Thursday, October 2, 2008

The VIP Debate

This debate was a strange one.

Palin avoided the tough questions and went on and on about what SHE did in Alaska. Who cares what she did in Alaska where they have oil. Of course they could cut taxes for everyone there with windfall profits taxes . That's what Obama wants to do for every American. She continued to go on and on about what she did in Alaska. She insists on talking about what SHE has done.

As far as health care is concerned, a $5,000 tax credit would not begin to pay for health care for a family. Especially since McCain intends to tax those health care dollars.

She continued to bring up lies that Obama and Biden have continually corrected over and over again. She attacked and he came up with issues. She avoided issues. And it's obvious she knows little or nothing about foreign affairs. She has been briefed just enough to carry on a debate.

She went on and on about the fact that those Muslim leaders hate what we stand for. Freedom. They don't hate our freedom. What they hate is our invasion on their Holy Lands and our unconditional support of Israel.

Biden pointed out that McCain's policies are basically the same as George's Bush's. There's not a lot she could say to dispute that.

Biden said, "We're spending $10 billion a month while the Iraqis have a $80 billion surplus. Barack says it's time for them to spend their own money have the 400,000 military we've trained for them begin to take their own responsibility, and gradually over 6 month -- 16 months, withdraw.

John McCain, this is a fundamental difference between us: We will end this war. For John McCain, there is no end in sight to end this war. Fundamental difference: We will end this war."

She used talking points she had obviously memorized. She changed the focus of Ifill's questions again and again.

A strange moment in the debate, where Sarah Palin refused to answer if her ticket would have to pull back on some campaign promises in light of the financial crisis.

But, to be fair, she did a lot better then I and a lot of others thought she would.


Balisha said...

Hi Margie,
First thing at my computer this morning checking on what you thought of the debate. Pallin did a better job than I thought she would, but still gives me the feeling that she has a lot to learn. You're right...she kept going over old issues most of them lies. Biden held back...being that she was a "lady" but she continually gave her "down home, folksy,biting comments." Who likes that stuff???
Actually I thought that Gwen was easy on them. I wish she had been tougher and made them stick to the rules, so they could have debated on more topics.
This next month is going to be brutal...I believe.

Linda said...

I agree with your assessment. I enjoyed watching it. Read my post later today on the debate.

Have a good trip.

Judy said...

Like Balisha, I thought she did better than I expected but she still drives me crazy with all the hockey, six pack stuff she does on with. I guess the good ole boys eat that stuff up but I think it sounds totally stupid. I thought Biden did a really good job. Palin did not even know the facts about John McCain or she did not want to admit them.

Dogwalkmusings said...

When your expectations are rock bottom it would be difficult not to exceed them. As usual she smirked and spoke volumes of words about nothing but was embedded.

Blue Ridge Blue Collar Girl said...

I'm with Judy--all that fake folksy chirpiness and phrases like "Joe Six-Pack" really grated on me. And, as you said, she deftly avoided answering a number of questions by prattling on in her irritating perky way about things that had very little to do with the question being asked. (Can you tell I don't like her?)

patsy said...

At least she had an answer even if it didn't fit the question.not like the katie show stopper.
don't you know she was tired after having to memorize all that stuff.
I think she thinks the average american goes for that golly, gee dank it talk and so she must have a low opinion of we the people.
I worked at Tyson Food in arkansas for years and I never meet anyone who used those works in thier speech patterns. Tyson food worker on the whole have very limited education but they are smarter than that.
the words they use start with f and has 4 letters.
as for the 6 pack of beer, forget that the weed was the drug of choice.
None of the mothers were hocky moms. they had to go home and try to find something at the market they could feed the kid, do the laundry and try to get some rest for the next day.
I don't think Biden has a clue either about the working class he talks about the family talking around the kitchen table about thier problems and bills.
The worker doesn't set down at a table to eat. It Tv and watching some dumb tv show while they eat or computer games .
and that is the good homes. Some children get up and do for them selves and go to school with out seeing thier parents and come home to the same.
what I am trying to say is our leaders try to convince us they are like we are and they don't have a clue as what we are about.