Friday, May 18, 2018

Friday and Exercises and Then Utopia

I slept very well last night! The melatonin worked! I couldn't make it until 9:00. I went to bed a little after 8:30 and I slept well.

I got up about 5:15 this morning, dressed and fed myself and Missy. She wants to go outside but I want to watch the early news so she will have to wait.

I will go to exercise class and afterward to Utopia for a Utopiachino and a cinnamon roll. They have wonderful cinnamon rolls the first and third Friday of each month. And you get two Utopiachinos and can take one home and put it in the freezer for later.A group of us from the senior center meet there for them.

Other then that, I have nothing else planned for the day. So....more later..

I have swept off both the patio and the carport and even moved my storage cabinet away from the wall and cleaned all the debris from behind it. I took Missy out briefly but a little dog came over and I put her back in the apartment.  The dog seemed friendly enough but Missy was not acting friendly so I insisted that she go back into the house.  She was not a happy kitty. She is lying here in the sunshine in the living room now and seems happy enough.

More even later...

I believe my daughter and her husband left today to drive to Galveston to leave from there for their cruise to the Bahamas.  They will be gone until Thursday. I imagine they will have a great time. Cyndi and Jeff went with them.

More later...
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A few of the clowns at exercise class.:} After exercise class I did go to Utopia and had my Utopiachino and a cinnamon roll. 

Later I went to Country Mart to order a strawberry cake with strawberry icing for Wayne's 98th birthday. The neighbors will celebrate it tomorrow and I will pick up the cake at 2:00 tomorrow. Sunday is his actual birthday but his family will be there Sunday and we don't want to interfere with their celebration. I bought a couple of cards and asked Marilyn to choose the one she thought most appropriate. She signed it and I signed it and then I  asked Evelyn to sign it too for her and Bill. They have known Wayne for years so I invited them too. Merrill, his son, will be there at 3:00 when we arrive with the cake. Marilyn is taking vanilla ice cream.

Missy and I went outside for awhile this afternoon and while we were there Bob A. came. He visited for awhile and we agreed to go to breakfast together tomorrow at 7:00. I will pick him up. Joanne has gone to Wichita to see her grandchildren graduate from high school. She will be gone until Monday. He will water her flowers while she is gone if we don't get the rain we are forecast for tonight.

At 7:00, I took my bath and got ready for bed and then laid down with Missy on the sofa and we watched two episodes of Nature, her favorite program. At 9:00, I went on to bed. Missy will probably be along shortly. She was still on the sofa when I came in here to finish today's blog.

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