Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hillary Finished?

It appears that Hillary may be finished. She has had to loan her campaign money again...several millions. She simply did not win large enough last night in Indiana. The problem I see with this dilemma is that I do not believe Obama can win the general election. He does not have enough experience to be president. He has only been in the Senate less then one term. That's a big problem.

Another big problem is that Obama does not know what he is facing against the Republican party....with Karl Rove advising McCain. If there is anything at all unsavory in his past, it will come out in the campaign.

Thirdly, the race issue will rear its ugly head in the general election. There are many ignorant white people who will not vote for an African American. They will swallow hard and vote for McCain rather then vote for an African American. All one has to do is read the blogs to see that.

The only solution to this is for Hillary to be the vice presidential nominee. I don't know whether Obama could handle that if he sees that as a solution or if Hillary would even consider it if it is offered to her. Certainly she would not want to be a "sit in the background" vice president. And I don't know if Obama could handle having a strong woman as his vice president. I look for him to ask Kathleen Sibelius to run as his vice president. Though Kathleen is a tough politician she appears to have a soft approach to people and is very popular with Kansas voters.


Sansego said...

There's not a chance that Hillary will be the VP. She wants the top billet or nothing. I could see Obama as her running mate, though...but I agree that the inevitable is going to happen. Hillary didn't win a substantial victory in Indiana to bring in money and superdelegates.

I personally think Obama will pick someone like Joe Biden to be the Vice President, though John Edwards might want that for himself. Selecting the Kansas governor for VP might be seen as a slap at Hillary's face.

It'll be interesting who McCain will select as his VP. I'm thinking that if he's bold, he'll either pick Christine Todd Whitman or Condoleeza Rice, just to one-up the Democrats.

Margie's Musings said...

I'm afraid in this case you may be correct. It appears Hillary is finished and all that remains is how to get out gracefully.

A shame...she would have been an excellent President.