Monday, May 25, 2015

Monday and An Empty Home

I didn't even get an opportunity to post yesterday.  It was a wild day. I took Esther and Keith to breakfast at Sirloin Stockade. I insisted since they had done so much for me. Afterward they left for Phoenix and they took me home.  I decided to go to church. Bobby, my friend, Karan's husband was still in the hospital and had been pain free for awhile. They think his problem was his gall bladder. But they are not sure.  They did a lot of tests. I called Karan and told her I was at church and would preside for her so she could stay with Bobby. Then I drove my own car out there.

We had a tiny little congregation since nearly everyone was gone for the Memorial Day holiday. Everything went off fine and afterward, Phyllis and Bob and I drove up to Great China and had lunch. Then I came home and decided to go out to John and Leslie's and visit with Scott, Ginger and Jerod and Melanie. I stayed until my second cousin, Tricia,called to say she and her family were in town decorating graves and would like to see me.  So I drove back to Coffeyville to visit with them.  Everett, my deceased cousin's widower, is a year younger then me.  He and his daughter always make a point of coming to visit with me when they are in town over Memorial Day.

Then at 6:00 Bob came over to watch 60 Minutes with me while I did my congregational letters. We also had some of those strawberries and shortcake that Leslie gave me.  He left at 7:00 and I took my bath and sat with Missy in my lap until I went to bed at 9:30......another huge day.

Today Scott and Ginger and Jerod and Melanie are coming over at 9:00 to visit with me before they leave for Tulsa to take Jerod and Melanie to catch their plane back to San Diego. Then they will leave for Georgia.

A further development happened after the wedding on Saturday. Leslie and I were putting away chairs in the garage and discovered that Ginger's Audi SUV was leaking oil on the garage floor.  They had had their oil changed before they left Georgia and the place that did it stripped the screw that held the oil pan. It had leaked oil all the way to Kansas and they had not noticed it.  Luckily, my son-in-law, John, is a genius when it comes to mechanics and he worked on it for an hour before our dinner Saturday evening.   They had to get O'Reilly's to make a new gasket and buy a new screw but it appears the original garage that changed the oil stripped the screw area and she will have to take it back after they get back to Georgia and have them "fix" the mess they made.  That will be a challenge. They are taking some extra oil on their trip just in case they need it.

I leave early in the morning for Independence to take my trip to Wichita and a plane trip to Texas for the rest of the week. So it will be a week before I get back to the blog. Bob will come over twice daily to feed Missy and take care of her litter box and do his laundry.

This photo was posted on my daughter in law's face book page and I copied it to post here. This is my daughter, Leslie, my son, Scott, myself, and my son, Keith.   I will try to get some more of those photos and one of the wedding cake I had baked for the occasion. I will add those to Saturday's post.


marlu said...

You have such a busy life! And a beautiful family....

Margie's Musings said...

Thank you.Marlu. I have wonderful children!