Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Busy Tuesday

This will be a pretty busy day and it has to be carefully coordinated. In a little bit I will put together my ham and potato bake and put it in the oven under time bake. At 9:00 I will go to town and pick up Bob's bracelet. I have had a new clasp put on it so I can wear it. It's a gold chain bracelet and I found it in a box in the closet. I must have put it away after he died.

Then I will leave for Independence. I have already put the cakes in the trunk of my car. I will unload them at the First Christian Church in Independence. Then at 10:00 I will go to my hair appointment, and afterward go to the post office to mail back a duplicate DVD and then when I get home I will fix the rest of my dinner. Before I go to work, I will drop the "Marley and Me" DVD off at V & S Variety. We didn't watch it after all. I received the "Paint Your Wagon" DVD in the mail and we had waited weeks for it to arrive so we watched it instead. It only cost me $1.39 to rent it so no great loss. I ordered another old DVD, "Cat Ballew" that I really enjoyed.

Tonight we will watch two or three good programs.. "Pioneers of Television..Funny Ladies" and PBS's American Experience. This will be the second in the series of "Abolitionists...Part Two 1838-1854" It is excellent. There is also a program at 9:30 on Frontline. It is Frontline's "Inside Obama's Presidency". I will watch that even if Bob goes home earlier.

As I said, this will have to be a carefully coordinated busy day.

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