Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Tax on Soup Kitchens?

Eric Cantor's blog post was headlined "President Obama's tax on soup kitchens." That is misleading in two important ways. First, Obama did not single out soup kitchens for special tax treatment. And second, the proposal is not a tax on soup kitchens, or any other charitable organizations; it effectively increases the existing tax burden on a small percentage of households, which may indirectly cause disincentives for donations to soup kitchens. We rate the claim Mostly False.

See to the right here on my list.

Politics....It gets more ridiculous all the time...

I had my regular work day today but when I got home I just didn't feel up to working on the garage sale for some reason. I believe I have enough out now and there is a possibility we will have rain. I don't know how it will go if it rains.

I spent the afternoon just relaxing and watching TV. I had a TV dinner for lunch and a bowl of cereal for dinner.

This was just "one of those days".


Anonymous said...

Hi Margie, I can see that you are as busy as ever. I have been, too. Trying to get things in the yard ready for winter, pull up the garden stuff, weeds, etc. Sounds like you are having a yard sale. Good luck with that. It is 47 degrees here this morning. A very brisk and cool one but I love this weather. It is also beautiful with the trees beginning to turn. I enjoyed catching up on what is going on with you. I agree politics get more crazy every day. Have a great weekend. Love and hugs.

marlu said...

The more that the Republicans speak, the more amazed I become.

Their statements are so far from the facts it is pitiful.

Do you suppose anyone who votes Republican checks for the truth?

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks for checking in, Judy. It is pretty cool here too and I don't know what the morning will be like.

Thank you too, Marlu, for checking in. I agree politicians are mostly nuts. I haven't seen a republican candidate I'd vote for yet. I check everything they say.

Nel said...

Margie, you have a great blog!