Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday As Usual

This morning I got up early to feed the animals, water the plants and sit out on the patio with my one cup of coffee before leaving for my sister's house.

After her husband came back, he and I had a talk about her Alzheimers Disease. He hesitates to put the patch on her because of all the side effects. Also, there is no guarantee that it will help slow it down. I really don't know anyone it has helped.

After that, Bob and I went to Independence for my board meeting with the Montgomery County Medical Clinic. We had called Leslie, our daughter, to see if she wanted to go to lunch with us but we just got her answering machine so we thought she was probably in a meeting.

We asked Bill to go to lunch with us. While there we heard from Leslie. She had simply missed our call. By the time she realized she had a message, she was already at lunch.

We went to Bill's after lunch to see the damage they found by termites. Bill is rebuilding his basement doorway and staircase. He does a good job.

Leslie called to tell us that Ivan, one of our parishioners who lives in a nursing home is reported to be collecting water around his waist. Bob was out there to visit him while I was at my meeting. He said Ivan was feeling very bad. But after I went out to talk to the nursing home administrator, she assured me that there was nothing serious wrong with him. He had had x-rays and they saw nothing. I don't know who to believe. I will talk to Ivan's niece after awhile and see what she says. His stepson is in charge of his care (and also his bank account).

Next we went to their superstore for a few groceries.

Then we came back home and I dropped by Cyndi's home to run an errand for her.

Finally I got to come home.

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