Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday and Church and then the Superbowl

I slept pretty well last night. I woke up around midnight with heartburn. I lay there for awhile and then finally took a Tums.  I then went to sleep again and awoke at 5:00..when I got up and dressed and got my face made up.

Missy always lies on the bathmat in the bathroom and watches me do my makeup.  I get a bang out of that.  Then she races to the kitchen and the frig waiting for her treats. After that she works on my to put some fresh food in her dish. Even though there is still some in there, she likes a little fresh food for the smell, I think. She then eats her breakfast while I eat mine.

After that, I made my coffeecake for the church school class and my little great granddaughters. They love that coffeecake and look forward to it each Sunday. I got it iced a little bit ago.

After church we will all eat out somewhere....probably El Pueblo.  Then I will come back home and do my Sunday afternoon newsletters.  Later, closer to 5:30, Bob will come over and we will watch the game. He like my TV because it's larger then his and also I have that great Bose system on it that my son, Scott, gave me with the TV and cabinet it sets on after he retired December before last. My kids are all so generous. The sound is terrific. I am sitting here now listening to the Easy Listening music on it.  Cox offers many music channels. I usually listen to Easy Listening.

Missy is in on the daybed in the den.  She is miffed because I wouldn't stay outside with her. She wanted to go out (as usual) but it was pretty cold out there and a truck came by making a lot of noise  and frightened her and she rushed back into the apartment. She is so skittery even since that cat stray attacked her almost three years ago.

More later...

This a is a photo my son, Scott added to his facebook page.It's an idea for the top of the bar. 

Here's another idea....

Six of us went over to Cherryvale to eat at Just Us after church. It was very good and we enjoyed the fellowship.

Now I need to get busy on those newsletters.

I got the newsletter finished and looked at the Worship Helps from my church for next Sunday. I couldn't see too much I could use. It's awfully "spiritual" for me.  I adapted what I could use and discarded the rest.

About 5:00 Bob came over to read the newspaper before the Superbowl starts.

More later...

We watched the entire Superbowl and surprisingly, the Broncos won.  Every commentator I heard had their money on the Panthers.  Bob and I were really glad the Broncos won.  Manning is so gracious and the other quarterback was acting like a sore loser after the game. He didn't even stay for the press conference.  He has a lot to learn about losing gracefully.

After Bob left I waited to see who won the MVP.  Von Miller got it and I felt he deserved it. Then a little after 10:00 I went to bed.

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