Saturday, June 15, 2019

Saturday and Home Again

I probably mentioned earlier this week that at the last minute, I decided to go on to Church camp...even though I could only stay until Saturday...this morning. I left early Thursday morning and was gone until early this morning. I enjoyed my visit there and renewing old acquaintances...some I don't see except once a year at the family camp. I spent quite a bit of time with old friend who is now almost completely blind. We visited each day and I mostly sat with him at services and meals. He is a nice man and has many friends there. I don't know a soul who doesn't like him. He lost his wife to cancer soon after I lost my Bob in 2010.

The camp seemed a little unorganized and it was quite rainy and chilly. I had meant to take my jacket but accidentally went off without it. I could have used it.

Ken Simpson and his wife, Elizabeth, came yesterday and left last night. Ken has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and they have taken away his driver's license.   So Elizabeth is doing all the driving. 

Family news: My daughter and son-in-law celebrated their 44th anniversary yesterday while I was gone...on June 14th.

Here is their photo.

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They have had a very good marriage. They take care of one another.

This little black snake was in the rafters all the time I was there.  It was cold most of the time so it didn't really go anywhere. And black snakes are good snakes to have around. At least that's what the farmers told me.

No photo description available.

I have unpacked and am running a load of laundry.  I finally got my bed stripped too and am washing the sheets.

I left camp this morning about 6:20. It rained off and on as I drove back home. And, of course, every time a semi passed me coming from the other direction, it threw so much water on my windshield that I was temporarily blinded in driving. The camp is about 95 miles from Caney. I got into Coffeyville about 8:00AM and stopped at Eggberts to have breakfast. Then I went out to the Woodshed and filled up my car with gas. After that I stopped at the Dollar General store and bought some small plates for the coffee cake tomorrow at Church School. I also went by the bank and withdrew some more cash for the week.

When I got home, I quickly unpacked and put everything away.

I had a letter from the wife of one of my classmates and I want to retype it and send it out the the class.

So, I will get back to this later...

After I finished getting that letter out to my classmates, I went by Nancy's home.  I stayed and visited with her for over an hour then came back home and re-made the bed and put away the laundry.

It's now 2:35PM in the afternoon.

I am going downtown to look into that place where Karan's step daughter has a resale shop. I am caught up now. I looked through the resale shop and had a chocolate milk shake while I was there. It was very good..

Then I came home and put away the laundry.  I saw the little gray cat and gave it some food. It probably had not eaten much since I had been gone. It cleaned up the bowl.

I watched some of the programs I had recorded while I was gone and then at 7:00PM, I went out and mowed the front yard.  That's all I could do. Hopefully after church tomorrow I will be able to finish the job. If not, maybe I can do it on Monday. I get my hair done on Tuesday this week. My hairdresser has dental appointments for her family in Springfield on Wednesday. So she will be gone then.

Then  Wednesday, afternoon Diana and Tony are coming to visit me. They are back for Bob on Father's Day tomorrow and will be here several days .

It's 9:30PM now and I have had my bath and am going on to bed. At least I have a nice clean bed now!

Tomorrow, I am presiding at church and also will take the coffeecake for the church school class.. Now I am going to bed!


Sister--Three said...

Well, glad to know you’re ok. You have a precious daughter and son in law.

Margie's Musings said...

Yes, I do, Sister-Three! Thank you for your comment!

Sister--Three said...

Well, I don’t want to sleep with a black snake!

Margie's Musings said...

Me either.... but as long as he keeps his distance, I can tolerate him.

Sister--Three said...

Me too.