Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday Hair Day

Today I get my hair cut and done, thank goodness. It's a mess! This humidity just makes it curl up uncontrollably. Especially after I mowed yesterday afternoon. I will pick up Juanita and we will go to lunch afterward.

I asked Bob A. but he didn't want to go when it takes an hour to get my hair done. He will ask some friends to go to the last Lenten Luncheon. I hate missing it but she could only do my hair today at noon. I was hoping to get it done tomorrow afternoon since Leslie and I will be in Independence, Missouri this weekend. Oh well!

I am getting so I dread going to work. They seldom have anything planned for me to do so I do a lot of sitting around twiddling my thumbs. I need the money though so I will continue. This week sometime I need to go look for work again or they will take me out of the training program. After I paid my bills today, I have very little money left to last me until May 11th.

I took Slinky for a walk yesterday afternoon late after I got home from my visit with Phyllis and Gerry. He was delighted! It had been several weeks since he'd had a walk. It's been entirely too windy to get out in it. The wind sets my allergies off. He was like a puppy after he learned he was going to get a walk!

More later...

It was a good day at work. My supervisor had plenty for me to do and the morning flew by...just the way I like it.

I picked up Juanita for lunch after I got my hair done. She's in a mess. Her son, aged 62, has left his wife...her idea. He lost his $250,000 a year job and has had a very stressful first quarter. Now his wife wants a divorce and says there is no chance for a reconciliation. So he has come back to live with his 89 year old woman who is very frail. What was he thinking!!! She does not need that kind of stress in her life. She needed someone to talk to and we have been friends for 10 years so she talked to me. I took her to the market afterward so she could get some dog food for her dogs. Then I took her home. I told her if it got too much for her to call me and I would come get her.

What a mess!

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