Monday, July 16, 2018

Monday and Exercise Class

I woke up at 2:30AM this morning and went to the bathroom but I got right back to sleep and slept until 5:00AM. Then I got up and got myself ready for the day and took Missy out for some outside time while it was still relatively cool. She did pretty well. I had to go convince her to come back once while we were on the carport and once while we were out back on the patio but other than that, she did fine.

We came in at 8:00AM to watch the CBS news. This morning the antenna did fine. At 8:30AM, I left for exercise class. After that I went in to Shelter Insurance and paid my car and apartment insurances and got that done. They were due tomorrow. I now need to renew my registration on the car.

Then I drove over to Caney to pick up my glasses. I had had updated lenses put in them. I paid for those when I ordered them over a week or so ago. Now it is shortly after 11:00AM and I need to think about what I will have for lunch.

Back to this later....

I had the frozen sweet and sour chicken  from Walmart. It was pretty good! Then I had an ice cream bar for dessert.

Now I think I will just rest. I have been listening to "Perhaps Love" by John Denver with Placido Domingo. Wonderful singing!

I started to watch the CBS news with the antenna Betty put in the attic and once again, it kept tearing. It has been fine ever since Betty put it in the attic last November except for the past couple of weeks. For some reason it is not getting the signal like it always has.

So I switched to the steaming of Amazon Prime and watched several episodes of "Cheers" on that. Then I lost the signal there too. I called Cox and they wanted to increase my streaming to 30 mg from my present 10 mg. They wanted to increase the cost of  my streaming by $20. more per month.  I am already paying them $53.94 for just the internet. That includes the $10.00 per month for the Cox Solutions. Then they said I would also need a new modem because my old modem wouldn't be good enough to handle that 30 mg.  I told them I was not going to do that and hung up!

Then I contacted Cox Solutions and talked to Tom. He checked  the strength of my signal and suggested I reboot my modem and my router. I did that and that fixed it. It doesn't do anything for my antenna but I can watch the CBS news a day later on the streaming. Strange, the antenna signal is fine until evening. Then it constantly tears.

After I took my bath Missy and I went to bed at 9:00.


Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Speaking of Chicken :) My DIL goes to Aldi's alot and once when I was down there she had such an amazing smell permeating out of the oven. Some treated Aldi's chicken with garlic :) So she picked me up a bag the next time that she was there and I cooked it one morning prior to it getting to hot to run the oven.

I probably have 2 months worth of chicken off and on from that one bag / most is frozen now

Margie's Musings said...

Sounds great!