Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday and Housecleaning Day

Today is the day I clean the apartment. I've had my oatmeal and orange juice for breakfast and am just enjoying my coffee while working on this blog. I slept well last night.

Today we will have hamburger pie for lunch/dinner. It will have green beans in it too. Bob will bring his orange jello salad with oranges in it. I  have pudding and cookies for dessert.

Tomorrow we will go to Independence for my hair appointment. We will spend some time looking around in their Walmart Superstore and at Goody's. At 11:00, we will go to Big Cheese and have our mini pizza.

Then we will come home and I will take Bob home. I will read and he may take a nap at his apartment. He is also reading a book that I loaned him. It's called "Lincoln Street" and it's a novel supposedly set in Coffeyville during the late 50's and 60's.  According to him, it mentions people and places we are familiar with since we grew up in that era. I graduated in '53 and he graduated in '52.

More later...

On checking my son's facebook page I found a new photo of the progress on their new home.

I assume this is the heating and air conditioning being installed.

And here's something else they're working on.

We finished our lunch...which was very good...and Bob went home after awhile...probably to take his nap. I read until my eyes got tired of reading. I thought I would check the facebook pages and then perhaps go out for a ride in the car. That's when I found Scott's latest photo..above.

I don't believe I need anything badly enough to go out to Walmart again today. We will probably go to the Superstore in Independence tomorrow. I do need some gasoline so I may drive out to South Coffeyville to buy the cheapest gas.  First I will check out the Sunshine Shop. Sometimes it's even cheaper.

It will be another week and two days before my social security comes in. I spent everything Keith sent me paying my electric bill. It was $40 higher then last month....almost $263.00. This apartment is total electric. Well, I am not moving. That's an expensive thing to do. When I moved here to the apartment I spent too much money. I bought all new window treatments and a microwave to go over the range. I brought my own range and frig. I bought a hair dryer to mount on the wall in the bathroom. Then the move itself cost me some money too. No, moving is not an option! I will just have to tough out the next couple of months before spring.

More later....

Bob came over a little after 5:00 and stayed to watch the news and an old episode of Big Bang Theory. When he left, I took my bath and sat with Missy until 9:00. Then I went to bed.

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