Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Constitution

Some think the US Constitution is based on the Ten Commandments. That's nonsense.

The U.S. Constitution is NOT based on the Ten Commandments. Walk through them. The constitution says nothing about forced belief in God (indeed the opposite). Murder is a state crime, not mentioned in the federal Constitution. There is no mention of honoring our parents, nor of coveting that which belongs to our neighbors. Indeed, other than murder, the above-mentioned are not against state laws either.

Whether Christian churches are allowed in other countries is completely irrelevant. It is the U.S. Constitution we are talking about. It is the U.S. Constitution that these anti-Islam clowns hold sacrosanct, and now trash.

The unnamed Muslim supposedly funding this mosque is the largest minority stockholder in the parent of Fox News. They won't mention his name on air for this very reason.


marlu said...

It is so nice to read your comments and especially about the constitution!
I hope the voices of reason are not drowned out by the voices of unreason!


Margie's Musings said...

Isn't that the truth!