Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Tuesday and Hair Day

I slept pretty well last night. I awoke about midnight and again about 3:00 AM but I generally got back to sleep but finally got up shortly before 4:00 and dressed and got ready for the day. Missy was restless and that disturbed my sleep. She probably hurt...poor old thing.

I will go to Independence this morning to get my hair done and afterward will go out to Juanita's to visit with her a bit. She called yesterday using her cleaning lady's cell phone. Her own phone has died. I don't know what she will do now. Without a phone and being blind, she is really isolated now.

I don't know whether Bob will go or not. He could visit with Betty, his 93 year old sister. And he may want to eat at Big Cheese. I will text him later. It's only 6:00 AM now.

I have had my oatmeal and a biscuit and coffee and Chia and juice and have fed Missy too.

More later....

I took Bob with me to visit his sister, Betty, while I had my hair down and went over to Juanita's to help her with her bank statement and have a visit. 

By the way, how many of us are aware of these facts?

Fact # 1: Marco Rubio, senator from Florida, voted against banning assault weapons and has received $3,303,355 from the NRA and holds a A+ rating in backing NRA over the years.

Fact #2: President Trump received $21,000,000 from NRA for his presidential campaign.

Fact # 3: Senator Rob Portman of Ohio received $3,061,941 from NRA.

Fact # 4: The Republican Party headquarters received $17,385,437 from NRA in the 2015-1016 election cycle alone.

Fact # 5: Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa received $3,124,273 from NRA.

Fact # 6: Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina received $4,418,012 from NRA.
I think we "thinking citizens" need to be aware of these facts.

Citizens United is a horrible law designed to conceal the identity of individuals and corporations funding politicians to gain some type of advantage.

I see a huge problem that's been growing in the evangelical christian community for about the last 30 years. A big percentage of white evangelicals have abandoned biblical principles for conservative political ideology.

More of us need to be aware of these things, especially as the mid term elections approach..

More later....

After I got home, I read again and later after 6:00 I took my bath and laid down with Missy to watch Ken Burns' "America". I watched the building of the Brooklyn Bridge and also the Statue of Liberty. Both programs were interesting.

I also had a bowl of ice cream.

At nearly 9:00, Missy and I went to bed.

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