Saturday, February 21, 2009

Painting in the Bathroom

Last evening I went to Sherwin Williams and bought paint for the bathroom woodwork. I will re-paint it sometime today. After I did the kitchen woodwork, the bathroom woodwork looked shabby. I couldn't find any of the original paint so I chose a different but similar color and will paint over it all.

Whoever owned this house before we bought it began painting the natural woodwork. It had been stained dark oak. The trouble is, they only painted part of it. None of the bedroom woodwork in painted or the half bath either. Eventually, I will paint all of it. The natural woodwork is kind of beat up looking. If I had my choice I would leave it all natural but after half of it had been painted, I just re-painted. The original is very dark. Painting does lighten it up and make it clean looking.

I don't like dark wood. The cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms are dark oak and there nothing I can do about that. It makes the kitchen dark. There is only one window in the kitchen and it looks out onto the covered patio. That makes the kitchen dark. The living room is dark too because it too only has one window. Since the front is brick, there was no way to make another window in there without re-making the house.

This house is a compromise, that's for sure.


Judy said...

My kitchen cabinets were a dark wood, too, Margie. They made my kitchen look so old and out of date. Bob sanded them and painted them white and they are so much prettier and the kitchen is so light now. We are going to do the cabinets in the bathrooms next. They are dark, too. I thought the white would be really hard to keep clean but it is not that bad. I just wipe them down about three times a year from top to bottom.

Beth said...

I don't care for dark wood either, Margie. In the past, we've done the same thing Judy did, and it really makes a difference in making a room look bright and cheerful.

And, by the way, our houses have ALL been compromises. I've dreamed of being able to build a little house just the way we want it, but I'm not sure that's ever going to happen. But, of course, it's good just to have a roof over my head! :-)

Margie's Musings said...

That's true, girls. I have dreaded sanding them down of I would have painted them too. I just wish I could paint over the stain.

I have had two lovely houses that were not a compromise.

The first one was in Bartlesville and we sold it to move to Kansas. The last one, Bob had just early retired from his job and I had a good job selling advertising. The station sold and they let me go suddenly.

We had been there 11 years and had it just the way we wanted it. Luckily, just that week a Realtor had called and said she had a buyer that would buy it if we put it on the market. I told her we were not interested....and then, I lost my job.

So...I called her back and told her we had reconsidered. We sold that house and used the money from it to buy a fix up an older house and all our houses since then have been compromises.