Thursday, November 12, 2009

Doctor's Visit

Bob will go to the doctor this morning at 10:00 to check on his diabetes. He is very discouraged with his numbers. They fluctuate wildly. He watches his carbs religiously yet earlier this week, his glucose was 147 after being down to 116 and under for several weeks. We count carbs on every item we buy. He has lost a total of 24 pounds from just simply almost eliminating bread and potatoes and pasta from his diet. He is going to talk to Melissa about changing his meds.

Later at 11:30, we will go to an in service at the hospital mainly for those who serve as chaplains. Bob has given that up. He just isn't up to it anymore. He does well to take Slinky for his walk each day and even that is a lot shorter then it used to be.

We attended IMA yesterday. I am afraid the new president is not able to control the meeting. We had lunch at 11:30 and then the meeting began. It rambled on for quite awhile without much organization. Finally at 1:00, we needed to leave. We had an appointment at 1:30 and Bob still needed to stop by the cleaners to get some alterations ordered. John, the vice president was using the business meeting to talk about his congregation and Mike didn't seem to be able to get the meeting back on track.

They had forgotten our annual community wide Thanksgiving service so were trying to put the service together before the meeting.

It may be a difficult year.

On another subject, I have been asked to take the nomination for secretary of the Montgomery County Health Clinic board. I thought about it overnight and decided to accept. I will need to notify John this morning. I attend all their meetings anyhow as a board member. Taking the minutes shouldn't be a problem.


Anonymous said...


Be encouraged about Bob. I'd be very happy to have a glucose level as low as 147 on a bad day, and all by parts are still functioning enough to keep me going after 46 years with the disease.


Anonymous said...

I hope Bob can get some new medicine or something for his diabetes. Losing that much weight you would think his numbers would drop drastically. You never cease to amaze me with all that you do! Have a good weekend, Margie.

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks for responding folks.