Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Wednesday and Exercises

I slept very well last night and got up at  6:00. I had taken a ZeeQuil. That makes a lot of difference in how well I sleep.

I baked peanut butter cookies this morning. I was completely out of cookies.  I have Bunco this afternoon  at 1:00 until 3:00 or 4:00 and I will take some of the cookies for my treat after we get half way through the games.

I have called in and ordered my blood pressure med and will have to pick it up this afternoon some time after the Bunco games.

Kay, who lost her husband two weeks ago, should be back to leading exercise class today. If she can't make it, I will continue until she can come back. Also, Delores, who runs the senior center, is in the hospital in Tulsa.  Her heart stint failed two weeks ago and she had a heart attack. She may have to have a pacemaker. They have had a terrible time getting her heart to beat regularly.  They tried shocking it and that didn't work, then they tried stopping it and restarting it and that failed too. They are going to try medication. Sheila is running the senior center until Delores can come back....if she can come back at all.

I also need to stop by the Community National Bank and get them to activate my new church card.  I will have to choose a pin number for this one. It has a chip in it and is strictly a debit card.

It will be a busy day. so more later ......

Kay was back so I did not have to lead the class. 

Bob stopped by the bank before he took me home after exercise class and I got the church's bank card activated. I also had him stop at the Medicine Shoppe and I got my blood pressure med picked up. Now all I have to do is attend Bunco games this afternoon after lunch. I will start lunch in about 30 minutes. We are having leftover meat loaf and baked potatoes and corn. We will eat the rest of his coleslaw and have the last two cupcakes for dessert.

Thursday I have Ministerial Alliance and if he doesn't want to attend, he will be on his own for lunch.

Friday we will have tuna cakes and fried potatoes and salad and a veggie.

More later....

Bob came about 11:15 and I was warming lunch.

Lunch was fine. It warmed up nicely in the microwave. I baked potatoes in the microwave too. I did the frozen corn on top on the stove.  Dishes are in the dishwasher and are being washed right now.

More later....after Bunco.

I took cookies as my treat for Bunco. I won low...$5.00, because I had the most losses.  But I had a good time.

Afterward I read both papers. I got the Journal in the mail and the Reporter was thrown by a carrier. Now I am watching the weather channel. Hurricane Irma is heading toward Florida, where my younger son and his wife live.  They intend to evacuate after Scott gets of work on Friday...I hope that won't be too late.

I just gave Missy her treats. She watches me about 4:45. That's when she gets her treats. She gets some when I get up in the morning too.

More later... Bob will be here shortly to watch the news.

Bob came to watch the news and after he left at 6:30, I took my bath and watched the weather channel until bedtime. I am really concerned about my younger son and daughter-in-law who live in Florida. Friday evening Hurricane Irma is supposed to hit landfall.

Missy and I went to bed at 9:00

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