Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Minister's Week

Yesterday, Marilyn, Howard and I attended Minister's Week in Tulsa at the Seminary for the Disciples of Christ (Christian Church, Phillips Theological Seminary). We really went to hear The Reverend Doctor Rita Nakashima Brock speak. She has been a featured scholar on the "Living the Questions" videos we discuss on Sunday evenings twice a month. We will go back this morning for the last two days. Rita will speak again this morning and then we will have a sermon by Dr. James Forbes, another of those scholars. Dr. Forbes is well known as the preacher's preacher for his charismatic style. In 1996, he was recognized by Newsweek magazine as one of the 12 most effective speakers in the English speaking world.

Today I will buy her latest book, a collaboration between her and Rebecca Parker called "Saving Paradise: How Christianity Traded Love of this World for Crucifixion and Empire". The lectures are taken from it. The lectures ground justice and peace for humanity in love for the earth and emphasize how Christianity can be renewed through a theology of redemptive beauty.

I am interested in hearing both of them. We will stay overnight in Tulsa for this last two days.

Bob will be left in charge of Slinky. Poor Slinky. When Bob takes out his hearing aids, he is totally deaf and Slinky wakes me up at 5:00 AM to be let out to do his duty by barking.

It will be an interesting week in Tulsa as well as Coffeyville.


Balisha said...

Have an enjoyable time, Margie. Slinky and Bob will probably get along just fine, although I'm sure they will both be glad when you come home. Take care.

Judy said...

Sounds like you are enjoying your week and you probably needed some time away. I think we all do ever so often. I am sure you will be missed at home though.

Sansego said...

That's a great book title! Let me know how the book is. Sounds like its up my alley theology wise!

Linda said...

Margie, I enjoyed this post. I worked 17 years for Brite Divinity School on the campus of TCU. It's a sister school of Phillips, also a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)seminary.

Rita Nakashima Brock spoke at Brite sometime in the 90s I think. She caused quite an uproar among our students but for the life of me I can't remember why.

In seminary you get a lot of uproars so they kind of run together. Passion and heat are always present where people are hammering out their theology. Have a good time. I'll look forward to a report.