Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Big Tuesday

I went out to my daughter's house this morning and cleaned it. She makes a regular contribution to my checking account and I always want to do something to help her. She works so hard. So, I cleaned her house this morning. The boys contribute too but they are far away and I can do very little to help them out.

After I finished, I went into Independence and met her for lunch. Cyndi came too. I had hoped to have lunch with just Leslie. Cyndi tends to dominate the conversation when she comes too. Cyndi, much as I love her, is the drama queen.

Then I came home and even though it was just 90 degrees out there, Slinky wanted to come into the kitchen. I imagine he just likes lying on the cool kitchen floor. Anyhow, I had computer work to do so I just brought the laptop into the dining area and to the breakfast bar and am sitting here doing my work while he sleeps beside me.

Tomorrow, I go back to work. I am enjoying my work so much. It is very interesting.

I will go out to Wal Mart this evening and see if I can find the Vampire Diaries Second Season for Scott. If I can, I will buy it for him and send it to him. I don't know whether Keith has a DVD player or not there in Iraq. I could get some movies for him too from time to time if he does.

More later....

That DVD series isn't to be released until August 30th so I guess I won't be able to buy it after all.

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