Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday and the Wedding

The big day is finally here. All the family is here and wouldn't you know, it has rained and may continue. We may have to move the service front of John and Leslie's fireplace.  I have dressed and am pretty much ready. I've had my coffee and oatmeal and taken Missy out on the carport for a short while. The rain discouraged her.  I slept better then I have in weeks...until 6:00 AM. I'm always up at 5:00.  My son, Keith and his wife are still asleep.

Scott and Ginger and I stayed in town after breakfast yesterday and went up to the courthouse and they filled out the paperwork for their marriage license  and got the license. It cost $85.50. (Mine cost $3.00 in 1954.) Inflation! It covers everything. I fixed an envelope to send in their license after the ceremony.  I will need to do that before I leave for Texas on Tuesday.  I need to get some stamps.

We will pick up sandwiches at 10:00 at Subway and I will also take my bread and the pound of shaved turkey I bought just in case of an emergency and  the copy of the service and we will go out after we pick up those sandwiches. My younger son, Scott and his fiancee picked up his son, Jerod and wife Melanie at the Tulsa airport yesterday evening. I haven' t seen them yet since they are staying out at John and Leslie's home. All of Ginger's family are here too. They stayed at our Best Western here in Coffeyville.

Keith (who is an IT) got my laptop to print from the living room to the den again. It takes a password on the desktop and he set one up.  He also bought me some small speakers for the desktop. My kids are so good to me. I sure don't deserve it. I was a demanding disciplinarian type mother who expected good behavior out of everyone. They were great kids though and still are!

Rain is forecast for the rest of the week, including today. I just watched the weather channel. Darn!

Scott and Ginger gave me a huge basket of personal gifts and they also have one for Leslie.  Those kids! This marriage is going to be one of the best decisions Scott has ever made in his life. Ginger is really a keeper.  She is so thoughtful and so is Keith's Esther!

I may not get back to this until evening. It will be a busy day. I left a check for Leslie to pay Becky for the cake when she delivers it. I insisted I pay for it! She and John have gone to a lot of expense already for this wedding. I hope we can get some photos I can post here.

More later....

Well obviously I didn't get back to the blog on Saturday. It was a very busy day. I got a few photos but most of them were taken by others because I was involved in the ceremony.

Here are some though.  Here we are following the ceremony. Left to right that's me, Phallan, Ginger, Scott and his son, Jerod.  In the photo under this one is Ginger and her brother, who gave her away.

This is my son Scott with his new step daughter, Phallan.

This is my grandson, Jerod, Scott's son, with his new step sister, his step mother and his wife, Melanie in front of the fireplace.

This is Jerod with Ginger's mother.

This is Ginger, the bride, with her aunt.

This is Scott, my son, as he is downloading the photos from his sister's computer.
That evening Scott and Ginger invited all eighteen of the guests to dinner at Tavern on the Plaza.  This is Melanie, Jerod's wife on the far left, Phallan, Ginger's daughter, Ginger and Scott at dinner.

This is Ginger and Scott (barely visible) cutting the small wedding cake I had baked.

This is my older son, Keith, with his wife, Esther. They were there too.

This is the bride and groom on the patio following the ceremony. Note the wet pavement. Yes, it had rained. (again)

It was a huge day. Needless to say, I was exhausted. I slept really well that night after Keith and Esther and I came back home.


Sister--Three said...

You trained them as you wished them to just as the bible says!

Betsy Adams said...

Hi There, Happy Pentecost Sunday to you --and Happy Memorial Day Weekend.

You are also celebrating a wedding... SO---I'm sure it's been a fantastic weekend for you and your family despite the weather. Hope that weather got better for the wedding....

Congrats to the Happy Couple.

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks, gals. Everything went off like clockwork but it did rain and the wedding was held in front of the fireplace in the living room. They leave today for Texas.