Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tuesday and Hair Day

I have been awake since shortly after 4:30. I finally just got up. I ate my cereal and took my meds and drank my first cup of coffee. Missy has been troubling me to go outside and when it gets lighter, I will take her outside.  But in the meantime, she is being a pest.

I missed getting our trash out last night and thought I would have plenty of time to get it out before 8:30 this morning but the trash people came early at 6:00 (we are in a heat advisory) and our trash was not out there. Hopefully we will have plenty of room to wait until next week.

I want to get some potting soil when we go to Wal Mart this morning after my hair appointment. Cyndi brought me some larger pots and I will transplant both my plants.  They are both root bound.

When and if I get them re-potted,  I will take some photos to post here.

Meanwhile,  I will get back to this later....It's light here now and Missy is being patient...as patient as she is capable of being.

I took Missy out for an hour and a half before Bob and I left for Independence and my hair appointment. She was very happy to be out there. We got to Independence early and Kathy was able to get my hair done a half hour early so Bob and I went to Wal Mart and bought a few things we both needed. Then we learned Big Cheese was closed because their air conditioning was out so we went to Pizza Hut instead for lunch.  Pizza Hut is not Big Cheese...that's for sure.

Then after I took Bob home, I went to work. Sure enough, there were dozens and dozens of DVDs to be put away and the cases to be filed in the bookcases. I worked from 12:40 until 3:00 on that and then went back to the children's department to begin scanning bar codes in the non fiction there. There were some Hispanic children there with their mothers. They were screaming at the top of their voices and running around the library like wild children.  It was all I could do to stay and work.  Finally, I asked one of the mothers (with my fingers to my lips) if she could quiet the children down some so I could concentrate. It wasn't perfect...but it was better. I finished the best I could and did just three book cases. Then I returned Cindy's ruler and went back to the Adult department to start putting away DVDs again.  I did that until 5:00 and then I went home. I hope..oh I hope..I can get on at Coffeyville Community College.  I don't know how much more of the noise I can take at the library. It will be two or three weeks until my interview there at the college.

Bob came over until 8:00 and then I watched American Experience after he left at 8:00 and then prepared for bed.

What a day!

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