Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday and Exercise Class

I slept well again last night. Again, my arm did not hurt. Maybe it is finally going to heal. I will go to exercise class this morning but will be careful not to hurt the arm.  Afterward, we will go to Utopia for cinnamon rolls.

Missy is lying here on the floor at my feet waiting for me to get dressed and fix breakfast. I wanted to check my checking account first. I was hoping to get Keith's deposit today because Monday is Columbus Day and a holiday so it will be Tuesday now before I get any more money in my account. I don't get my social security until Wednesday.

I haven't turned on the weather yet so I don't know any more about the progress of hurricane Matthew. 

More later...

Evidently the hurricane is not quite as formidable as previously thought. It took a small turn to the east as it entered Florida and the winds died down to 105 miles per hour. Now I understand they are back up to 120 mph. So good. My kids are still safe.

A group from the exercise class went to Utopia for cinnamon rolls after exercise class. Karan and I had what they call a Utopiachino. It's made with coffee, flavoring, crushed ice and topped with whipped cream and caramel syrup. We get a large cup and a small cup and we freeze the small cup for a later treat. I also had a large cinnamon roll. (Undid all the good from the exercises...and then some)

We will eat lunch later today after that treat.  So more later....

We had our chicken tenders and boiled potatoes with gravy and salad and broccoli/cauliflower veggie for lunch.  Now I'm full. I took Missy out for awhile on the carport and combed her. She looks so much better and she loves to be combed.

We went around on the patio and I raked some leaves up. She wandered off so I picked her up and put her in the apartment. Boy was she mad! Serves her right! If she minds me, she gets to stay out. If she doesn't, she gets to come back in. Darn cat!

More later...

This is my son's back yard now that the hurricane is there.

Quite a different scene from before
This is "before".

 More later...

This is their neighbor's dock. It is now under water. The Community dock is gone and one more is merely holding on.

He says there are three to five foot waves in the river. Just like it was the ocean.

Some roof damage. One shingle off so far.

I hope that's the worst of the damage.

I spent a stressful afternoon. I took Missy out on the carport to comb her since she had been shedding badly. I laid my cell phone on the bumper of my neighbor's car there while I did that. After I finished, I went over to the patio to do some raking. When I returned to get my phone, she was and all. I walked down to the corner to see if it had fallen off there and it had not. I finally decided to go to the office and have the phone access suspended so no one could use it if they found it. Then I waited for Jeannie to come home and I could ask her where all she had been.  When I learned that, I retraced her path. Still no phone. So I went back to the cell phone store and bought a new phone.

Unfortunately, I had lost all my contacts. So I began to try to reconstruct some of them using our congregation's directory. I had a lot more numbers but little by little I will get back the ones that are really important. In the meantime, I cancelled the other phone so they could black it out.

I was exhausted  but could not sleep for the stress of the afternoon. I took my bath and went to bed at 10:30. I took a Zzzquil capsule but that only helped until 2:00. I awoke again then and sleep was impossible.

Between worrying about Scott and Ginger's house and their well being in the hurricane Matthew storm and losing my phone, that was it.

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