Thursday, May 5, 2016

Thursday and Lunch at Ministerial Alliance

I will not be cooking today. I am attending the alliance meeting and will have lunch there. Yesterday I sent the leftover roast home with Bob. He can have it for his lunch. We will have ham and potato casserole tomorrow with a veggie and a salad. I will have fruit for dessert and peanut butter cookies.

I will need to work on my sermon for the weekend after next. For some reason, I have been slow to start it.  This will be a good day for that. I will need to get some sandpaper to sand the legs of the table I want to paint for my kitchen. I also need to get some brown paint since I do not want to stain it. I will try to get a photo of it today and post it here as a "before" photo. I spent a half hour yesterday just trying to get the wax off the table (I used ice) and then paint thinner to soften some white paint someone had got on the Formica table top and after it softened I then just scratched it off. And I still want to use some WD 40 to polish it off.

That will be a time consuming project.  Then little by little  I want to get my windows washed. I need to use that WD 40 to try to loosen the catches. They evidently have never been used and are solid as a rock.

Leslie, my daughter, called yesterday to say they had made reservations at a nice restaurant in Independence for Mother's Day. I believe it's called Vineyard. Bob can take the other two women to "Just Us" if they are in town. Phyllis may go to her Sherry's in Overland Park for Mother's Day. Karan just went to her Sheri's last weekend so she may be in town.

More later....

Here the latest photo of Scott and Ginger's new home in the process.

 It will be lovely...I am sure.

I went with Bob to US Cellular this morning and we set him up with a US Cellular cell phone instead of the WalMart phone he had and when he got home, I called him. For once, we were able to talk on the telephone instead of texting.  The call went through loud and clear. I had given him my other cell phone and they used it.  His other number will be activated on the "new" phone on Monday. He wanted to use the same number and they have to get permission. In the meantime, they gave him a temporary number but kept the old number on the old phone activated until then... just in case someone tries to call him on his old number.

I went to the Ministerial Alliance meeting today. There were ten in attendance. There were 22 when I attended before I went back to work. They told me the association in Independence had disbanded altogether.

I took a photo of the dozen lovely roses Leslie sent me for Mother's Day but I had to use my phone camera. The other one had to have the battery charged. I don't know how to send the phone photo to my computer. I don't have a smart phone. I can't have a phone smarter then me. :)

More later...

Later I went to the Boys and Girls Club to meet the woman who is doing the Cinco De Mayo celebration there. It seems they are having it tomorrow between 5:30 and 7:30 even though Cinco de Mayo is today.  I will try to get down there for awhile tomorrow. I want to meet this woman.

I stopped by Sharon's store and we agreed the PINCH organization should make a donation to their efforts. We would have helped them if we had known about their work earlier.

Then I came home and read awhile. I am working on this blog right now.

More even later...

This, folks, is the bouquet of roses my daughter sent me for Mother's Day! Isn't it beautiful? What a daughter!  She also sent me a digital Mother's Day card.  I am so blessed!  I charged the battery in my digital camera so I could download this photo.

Bob is gone now. He came to watch the news and left soon after. Now I will take my bath and sit with Missy in the recliner.

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