Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Busy Monday

I went to Leslie's a little earlier this morning so I could get finished in time to go to Caney and take our school supplies to the elementary school. They were delighted to have them. No one helps then with school supplies so the teachers often buy extras out of their own pocket. That's not right.

After I got home I went by the hospital. But first I went to get something for lunch. I had not had much breakfast. Bob called me just before I left home and said Phyllis was sleeping and he would rather I did not go right then.

Phyllis is better today but very unhappy that she can't go "home". She was angry with Bob A earlier. She thought he was going to take her "home".

Dr. Allen is going to transfer her to skilled nursing tomorrow and they are going to schedule a sonogram. They think there is "something" in there causing the problem. Perhaps there is something growing in the duct.

Anyhow, I will know more later on tomorrow.

I am going to mow tomorrow morning if at all possible. Otherwise I will have to bale. Then after that, I want to go see Phyllis. Jeromy, my grandson, contacted me about lunch tomorrow so I will go to lunch with him.

Wednesday, I will get my hair cut and then go to breakfast with Juanita. She wants me to go with her to the eye doctor and help her choose some new frames. I hope that doesn't take long because I need to be back in Coffeyville at 12:30 to catch a ride to Bartlesville with some friends who are going to the movies there and they have invited me to go too.

Thursday is Gerry's surgery and I should get up there to see her. I have a dental appointment at noon that day. Then that evening is the PINCH meeting and I am going to try to attend.

Friday afternoon we have a meeting at Scammon at 6:30. Bob A and I will drive up to Independence and meet Leslie and all go together.

Saturday Jeff and Cyndi and I will finish putting up our shelves. Then next I will dig out the things I am going to get rid of and price them.

It will be a busy week.

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