Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hairdo Tuesday

Today I go back to Independence to get my hair done. It's supposed to rain today. At least there's a 50% chance of rain.  I'm glad I didn't wash my car.

This will be a quieter week until Friday anyhow. John and Leslie are having a cookout for the family Friday evening and I imagine they will have fireworks too.  I will take a large bowl of potato salad.  Bob will take deviled eggs.

On Saturday noon I will cook lunch for them and Bob and myself.  They will leave on Sunday morning.

They are coming here a week or so early for Bob's upcoming 80th birthday. His actual birthday is July 12th. They couldn't get that weekend off work. And I will be at reunion (church camp) on that day.  The camp begins on Friday the 11th and ends on Tuesday the 15th of July.

More later....

After I got home from Independence, Bob and I went to Bartlesville to eat at Dink's Bar B Q.  We then walked around the mall and then came back home. Later in the afternoon, my niece, great niece and nephew in law came to visit for awhile. We sat out on the carport and enjoyed the outside. Missy sat out there with us and listened to our conversation.

Tomorrow we have exercise class again. 


Balisha said...

I'll bet you make a good potato salad. We bought it for our company and it was horrible. The potatoes were so hard. I had to doctor it up with celery, onion, mustard, S & P and my coleslaw dressing. It tasted better, but not the same as mine.
Have a good time....Balisha

Margie's Musings said...

I do. My mom taught me to make it with mashed potatoes. I add salt and pepper, Miracle Whip, hard boiled eggs, pickles, onion, mustard, and sometimes celery or celery seed.