Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thursday and Back From Branson

We got home from Branson about noon and called Bobbie and Karan to see if they would like to meet us for lunch at Sirloin Stockade. They did and we caught up on all the news.  Karan was feeling fine after she got out of the hospital and even finished up her Christmas shopping. Bobby was doing   as well as could be expected under the circumstances. Still no symptoms of his brain tumor.

Bob and I left for Branson about 6:00 and we got down to Joplin at breakfast time and ate at the Crackerbarrel. Then we went on to Branson and got there around noon. We waited until 2:00 PM to eat and then ate at Olive Garden. It was all good. We did some shopping at the Landing in the afternoon. I didn't buy anything but Bob bought three new dress shirts.  Later on we went to the shopping center and I bought two sale tops at Christopher and Banks.

That evening we went to see Clay Cooper's show. It was very good.  At intermission, he was asking folks for various items and if they had them, they were to bring them up to the stage to give thm to him. I had a rubber band when he asked for that. I took it up to him. As we surrendered our items he had us get up on the stage with him for a contest of sorts. There were six of us. First they played the theme song from an old TV show and we were to guess which one.  Mine was the theme for the Andy Griffith Show but I guessed Gilligan's Island. Then they had up put a potato between our  legs and walk across the stage with it there and drop it into a bucket. Several couldn't do that but I aced it. I won one free ticket to the show and it will not expire until November 30th 2016. I hadn't planned to go back but no one knows so I kept the ticket.

We after the show, we went back to our hotel and I took my bath and we went to bed. Bob showers in the morning so we had no conflict there.  It was a nice hotel too. His daughter had given him the gift certificate for a Branson trip for his birthday in July and this was the first time we had nice enough weather to be able to work out a schedule to be able to go. I was working until October 15th and the weather has been rainy every week since. This week the weather was lovely! So, on the spur of the moment, we decided to go.

We got up this morning and had the hot breakfast at the hotel before packing up and leaving at 8:30.  We got back to Coffeyville at noon.  That's when I texted Bobby to see if they would like to meet us there at Sirloin Stockade for lunch.

When I got home, I unpacked and checked Missy out. She was not very happy to have been left to herself over a day and a half but she got over that soon. I had a litter box to clean up. The I read the paper. I offered to take her outside and she went out briefly but then she saw the male cat across the street and wanted back in so I came in too.  I read both newspapers and did the crossword puzzle in one of them.

It's 3:00 now and I will soon try to plan dinner for tomorrow.  I am taking the leftover ham and potato casserole over to Bobby and Karan for their supper.

By the way, this is my younger son, Scott.  This was taken at my surprise birthday party last Saturday.


And this was me...blowing out my candles. One candle for each decade of my life.

I wanted to show all the cake and the candles. So I made the photo smaller.


This my family!


My grandson and his wife, Melanie. Great kids!


Sister--Three said...

You look so young!!! Bet you could pass for 50,,

Margie's Musings said...

Oh no! I look my 80 years! But thank you for a lovely compliment!