Saturday, July 18, 2015

Saturday and A Buffet Breakfast

I am always delighted to see Saturday come around. I will pick up Bob at 7:20 for a buffet breakfast at Sirloin Stockade this morning.  Then sometime this morning I will make my potato salad for tomorrow evening's dinner at Marilyn's for the Living the Questions group. I like it t be in the frig over night. It helps the flavors to merge.

I was up shortly before 5:00 this morning. I am having one cup of coffee here at home. Missy has been meowing to go outside but it's still dark out there and we are not going out until it's light.  It's suppose to be 95 degrees today and we are under a heat advisory. We won't get any more rain until Wednesday.

I don't know what else I will do today. We are planning on having our leftover goulash for lunch and I will need to get some more garlic bread. There is still coleslaw left in the frig.

Yesterday evening I heard on the news that a small town named Delavan had been hit by a tornado. My niece,  Diana lives in Delavan Wisconsin. I called Bob and he had seen it too. He tried to call his daughter and no one answered. That worried him even worse. We checked out the internet and saw a video of the damage in Delavan. We finally reached her son, Jeff, and he called his mom. As it turned out it was Delavan, Illinois...not Wisconsin. We were greatly relieved.

Missy is now waiting patiently for daylight so we can go out on the carport.  Smart cat!

More later....

We went out for nearly an hour and a half and then I took her in so Bob and I could go on to breakfast at Sirloin Stockade. It was very usual. I haven't eaten since and it's 2:45 now.

I read most of the afternoon and checked the computer now and then for messages from my kids. I heard from Leslie.

Then I came in the kitchen and peeled my potatoes and boiled my eggs and chopped my onions and pickles  for the potato salad for tomorrow evening. I had a chance to go to Topeka with Leslie and sage but I had this dinner with the Living the Questions group scheduled first so I miss that opportunity. Darn!  I am listening to music now..John Denver.  How I miss that man's music! His was the best concert I ever attended.  But the potato salad is done and in the frig chilling so I am free now to go back to my book.

I read all the rest of the afternoon and then at 5:00 Bob called and wanted to go to Braums and have an ice cream cone so I picked him up and we went over there and enjoyed the new Braums.

Later, after watching the news and the program on the 70s on CNN, he went home and I took my bath and did my usual routine. I went to bed at 9:30.

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