worried about you but I see you have been getting ready for your sale. Usually, you post in the mornings I thought. Anyway, when I retired I went through everything and kept only a few outfits and stuff to wear around the house. I got 3 closets down to one and have kept it that way. Good luck on your sale and have a good weekend.

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks, Gals. You're right, Judy, I have been very, very busy. Yesterday we went to the doctor in Bartlesville for Bob's cataract check up. It's coming along fine.

We got home just in time to attend the Ministerial Alliance meeting and after that I came home and did the minutes and fixed dinner and then we went to the PINCH meeting, where I pinch hitted for their secretary. Then I did their minutes and got them out.

Today I got up, fixed Bob and Slinky's breakfasts, took Slinky for a walk and then started in cleaning out closets for this garage sale. I usually have it in May but in May it rained and rained so I put it off until September and it's spitting rain today. I hope tomorrow is dry.

Linda said...

I wish I were near you because I like garage sales but your food sounds expecially good. I don't know how you do all the things in your life, probably because you are extremely well organized. Good luck on your sale.

Margie's Musings said...

Thank you, Linda. You're right that I have to be organized to accomplish all the things in my life.