Saturday, July 5, 2014

Saturday Again

The kids had a great party last night with lots of good food. Everyone seemed to have a good time visiting too. I hadn't seen my great nephew, Jeff, for some years. He brought his daughter and his girlfriend's daughter too. One was 7 and the other was 15.  His was the 15 year old. They were both very well behaved children. There were 16 there, I believe.  I think she had invited 20 or 22. Some couldn't make it, I guess.

I am having my niece and her husband over for lunch today and I have invited her son, Jeff,  and the two little girls too. Jeff,  wants to try to connect with a cousin  of his today and so they may not make it.  

I  took some photos of the party and will share some of them here.  

This is Denise and Diana, Bob's daughter's, with a sad Bob.

  Alberta and Ray, her husband. Cyndi is the smiling one.

This is Jeff C. with Dee, Bob's granddaughter and Leslie and John in the background.

This is Jeff, Bob's grandson with his daughter, Brianna.

This is Tony, Diana's husband.

This is Terry, Denise's husband, with Jeff, Brianna and John in the background.  

And this is Shaggy, Leslie's pet Llama.

It was a fun party. Everyone seemed to have a good visit. We left just after the fireworks started. Bob and I were both very tired. I kidded John and about making pets out of his cattle and then having them slaughtered for their meat later.  Here he is feeding them some of Shaggy's treats. That's Speck, John's dog, beside him.

And here they are again...
Diana and Tony and Jeff and the two girls all made it for lunch today.  The meatloaf turned out fine and the meal went well. Bob came over to help me put the second leaf in my table and we set up a TV tray for the 7 year old. My table just seats six.

After they all left and Bob left too, I took the leaf out of the table and put away the chairs.  Missy had disappeared under the coverlet while they were here but after they left she came out and lay in the recliner in here with me.

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