Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday at Last

Today is Friday and I work my three hours this morning and then drive to Independence to meet Leslie for our trip to Independence, Missouri. We will take her vehicle because she wants to drive and she wants to take her new SUV. So I will either leave mine in the parking lot at Four County or drive out to her house and park it in the garage.

I think the weather will be alright tonight. It may rain all the way but the terrible storms passed us by last night. I did bring Slinky in for a couple of hours because of the rain and wind but he is out there now and it is 40 something. He may get cold tonight because it's supposed to be in the upper 30's but I will be gone so he will just have to tough it out.

So, as you might have guessed it will be sometime Sunday before you hear from me. I won't take my laptop because the block's routers at Stoner's are all protected.

I hope to enjoy the weekend with my daughter and at the symposium.


marlu said...

Have a safe trip. I'm so glad the bad weather missed you. We were watching the weather channel as the storms moved east. In Hutchinson we got just a sprinkle of rain overnight.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are enjoying your trip with you daughter. I heard about the storms on t.v. Glad all is good with you. Have a great week. Just checking on ya! lol.

Margie's Musings said...

We had a real good time, gals.