Saturday, July 13, 2013

Busy Saturday

I was so busy yesterday I didn't find time to post. I brought my great granddaughter, Sage, home with me from camp. She stayed the night and her dad came to get her this morning. The child is very well behaved and was a joy to have here with me.

We got home from camp about noon or shortly afterward. I had stopped at Oswego at a Sonic to buy her some tater tots and a drink. Later I fixed her some veggies for the rest of her lunch. Then later last evening we went to Braum's for ice cream. She later took a bath and I took a shower and washed my hair. Then we went to bed.

This morning she went with Bob and me to Eggberts for breakfast. We all three had waffles. Later this morning then her dad came to pick her up.

After she was gone I ran the sweeper and did the laundry. Bob came over this evening and we watched Invictus. It was a very good movie.

After he left I took my bath and then watched TV. They broke into regular programming to announce Zimmerman the killer was acquitted. Such is American justice.

Tomorrow I will go to church and after lunch will do my letters and then I must get my dessert ready for Sunday evening's Living the Questions group.

I bought twenty dollars worth of groceries too. I will try to keep my tickets because when I get ten of them, I can get a book bag. We are collecting book bags for children for school.

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