Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tuesday.....Last Day Here

This is my last day here. Tonight I leave for Kansas again. I leave at 7:50 this evening. I will fly out of Honolulu. I get into Houston at 7:13 in the morning at terminal C. Then I leave from terminal B at 8:39 tomorrow morning. I get into Tulsa International at 10:09am. Then Leslie and I plan to eat lunch at Olive Garden before leaving for home. She must have taken the day off to pick me up.

I have had a wonderful time but I am homesick now and ready to go home. It will be interesting to see if I can sleep on the plane during this flight tonight. Scott has to work today so I will read and just ding around. If I walk across the street to the mall, I will have to take a key to get back in the building.

I spent a couple of hours looking up the schedules for Scott for The Big Bang Theory. I have him hooked on that program now. We watched it a couple of evenings while I was here. It makes him laugh. Anything that makes you laugh when you are depressed, is good. So he will watch it when it is on at a time he can watch it.

More later....


Balisha said...

Hope you can sleep on the flight back. So glad that you posted here while you were gone.
Safe trip...Balisha

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks, Balisha! I appreciate your staying in touch.