Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Another Wednesday

Something has changed with blogger. The small screen on which we post has now been replaced with a much larger one. I prefer the old smaller one.

Today is the birthday of one of my co-workers. We have signed a card for her. I had intended to buy her a small gift but none of the others are going to do that so I decided not to do it either. They kept me very busy yesterday and the day just flew by. That's the way I like it.

Tonight I must mow. I was trying to put it off until tomorrow but rain is forecast for tomorrow. So I'd better mow tonight. It's beginning to look real shaggy out there.

I stayed up last night until after eleven and I slept like a baby. I got permission to teach Temple School at church camp (we call it reunion) in July. I will finish the DVD Living the Questions that I shared half of last summer at camp. I have no idea how many will take the class but I printed off all the material last night. I will have ten copies of each session duplicated at Service Office and Supply before camp. Surely ten will be enough. It's progressive material and some folks are hesitant to accept it. Actually, the material makes no conclusions and just presents a lot of research from bible historians like Marcus Borg, John Dominic Crossan and Stephen Patterson. That's why it's called "Living the Questions".

I am using my dishwasher this morning and must stay here in the kitchen and make sure my little dish under the sink doesn't overflow when the dishwasher empties the water. The connection still leaks. I haven't decided whether to call a plumber or ask John to come back and replace the gasket. It evidently was damaged when he replaced my garbage disposal.

I still want to get out to the nursery and buy my bedding plants and another hanging basket of vineing geraniums. I don't know when I will get that done.

I can't seem to get my paragraphs to break down unless I put in my own page breaks. I really don't like what they've done to my blog.


Betty said...

It's odd how many of the bloggers I read are having problems with the new Blogger interface. I haven't had any trouble with it at all. Not that I particularly LIKE it - I don't. But, I just haven't encountered any real problems with it, yet.

Margie's Musings said...

Does it break your blog into paragraphs automatically?

patsy said...

I had this problem a month past and still haven't figured how to break up the paragraphs. what a pain.
I think it has something to do with what Ie you have is mine is IE 9 and I had to down load google crome before I could post any thing. They said blogger didn't support mine any longer.
When I had my problem sister Betty said hers was just fine now she has the new deal also. I figure Betty in Harrison time is coming. She said she hadn't had any problems and that is what my sister said until blogger did it to her so Betty in Harrison's time is coming i figure.LOL

Margie's Musings said...

Aggravating, isn't it?