Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Wednesday and Bunco

I slept well again last night. I woke up twice but managed to get back to sleep. Missy missed her litter box again this morning and wet on the mat under the box. I just washed it yesterday. Darn cat!

Today is exercise day again and this afternoon at 1:00, we play Bunco. I think I need to take a treat. I have cheese and crackers and I will take those. That is better then sweets.

My arm hurts less all the time. Perhaps it is finally healing. At least I am able to sleep now without a sleep aid of any kind.

It stormed in the night. Once when I woke up I heard thunder and lightening and rain.  We needed the rain. It may rain again today and tomorrow.

For lunch today, we will have warmed up leftover meatloaf and fried leftover potatoes, a veggie, Bob's salad, and then the pudding and cookies for dessert. Tomorrow, Bob will be on his own. I have Ministerial Alliance and lunch there. We will have chicken tenders on Friday with mashed potatoes and gravy, a veggie and a salad and mixed fruit and cookies for dessert.

More later....

Lunch went fine and I sent the leftover leftovers home with Bob for his lunch tomorrow when I will be gone. 

I played Bunco this afternoon and won the door prize. $5.00. Every little bit helps. :) I am down to $12.00 until payday.

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Sister--Three said...

You have a week til payday. I know because I have 2 weeks.
I hope the 12 dollars lasts!