Monday, January 30, 2012

Another Monday

Church went really well yesterday. Afterward we all went to El Pueblito's for lunch and as always, it was good. John wasn't at church. He had had to work on Saturday and had a lot of things he needed to do around the farm so he stayed home and did them.

I came home after lunch and did the newsletters and got them out on the mailbox. Then I took a ride...just to get out of the house. I stopped at McDonald's and had a small McFlurry. Last night I watched 60 Minutes and then at 9:00, I went to bed. Slinky woke me up three times last night and the last time was 4:45 so I just got up.

Today I will clean house. I don't think I will go out to see Phyllis again. It is just so depressing.

Tomorrow I will call in the number of reservations for the Ministerial Alliance lunch on Thursday. Bob A., Phyllis F. and I are going to Joplin to the Olive Garden to eat and then walk the mall afterward too. Phyllis F. seemed really glad to be asked to go. She is quite shy but always goes to eat with the group after church.

Wednesday after work, I have a hair appointment in Independence and then I will drive over to Parsons to meet Scott and Becky and take Becky's car back to her. Then Leslie will come to Parsons after work and pick me up and bring me home.

Thursday is Ministerial Alliance after work. I will leave work thirty minutes early to distribute the minutes and the agenda.

I have nothing going on Friday. That's the day Scott leaves to go back to Germany.

The Florida primary is tomorrow. That will be interesting. I look for Romney to win. I don't see a viable candidate there though. They all have too much baggage of one kind or the other. Romney's church has way too much influence on any LDS. Newt is immoral and unethical. The others are just not viable at all. Ron Paul is another far right with wild and crazy ideas.

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