Friday, February 23, 2018

Friday and Exercises

I slept well last night. It helps to have a nice warm cat curled up against you too. :)

This morning if the weather allows, I will go to exercise class. I need the exercise since I have read all day yesterday after I cleaned the apartment. The weather was horrible with ice on all the trees so the only place I went was to Asbury Village.

I will eat some more of my stew for lunch. I wasn;t real impressed with it but may fix some biscuits to eat with it.

When the weather  breaks I want to go to Bartlesville. I have been home so much and only went to Independence to get my hair fixed and deliver the cakes,

Scott and Ginger called last night, They were on their way back to Nashville after going back to Yulee to dig up all the landscape plants that were frozen during the recent Florida freeze. On their way, they were planning all the activity for our cruise in June. I look forward to that new experience.

I am amazed how much better my carpet looks after using the new vacuum sweeper yesterday.  I guess I will try to sell the one year old Hoover upright.  Anyone with low pile carpet will get good service out of it. I have short shag here.

More later...

I did go to exercise class and then afterward out to Walmart for some groceries  and Brahms for milk and ice cream. Now I will warm up my stew and get ready for my lunch.

Back again later...

I had my stew for lunch. It was fine. Though I've had better.

This afternoon, while I read, I listened to music on my Echo. When I asked Alexa to "cancel",  she would not. I had to reboot it several times before it began to work again. Amazon says they should not overheat and if it happens again I should return it. I will do that.

Four Tulsa teens threatened to shoot up nine Tulsa schools today and Tulsa police are charging them with a felony crime. The kids said it was a "joke". They had to send all the kids home.

The wet weather is playing havoc with my antenna in the attic and the TV. I may not be able to watch the news.

More later...

No, the TV worked this time. I watched the news and after 7:00, I downloaded  the movie "The Bridges of Madison County" on Amazon Prime and watched it until bedtime. Then at 9:00, Missy and I went to bed.

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